Black Silkie Bantam

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  • Black Silkie Bantam – Sold as Baby Chicks Only –  No Sexing Available

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Feather Legged Bantams
  • Weights – Hen ——-32 oz         Rooster—-36 oz
    Pullet——28 oz        Cockerel—-32 oz
  • Purpose and Type: Ornamental; Exhibition
  • Egg Shell Color: Cream or Tinted Bantam Sized Egg
  • Egg Production: Good
  • Egg Size: Small
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Fertility Percentage: 40-55%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 6 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 0 to 2 feet
  • Country of Origin – Asia
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1965
  • TLC: No
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Breeding Farm developing our bloodline or strain of pure Silkie Bantams since 1973.


Black bearded Silkie bantams were described in 1598 by renowned naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi as “wool bearing chickens” that were “clothed with hair like that of a black cat.” Also like a kitten, a black bearded Silkie bantam makes a terrific pet that loves to snuggle in your lap.

In 1975 the black Silkie was the second variety accepted to the APA Standard, 91 years after the first Silkie was standardized. These awesome bantams are all black, except for their turquoise earlobes and dark purple combs and wattles. If you raise other chicken breeds that don’t brood, Silkie hens are consistently eager to hatch and raise chicks of any breed.

You don’t have to choose just one of the five Cackle Hatchery® Silkie varieties. See our Mixed Silkie Bantam Special. For more details about the Silkie bantam, visit Breed Spotlight: Silkie Bantam Chickens. See all color variations of silkies for sale


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25 reviews for Black Silkie Bantam

  1. Growing feathers

    Birds doing well

    Silkies growing well. Think mostly roosters but look good

  2. Adorable little fluffy butts

    100% satisfied

    I ordered 5 white Silkies and 5 black Silkies and only lost 1 white one. The black Silkies are my favorite, but I’m enjoying them all. My little white rooster is hilarious, he’s very protective of his girls and doesn’t like anything to come near them, he’ll chase them away no matter how big they are! I also have Buff Orpington that I purchased from Cackle Hatchery and I love them too! I won’t purchase my chickens from anywhere else!

  3. SilkieChik12

    Great little birds

    I ordered some of these little guys and am happy I did. They are everything I wanted. They are really small.

  4. 4h kiddos

    Sweet birds!

    Purchased as a 4h project and couldn’t be happier with the quality. Pleased with staff and look forward to business in the future.

  5. Beautiful!!

    The Black Silkie Rooster we got is stunning!

    He has been healthy, friendly and naturally protective of his girls. His feathers are shiny and bright. He’s just gorgeous!

  6. Peggy from Kansas

    Perfect little silkies

    Ordered 12 silkies and got a couple extras!! Very healthy from day one! Will be ordering more next year! Great communication. Thanks!!

  7. Carrie


    I love my silkies. They are so beautiful and sweet.

  8. Jaclyn

    Black Silkie

    We got ordered 5 and received 6. All the chicks survived and are doing well. They survived their trip to the county fair this year all receiving blue ribbons. They live well with the other chicken breeds we purchased at the same time. (Mottled Houdan, Golden Laced Polish, Dark Brahma, and the Naked Necks)! They are very gentle and we enjoy having them in our chicken family.

  9. Pamela

    Everyone of them have been perfect!

    Your hatchery is consistently exceeding my expectations with my beautiful black silkies, that have all become beautifully developed and top quality

  10. Sam

    Love these little guys

    I was nervous about ordering live animals and having them shipped to me as I had never done this before. Ordered 10, along with other breeds of chicks and received 11 healthy chicks. It has been a few months now, 10 are hens and one rooster so I could not be more pleased! All are friendly and healthy and I’m really happy and recommend these babies!

  11. Chick lady

    Black silkies

    I ordered 5 black Silkies received 6. Unfortunately two passed first two weeks which is common. So they come unsexed. I ended up having 3 out of the 4 being roosters. But it’s ok because I have 14 hens. They are so cute and healthy. Super friendly. My small lady is super adorable. A crowd favorite. I love cackle hatchery. Will order more chicks in future. The rest of my chickens I ordered with the Silkies are thriving.

  12. Mrs. Stevens

    Excellent quality

    The black silkies were by far my favorite out of all the colors I ordered. They have grown into beautiful birds. I am overall impressed with them.

  13. Heather

    Very impressed!

    I was very impressed with all of the black silkie bantam chicks. They all arrived very active and healthy! But I waited for 3 months to write a review because I wanted to see how they would turn out. They are a wonderful breed! They are super friendly with both people and other birds. Not to mention that they are adorable!! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thank you for your dedication to both your birds and your clients!!

  14. Robert

    Gorgeous Birds

    This is my third time ordering silkie chickens from this company this is the only company I seem to get good breeding any good coloring from this will be the only company I stick with purchasing my silky breed from thank you so much cackle hatchery

  15. Black Silkies

    Cute but Fragile

    I purchased several black silkies, and while I found them to be adorable, they were terribly fragile. I think we purchased 10, but we lost a few. Those we lost, the first time around, were replaced. We lost most of those that were sent as replacements. We did everything we were supposed to; apple cider vinegar w/mother in the water, boiled egg yolk, etc. Our white silkies did great, and we’ve been very pleased! I don’t think that it was anything in particular that Cackle Hatchery did, but more that they were just fragile. We’ve always been very pleased with the birds we’ve received from Cackle Hatchery, and we will continue to order our birds there!

  16. Mel

    Squishy balls of fluff

    All arrived alive and well and are currently thriving. A little bigger than the white silkies I got and I’m okay with it. They are super docile and love hanging out with their Easter eggers big sisters. Would definitely get again. Their color gets a lot of compliments from everyone who sees them.

  17. Chicken Farmer Harper

    Love them.

    I ordered a mix of silkies. They all arrived well! We have 2 black roosters and 3 black hens. They are adorable and very mild mannered. I love them!

  18. AL

    Neat Birds

    These are very cut little birds that are quiet. They add a unique look to a flock of birds. Very fluffy. Ordered 5 chicks. 2 didn’t make it for some reason or another but ended up with 3 full grown all hens so that I consider a win.

  19. Doc

    Awesome silkies

    Thanks so much! They did very well! Extra chicks were sent. We will be ordering more as my adult died from predation.

  20. easilyammused

    Yay!wonderful joy in the form of little fuzzie things!!!

    i am surprised how healthy & extremely strong these guys were when i opened the box.for their tiny little mini-bodies, they seem to be fairing quite welly, they have only been here for about 3 days & even are growing some, already!!! 😀 they are super friendly; a wonderful breed!!! i think i will have to always get my silkies here in the future; All other hatcheries i have bought silkies from were DOA, or at least half-dead & most conked out for no apparent reason in less than 3 hrs.

  21. Amanda

    Adorable black fluffballs

    My chicks arrived today and all 16 survived the trip. My kids couldn’t be happier with them. I’m so glad I ordered them from you! I will be ordering more chicks once we know how many males/females we got.

  22. Gina Washington June 2009

    Cackle Hatchery

    My chicks arrived this morning and all are in fine shape. They are eating and drinking like little dinosaurs!! Thank you for a great shipment.

  23. Laurie Texas May 2009

    Thank You

    A huge thanks for my bantam chickens. All 25 plus the extras sent arrived doing well, and here we are three weeks later and all chicks are still going strong. I have purchased chickens from two or three different local places before and lost some here and there, so I am very impressed with how they all are doing. I will definitely recommend your hatchery to my poultry friends, and plan to order from you again when we’re ready for more

  24. Rachel Missouri January 2010


    You carried all of the chicks that I wanted and you minimum is 15 and the shipping charges are not as bad. Plus I live in Missouri also and it is good to support our area. Thanks for making me a happy customer

  25. Roy

    Great Satisfaction

    I have to say how happy I am with my order. I ordered 25 black Silkies from you. All arrived safely and in good health. I must also say how happy I was to receive my 28 live birds. I consider it a sign of class and of a well run operation that includes extra birds in their shipments. I WILL be ordering from you next spring. Everyone I spoke to at your company was very helpful. I placed my order with Bettina I did not catch anyone else name but every person I spoke to was a professional. Thank you for customer service. I strongly recommend that anyone who reads this to order from this company.

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