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Hatching on July 24, 2024

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  • Bantam Female Deal – 5 – Sold as Baby Chicks – FREE SHIPPING

Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August. 

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Hatchery Choice Pure Breed 1 day old pullet bantams (90% sexing guarantee). May or may not be assorted. Breeds can include: Buff Brahma, Dominique, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Crele Old English, Barred Cochin, Barred Old English Game, and/or Golden Laced Cochin. A great deal for the city or town back yard where space is limited and NO noisy rooster crows are allowed. *FREE SHIPPING*

Free Shipping applies only to this special, any other items ordered will have shipping added to it.

*NOTE: (The total cost of chicks, special shipping cost and special packing cost). The higher cost for special shipping requirements needed to ship small amount of birds. There is a higher cost associated with properly shipping/packing handling a SMALL amount of chicks to arrive safely to your post office. A number of measures may be used such as a heating pad, extra nesting, padding, insulation, special box or boxes, or any special shipping arrangements. Includes FREE Mareks Vaccination.

Cackle Hatchery® must be notified of any unsafe arrivals within 24 hours in order for you to be refunded the chick price (regular chick price) or a onetime reshipment. Regular orders must use minimum order requirements found on page 4 of the catalog and use regular shipping fees. We do not send extra chicks on this small order. Your confirmed shipping date may be changed at the last minute at the discretion of Cackle Hatchery® depending on the weather at time of shipping.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”


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24 reviews for Hatchery Choice Bantam Female Deal – 5

  1. luluj0387 (verified owner)

    I received 6 happy babies. I wish I could figure out the breeds, only time will tell. This is my first-time ordering from Cackle and I must say the customer service is top tier. Hope I truly have all hens 🙂

    Thank you, Cackle Hatchery.

  2. lladds54 (verified owner)

    I received my Bantam Choice Female Deal-5 this morning. They arrived (all SEVEN!) healthy, happy and spunky as ever! This is my first time ordering through the mail and with Cackle Hatchery so I was a little nervous about how things could go, but was so pleasantly surprised to open the box to these beautiful and seemingly very healthy chicks. I think I’ve identified them and am very happy. I asked if it was possible to get mostly feather footed and to my delight I received 5 out of 7 with feathered little feet. Thank you Cackle Hatchery. You are awesome!

  3. duckmanjoel (verified owner)

    The Bantam five females is the perfect deal for us. We received our chicks in March 2023 one year ago. Six were sent in the box but one had passed away. We now have five hens and they are doing well. We received two Barred OEGB we named Salt and Pepper; two Buff Brahma we named Buffy and Scissor; and a Crele OEGB we named Creed. We get about 80 to 90 eggs a month during the laying months. Eggs are small. But delicious. Salt and Pepper are the friendliest chickens we have ever owned. They don’t run away and actually come when called and like to be held. The Buffs and Crele are a little more shy like normal chickens but are okay to be held if you can catch them. They all love (love) blue berries and they will come to the sound of meal worms when I shake the bag. We love their small size and individual personalities and how great they all get along together. We are so glad we made the purchase. I would definitely recommend Cackle to anyone interested in chickens.

  4. Heather (verified owner)

    I ordered two of the Bantam Pullet 5 count deals, each order I received 7. They are so adorable and spunky! We did end up losing one from the second order, I believe that was stress related due to the shipping but, the other 13 are thriving! We absolutely LOVE our babies! In the guy, I know where I’m getting babies from! I 100% recommend Cackle Hatchery and Ms. Roxanne at the help center for all of your needs!!

  5. jencao3 (verified owner)

    We just got our order today. We received 7 but disappointed that 5 were one breed and two were another breed. We were hoping for some variety. We were impressed that they all survived the trip halfway across the country though!

  6. Love Cackle

    5 Female Bantam deal is perfect

    I tried our local feed store and had really bad luck. Out of 5 sexed chicks, three died from defects and one is a roo. I usually order from Cackle. The attempt to save money at local store was costly and traumatic. I decided to come back to my trusted friends at Cackle. I ordered the 5 Female Bantam city box. I did as for no barred rocks. I have 10 of those already. My chicks shipped on April 22 and were received April 24. They were packed with the greatest of care. The dry H2O was still moist and the heat pad toasty warm. The littles were happy, healthy and toasty warm. I put them under my momma heat pad after giving nutridrench and water. It has been two days and the itty butties are eating, drinking and pop out to say hi. It is only Cackle for me.

  7. Shauntee


    We ordered the 5 Bantam package (we received 7) and we got them while our state was on quarantine. They are happy and healthy and no 2 look alike. My kids were so happy to see them.

  8. Lauriefish

    Surprise!!! Ordered 5 got 14

    I was very surprised when I opened the box and saw 14 little noggins. 7 were Bantams and unfortunately I lost 2 of the same breed the next day I think due to stress. The packing peanuts were 7 Polish chicks. They are very cute and I kept three and gave my friend the other 4. All 12 chicks are doing fantastic and I could not be more pleased with Cackle! Even though I ordered pullets I know its 80/20 with the bantams.Not sure about the Polish. Still too young to know the sexes. Thank You Cackle for a wonderful purchasing experience!

  9. Shedland

    Lovely experience!

    We just received our order and we’re pleasantly surprised to see eight healthy chicks in the box. Within minutes they were busily exploring their new home. Very pleased with our whole experience thus far.

  10. Feathers and Friends

    All pullets and healthy

    We ordered the 5 bantam female special and we ended up getting 7 chicks. I had called and asked if I could get some old English varieties in the mix and we received 3 barred old English bantams and 4 crele old English. I was very happy to get the crele since I already have a Crele English Orpington rooster and hen so they look like miniature versions of my big birds. They are all so smart and cute! They love their chicken palace and acre to fly around and free range. We couldn’t be happier thanks Cackle Hatchery!

  11. Trob

    5 female bantam special

    I was surprised when I ordered 5 chickens and received 11. It was a bit overwhelming since this was my first time owning chickens. I was very happy with the bantam assortment but unhappy that 3 ended up being roosters. I did lose a few chickens along the way during the brooding. But long story short everyone is happy out in their coop.

  12. Lynne in Georgia

    TOTALLY Satisfied

    I ordered the 5-bantam females and received 9 chicks in the mail… all nine survived and thrived, with only one rooster. I am pleased with the variety you sent, and i’m getting eggs already, even though the late fall days are short. Love my little girls!

  13. Marie

    Lovely variety

    I ordered the choice bantam female deal this spring. I asked to get some specific breeds and I did get a lovely mix. I have one RIR, a Dominique, a beautiful Partridge
    Cochin, a barred Old English and a Creole Old English. They are all beautiful, are laying thru the winter and I got NO roosters! Thank you Cackle Hatchery.

  14. Cynthia

    Not my best purchase

    Three of the 5 have not made it to December. One died the day it arrived, and two others developed a wasting disease and slowly died over the next month. I’ve never had problems ordering other hens, maybe the Bantams are more delicate.

  15. Mechelle

    All pullets.. very happy

    We bought bantams from a local supply place and got more roosters than hens. We ordered this deal and received 7 bantam chicks. 2 died but the original 5i bought lived and are all healthy and happy hens! No roosters!! Will definatly be buying from cackle again!

  16. Salgal

    Great service!

    I tried buying from a local store and ended up with mostly roosters 🙁 not a happy egg eater!! Found this offer, ordered over the weekend and by Friday the same week, had six happy hen chicks in two varieties!

  17. Jenny (verified owner)

    We love our new baby chicks!

    This is our second time ordering from Cackle and we were just as pleased this time as last. Our baby chicks arrived when promised and all were well and alive. We got a beautiful assortment of birds and thankfully no roosters! We have purchased chicks from our local farm supply store and had a terrible experience so working with Cackle was so refreshing. We will definitely use them again.

  18. Big buck

    Great watching them run on 3 legs

    Received chickens had 3 legs more meat for me

  19. Mr and Mrs Lawson (verified owner)

    We love our Chicks

    We are just married and have a two year little boy who loves chickens we looked and looked for sexed bantams and came across your hatchery. 7 arrived we did lose three in shipment but Cackle Replaced them . They came with a heating pad and hay and dry h20 and they were all nice and warm we loved them so much we ordered 5 more . You’ve definitely will have a repeat customer for years to come

  20. Charles Zglinicki

    Thank you for your Great job!

    We received our new bron 4 baby chicks on March,2017, They’re very healthy and happy, I got first egg after 5 months!!!! Now is the winter, they also happy play with snow! Thank you so much!

  21. Chris

    Healthy chicks arrived!

    WOW! I’m honestly shocked that this worked! New chicks arrived happy and healthy! Thank you.

  22. Greg, Unknown April 2015

    Baby Chicks

    We are so happy with our purchase. We have watched each of your videos on the different types. We have an assortment of five different bantam pullet chicks. We couldn’t be happier with the variety, health and service of Cackle Hatchery. You guys are great. Thank you again.

  23. Roxanne, Arizona (received July 2014)

    Thank You

    I just wanted to let you know that we received the chicks today happy and healthy. I wanted to say thank you! I requested that if there was any fuzzy footers available I would like to at least have one or two and I got all 5! I purchased a fuzzy footer at the feed store and it was a roo so we had to find him a new home. I searched and searched to find someone who would sex the Bantam chicks and found your company through BYC. I am so pleased with your company and your customer service! We will definitely be back for more!

  24. Greg, Louisiana (received April 2015)

    Positive Customer Feedback

    Thanks again. This meant a lot to my family. The fact that you guys took the time to do an assortment and make the five pullet deal that much more unique was fabulous. I am amazed that the little guys make it through the mail so well. You obviously know what you are doing. You guys have found the sweet spot for the small time city poultry lovers like us. Thanks again. We will order all our future fowl from you guys. This was truly a great first time experience.

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