Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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  • Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey – Sold as Baby Poults Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru July

Your total order requires ANY 3 birds to ship.


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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Not Applicable
  • Weights: Hen—–21 lbs (at 20 wks)
    Tom—-29 lbs (at 20 wks)  Projected Live Turkey Weights (No Guarantees)
  • Purpose and Type: Meat; Production; Commercial
  • Egg Color: Off White with brown specks
  • Egg Production: Poor
  • Egg Size: Large to Extra Large
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Fertility Percentage: 65-80%
  • Mating Ratio: 4 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 0 to 2 feet
  • Country of Origin: North America
  • APA: No
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey Breed since 1987. Cackle Hatchery® currently using and selling the bloodlines of Aviagen Turkeys, Inc.


The Broad Breasted Bronze turkey is considered by some to be the largest and heaviest of the turkey variety. The Bronze strain is an American origination and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. The Bronze Broad Breasted turkey is an excellent turkey to raise for family meat production and has an excellent feed to meat conversion rate. However, generally the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey does not reproduce very well because of their large size. The Parent Stock are artificially inseminated in order to insure excellent hatchability of their eggs here at Cackle Hatchery®. The Broad Breasted Bronze turkey will have a shorter natural life span than a heritage turkey because of their large size and have a generally very poor reproduction rate. Cackle Hatchery® currently uses the bloodlines of Aviagen Turkeys, Inc.

We can not ship turkeys to Hawaii.

Check out our blog “Keeping Turkeys with Chickens”


32 reviews for Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

  1. Virginia Adams

    We received our five Broad Breasted Turkey’s on July 15, 2023. All very healthy and growing quickly. We bought chickens and keets too, and I have to say the turkeys are the most friendly. Looks like we have three toms and two hens. Thank you Cackle Hatchery! We couldn’t be more satisfied!

  2. maria.stover

    These poults were so spunky and healthy it was amazing, due to the caring way they were packaged. If I order again, it will be from Cackle Hatchery, without a doubt.

  3. Ryan

    My broad breasted broze turkey hen dressed out at 30lbs for Thanksgiving at 33 weeks; feed 20% then 16%!?!, and food scraps. So fat. Never seen anything like it. Amazing. Turkey was included in the Cackle Mini Surprise Package.

  4. Steve’s Woodland Sustainable Crops

    Timing for the tenderest bird.

    Bought mine last year in July, raised them free range and by November they were all 20-28lbs and everyone raved about THE most tender Thanksgiving turkey they ever had.

  5. John

    Consistently superb

    I’ve ordered five times over the last ten years and your birds always arrive spunky and healthy.

  6. L&L Farms & Crafts, L.L.C.

    Great Bird, Reasonable Price

    This is the first year that we have had all of them survive to full feather. It’s my experience that Turkeys are not very hardy until they reach about two months. Aside from losing two recently to predictors, they are healthy and growing quick.

  7. huff&puff acres, missouri ozarks

    4 month review

    I ordered 2 of these birds @ 4 months both very healthy and HUGE they tower over my heritage breed birds of the same age. I have one tom and one hen. the tom is 3 foot tall already its only a guess on the weight but I think around 30 lbs the hen not quite as big but she’s much bigger then the heritage too

  8. Chicken Feet


    These birds are beautiful, but a bit pecky.

  9. Live&Learn

    Ran out of these right before my order was filled, but they gave me two black spanish’s instead.

    Ran out of the Bronze turkeys right before my order was filled, but they still sent two Black Spanish Turkeys instead. I’m still very please with the quality of the birds. Thank you Cackle Hatchery!

  10. Mason


    I ordered 3 broad breasted and all were amazingly healthy! Butchered at 20,21, and 22 weeks and respectively got 23,29, and 33 lb turkeys! These are monsters (in a good way)! Thanks so much Cackle, will definitely order from you again.

  11. Kelly

    Reserve Grand Champion

    Our BBB just placed 2nd in the Wood County Fair in Ohio against 30 other turkeys! Thanks for your excellent birds!

  12. GiantIsopodsRule

    Why are turkey’s so cheap?

    I can’t get a frozen turkey for this price.

  13. Turkey Project 4H Leader

    Excellent birds

    I am so thrilled that I relied on Cackle to supply my 4H kids with poults for fair. We ordered 38 poults. They came in one day, & we didn’t lose ANY in shipping or throughout the first few days. Upon arrival all our poults were alert and spunky. They all began to eat and drink immediately (who says turkeys are stupid; I have to disagree!!). As we packed them in boxes for 4H members to take their poults home, just 7 hours after arrival, everyone had full crops and was thriving. Thank you so much for our healthy poults, we are looking forward to showing them at the fair in October!

  14. Gtillman

    Proven Winners

    As a 4-h leader I can verify that the stock we receive from Cackle is consistently top of the line. Last year’s fair resulted in Reserve & Grand Champion Toms and Reserve Grand Champion Hen! The birds I’ve ordered have been top of their classes every year I’ve ordered, Thank You!

  15. Shannon Texas 2016

    Thank You

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely chicks and turkeys. I am very pleased with my order and will be a returning customer next season. Also I placed a call to your company and your staff was so pleasant and helpful. I would recommend your company to anyone, Thanks again,

  16. J5

    Great Quality

    We ordered a variety of chicks from you and just wanted to say thanks for the healthy chicks. We have had them a little over a week and they have tripled in size, looking forward to ordering from you when we need more fowl.

  17. Kathy Missouri May 2009

    Cackle Hatchery

    The grandsons and I went to Cackle Hatchery yesterday and bought four Bronze Broad Breasted turkeys!!! They loved going in and looking around and the birds are BIG!!

  18. Kathy Missouri May 2009

    Cackle Hatchery

    Bill and his dad are really impressed with the birds. Bill’s wanted turkeys for a few years now and I usually end up waiting too late to attempt getting some…he’s delighted!!! It was pretty busy when we were there…phones ringing of the hook and 12 people waiting to get their birds…. it was packed… bet all of them slept good that night..(;-o) Yes, we’ll be last minute selling them at the meeting.

  19. AJ, North Carolina April 2012

    Cackle Hatchery

    First off, I’ve been exceeding happy with my chicks, poults and ducklings i received on April 11 from Cackle Hatchery. All were alive when I received them. I’m also extremely pleased with the after delivery service I received. After receiving my shipment, I read on your instructions you shouldn’t raise day old/week old ducklings with chicks or poults. When I called I was greeted by a polite and pleasant lady who informed me why you don’t raise ducklings with other poultry. And more importantly I want to thank you for hatching healthy chicks, duckling and poults. Also the great before and after service you provide.

  20. Ashley, Michigan August 2012

    Bronze Champions

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know 2 of our Bronze turkeys we purchased from you this year were the Champion and Reserve Champion Bronze Turkeys at our county fair this past week. The hen was Champion and the tom was Reserve. The hen finished at 28lbs, the tom at 39lbs at 18 weeks. Both sold at the poultry sale for 525.00 and 400.00 Thank you for a very successful fair.

  21. Terry Virginia April 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    That did it Paula! Thanks so much, I love working with Cackle because you are such a great people person. No problem is a bad call when you get to talk to Paula. Keep it up

  22. Mario California April 2010

    Thank You note

    Thanks a lot to all involved in my order. All I want is to thank you for my chicks. Sadly one of the little turkeys arrived dead but the rest are doing fine. Hopefully everything goes fine and I will see you next time. Have a wonderful day.

  23. Elaine Tennessee March 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    I wanted to let you know how please I am with the substitutions you made to my order!!! Thank you for taking the time to call me and spend your time helping me with this instead of just making the decision to send other birds. I am so looking forward to having your chicks. I have friend that use your hatchery and have for years with wonderful success. Thanks again

  24. Pam Texas May 2010

    Attn: cackle-Extremely Happy Customer

    Just a quick note to thank you for my surprise package and to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting there on Tuesday. All the babies in the surprise package arrived alive and are growing like weeds. The three little turkeys and silver Sebright chicks I when I visited made the trip home with us just fine and are doing great. I told Don we would have to make a “Cackle visit” a routine part of our trips north from now on. Thanks Again!!!

  25. Rachelle Ohiio November 2013


    Thank you so much. This year at our local fair we took 2 bronze broad breasted turkeys purchased from your hatchery. The tom won grand champion and the hen took reserve grand. We will be ordering in the spring and showing again next year. Thanks again.

  26. Kim Washington May 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    Thank You! The chicks arrived early this morning. On little turkey did not make it;however, you sent an extra so we received the exact number of (living) birds we ordered. They are all doing very well! As always, we are very happy with out ordering experience with Cackle Hatchery! Thank you!

  27. Sherry, Texas April 2014

    Cackle Hatchery

    I have received my turkeys. I must tell you I believe that they are the healthiest birds that I have ever ordered. Thanks You!!!!

  28. Randy Missouri April 2014

    Cackle Hatchery

    17 healthy happy ladies and two turkeys arrived yesterday thank you very much you did everything you said you would do everything turned out great I appreciate everything you’ve done.

  29. Tisa Alaska July 2011


    I want to let you guys know I’ve had a wonderful experience with you the last few years and have received great looking birds every time! You have great customer service as well. Wanted to make sure someone know they’re appreciated! I look forward to purchasing birds from you in the future!

  30. Kelly Wyoming June 2011


    Thanks so much for the turkeys two years in a row my daughter has won champion and reserve champion with her meat hens here in Wyoming.

  31. Denis, Wisconsin May 2011

    Chicks Arrived

    Our order shipped 05/11/11 arrived with all chicks in health condition. Thank you for the excellent service and quality poultry.

  32. Erin, California (received July 2015)


    I received the chicks a day early (Always a nice surprise!) and all were alive! Thank you for the healthy babies! I’ve had horrible experiences from other hatcheries and mail order in the past, I am extremely pleased with your company. Definitely will be purchasing again.

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