Brown Leghorn Hatching Eggs

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Seasonal/Shipped January 24th through June 5th.

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Incubating your own Brown Leghorn Hatching Eggs allow you the ability to control the environment your chicks are hatched in. Lowering their risk of exposure to harmful bacteria that can cause illness. When the chick has absorbed the yolk sac it is then ready to pip the external shell by rotating around inside the shell and hopefully he or she manages to remove enough of the shell to push its way out and hatch. (see FAQ)

We also have availabable to order 1 day old chicks of the Brown Leghorn

We generally do not ship mid June through the first of Aug due to the heat of the summer causing a higher risk of eggs not hatching because of the heat”

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk
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