Cackleberry Nugget Treats


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This 27 oz. pouch is packed with nutritional ingredients and your chickens will love you for it. Sit on a stool and toss treats to your flock. A great way to tame your flock and enjoy them.

2 reviews for Cackleberry Nugget Treats

  1. Moonpie (name of my doe goat)

    Great deal all my breeds love them

    My chickens absolutely love these we just purchased some new farm land for our family we have 52 acres. Sometimes my daughter leads the chickens and roosters on a scavenger hunt by leaving a trail of these and something at the end! Great product for the price!!

  2. Phyllis

    Great and Beneficial Treat

    My Rooster, Pixie, loves these treats. I’ve been purchasing them for the past year from my local Ace Hardware, who no longer carries them. As you may imagine, my rooster is not so happy right now.

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