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This brooder could take up to 2 weeks to receive. Please order prior to your chicks.


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A great way to start your baby chicks. Package includes: 1 plastic screw on water base with 1 plastic jug, 2 plastic round feeders, 2 plastic water bases for quart jars (glass quart jars not included), 1 twelve feet of corrugated cardboard brooder guard (12 inches high), 1 brooder thermometer, 1 brooder lamp includes heavy duty steel clamp with 6′ cord  and 10 1/2 inch aluminum reflector (no bulb included) and a care sheet.


3 reviews for Chick Starter Kit

  1. danny

    how many chicks will it hold?

    how many chicks will it hold? The answer is 25-30 baby chicks.

  2. Katrina

    Great kit!

    We bought this for our new baby chicks. We had no clue how to raise babies or what they needed. This kit had everything we needed, and also had a complete guide on how to keep our babies healthy. If you are new to the chicken world, then this kit is a must. Also the price is great, because if you had to buy all this stuff individually it would add up fast. Thanks Cackle Hatchery for taking the guess work out of supply shopping for our babies!

  3. Debbie

    Good starter brooder

    Really liked the video instructions. I know it is just a starting area and by 3 weeks my chicks were wanting to fly out. I guess I need to start my next stage of brooder.

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