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City Town Female Special 3 – Sold as Baby Chicks – SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE

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City-Town Pullet Special 3 – Order any 3 pullets 1 day old chicks from the list above of our offered pullets for $59.95

Sexing is only 90% accurate and is not a perfect science… so you may need to always have a back up plan for a possible male.                       Free Shipping applies only to this special, any other items ordered will have shipping added to it.

NOTE:  The black sex link is about 99.5% accurate so this is always a good choice of breed if you want the best chance of not getting a rooster.



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27 reviews for City Town Female Special 3

  1. cdheath4622 (verified owner)

    My chicks were shipped out on a Wednesday afternoon, and i picked them up from the post office Friday morning. I ordered a buff Orpington, a silver laced Wyandotte, and an Easter egger, and i was sent all plus an extra Easter egger. They were all very healthy and were packaged extremely well to keep them safe on their journey. They have all been healthy chicks from the start, eating and drinking well as soon as they were home. No health issues at ALL this whole time. They are 12 weeks old now and are all pullets, no Roos! This small town special was perfect for me living in city limits and having a smaller backyard. I got the variety of breeds i wanted without having to order 3+ chicks for each. I highly recommend this town special for those not able to have a lot of chickens, and for those who want a lot of variety. I also recommend cackle hatchery, they were great throughout the process and i will definitely be back when I’m ready to add more to my flock! (The chicken math is real, lol)

  2. madscott28 (verified owner)

    Four chicks arrived the first week of August 2021, two Speckled Sussex and two Easter Eggers (one of my choices was not available), all female. One of the SS had a broken leg on day 2 but with a little extra nurturing she now has no noticeable limp 6 months on. One of the EE just laid our first egg – a beautiful pale green! I loved the small town special since it made sense for my backyard flock and I was able to pick more than one breed. At first I was a little disappointed that I didn’t receive the Wyandotte I’d originally wanted, but I have loved seeing how different the EE can be and still have four happy and healthy hens. Can’t wait to have more space to order more chickens!

  3. kdc123 (verified owner)

    I held off writing this till our chicks were older so I could be confident we had no roosters! We ordered an Easter Egger, Barred Rock and Buff Orpington and much to our surprise when we opened the box we had 6 chicks, not 3! Since we only had a coop/run barely big enough for 4 this presented us with some early challenges but we made it work. The chicks were super healthy, ate and drank right out of the box and have been thriving ever since. They are beautiful birds and at 5 months we are pretty confident they are all pullets but no one has started to lay yet. They have very nice temperaments and we were super surprised one of the Eggers is actually a Splash Ameraucana, she is beautiful and one of our favorites. I was recommenced Cackle by a friend who told me they have the nicest birds and that they do! If I decide to add more in the future I will go back to Cackle!

  4. ERIKA Sandoval (verified owner)

    I’ve never owned chicks here in the states, so I ordered 3 to get started. This deal was perfect. I ordered 2 White Plymouth Rock and 1 Barred Plymouth Rock. I was sent 2 of each, but unfortunately one of the White Rocks did not make the trip. When I picked them up at the USPS store, she was already gone. My son was a bit upset, but we knew it could happen. We live in Vegas, so the heat when traveling could have been too much for her since we had record highs this year. I was a bit upset that one of my White Rocks didn’t make it, but they did send me an extra Barred Rock and so I did end up with 3 chicks regardless. They are now about to be 3 weeks old and other than one of them having pasty butt on her second day here, we haven’t noticed anything wrong with them. They seem healthy and super energetic. I wish I would have placed another order for the White Plymouth Rock which is what I really wanted because now they’re no longer available. Other than that, I am extremely happy with my order and my family loves them too! Thank you Cackle Hatchery!

  5. Tara Streb (verified owner)

    Ordered last weekend for chicks ready to ship out the following (this past Monday). Chicks were available for me yo pick up at the local post office early Wednesday afternoon. Received and extra chick, and all were very active upon receiving. As of late Friday there continue to be happy and healthy energetic chicks! Promt, quality service and birds. Very happy with my purchase!

  6. Rachel Edwards (verified owner)

    I ordered a wyandotte, a dominique, and an olive egger. They all arrived alive and i received an extra dominique. They are all doing wonderful so far except the wyandotte doesn’t seem to be doing as well as the others, but maybe it’s just stress. Hopefully they all make it to adulthood, I love them so much.

  7. Dawn

    Omg so cute

    All my babies arrived healthy! Can NOT wait to watch them grow up. Thank you Cackle!

  8. Alisha (verified owner)


    We ordered this for our first chicken experience. The chicks came healthy and lively. We ordered 3 and got 5 not sure all are females but that is OK we will make it work. We got all three breeds we requested. Thanks!

  9. Mandie

    Thriving chicks

    Almost 4 weeks after I received my chicks they are thriving well 🙂 I ordered Cinnamon Queen, Colombian Wyandotte and Speckled Sussex. All are healthy and full of energy! I can’t wait to see their beautiful markings when fully feathered! This city town pkg is such a great option for those having limited space

  10. Jes From IL

    So Happy!

    We ordered the City/Town Female Special last year. I wanted to wait awhile before reviewing until they were full grown and mature. I am so happy we ordered from Cackle Hatchery and they will have our business for life. Our order was one gold wyandotte, one silver wyandotte and an austrlorp. We got an extra gold wyandotte and an extra silver wyandotte for a total of 5 chicks! They have all made it to a year old with absolutely no health problems and are our strongest chickens! They are so friendly and all 5 girls lay between 6 and 7 eggs a week. Very good layers too! We will be getting more this year! Thank you Cackle Hatchery!

  11. Christina

    Superb experience

    I am a newbie chicken mamma as of 6 weeks ago. I went through local tractor supply but NEVER again. I bought 6 pallets and 2 straight run EE. One died within a week. The chick
    looked poorly from the start.

    Been wanting to replace EE I lost so decided to try Cacklehatchery and will never buy my future chicks anywhere else.

    I ordered 3 EE pallets and nice surprise I got 4. All arrived in one day. Shipped out Wednesday and arrived today. All alive and appears healthy. The way they were packed was truly impressive.

    A huge thank you to cackle for everything you do. Spending extra money for small orders are well worth it.

    You have a future customer for life.

  12. EM

    Perfect for backyard flock

    I have wanted backyard hens for years and labored over how to obtain the breeds and small number I wanted for our suburban lot. I finally settled on this city/town special and could not have been more pleased with the choice. My girls arrived in March of this year and have been healthy since the day they landed. They’re now nine month old layers and a total delight. Got an easter egger, barred rock, and black australorp. Thank you Cackle SO MUCH for offering this option for small flock owners!

  13. Bonnie

    Thank You Cackle Hatchery

    Hi, as a first time orderer from Cackle Hatchery I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased with your service I have been. I ordered small order city/town chick offer and they arrived happy and healthy and on time. With an extra chick to spare!! Also ordered a small order of Guineas, hatchery choice, with a special request that I wasn’t sure you would be able to do but you came through!! As a first time customer i can’t tell you how impressed I have been with your attention to detail and care with shipping. All chicks/keets arrived happy and healthy, eating, drinking and ready to go. So want to say a big Thank You. I will be highly recommending you to anyone who wants a dependable source for poultry.

  14. Katie (verified owner)


    Our girls were shipped on Monday and we were contacted by noon on Tuesday that they were ready to pick up at the Post Office. They were happy and healthy and ready to live life and thriving. ( We ordered 3 – Barred Rock, Buff Orpington and a Rhode island Red and received 2 Buffs – total of 4. We couldn’t be happier with the process from Cackle Hatchery and would highly recommend. Our girls had a nice warm bed and heating pad included in the package with a gel substance for hydration. We fell in love instantly with the love and care that went into the mailing process. Thank you Cackle Hatchery! We cant wait to start this process with our new loves.

  15. Kimiam

    Healthy Chicks!

    I ordered the city/town special of three chickens. I loved that I could select three different breeds. I chose a Buff Orpington, A Wyandotte, and an Australorp. I received four chicks. The extra is a Buff Orpington.

    I picked up my little, brown, chirping box from the main post office here and found the cutest little babies inside. They were tucked in with some nesting material, a chemical hand warmer and a wet, green glob of what I think is gro-gel to provide a source of water/nutrition and pro-biotics. All were in good shape, but a little grumpy and loud at first. I showed them their water and food. Immediately afterward, it looked like they all fell over and died, but I guess that’s how it looks when they take naps. …Great joke, Mother Nature! All are healthy now. We did have two of rounds of pasty butt with one of the Buff Orpingtons but even so, her appetite remained good and she stayed active. She was just a little more shy during the course of clearing that. We are using infrared heat lamps, which is drying and could have been the cause. Our chicks are almost four weeks old now, all healthy and very friendly. We love them!

    Thank you, Cackle Hatchery, for the wonderful chicks, for packaging them so carefully, for providing such detailed guidance on the care of new chicks and for answering my questions over the phone as a first time chicken owner with great patience.

  16. Ann from Texas

    Healthy chicks and great package

    I live in the city with a prohibition on roosters and could not find sexed female chicks just straight run chicks. I have a small back yard so this package was exactly what I wanted. I ordered 1 Rhode Island Red, 1 New Hampshire, 1 Black Laced Golden Wyandotte. I received 6 chicks. Two of each breed. All were healthy and hungry. They are now 5 weeks old. Thank you so much for my girls.

  17. Alih Nevada (verified owner)

    First chickens

    I only wanted to get a couple chickens for my back yard because I was just starting out. I found the small town order and it was perfect! I got Easter Eggers because I wanted different egg colors, and my chicks arrived healthy and with an extra peep. My Gals are now 5 months old and should be laying any day now, though I suspect my dog found an egg today. My girls are healthy, never had pasty butt, no respiratory problems, and have always been good eaters. I couldn’t be happier… well maybe I’d be happier with a “Happy Cackle”, but that will have to wait for now.

  18. Emily from Walla Walla, WA

    New to Chickens

    My 8-year-old daughter had been pleading for chickens for several years. After she read a bunch of books and attended a farm camp with a focus on animal care, we decided it was time to let her have some backyard chickens. We didn’t want her to have to wait until spring when our local farm stores will have chicks in stock, so I decided to try mail order chickens through Cackle Hatchery and am pleased with the decision. We ordered 3 chicks and received 5. Despite their long journey, all 5 arrived healthy and energetic. The videos were very helpful and helped us make sure we got the chicks off to a good start. They’re now a little over a week old and they are calm and sweet, love being handled, and have such distinct personalities already.

  19. Taramedic

    Excellent and Caring!

    I received my CITY TOWN PULLET SPECIAL 3 order last Friday and this was my first time having a delivery of chicks via USPS. I received 4 (extra Buff Orp) were chirping loudly and in terrific shape. It’s now 4 days later and they are thriving well!! I couldn’t be happier!!!!

  20. Coco

    Great experience!

    I love the option of a small order of pullets where you can choose different breeds. We got a barred rock, and NH Red, and an Easter Egger. All arrived healthy and happy (and vaccinated!). Couldn’t be happier with our gals. Thinking about getting some bantams now….will definitely order from CH again. Thank you!

  21. Jesscwde

    Beautiful healthy chicks

    I purchased golden laced wyandotte, speckled sussex, and welsummer. I received 2 welsummer babies with the order. They shipped on the day they were supposed to. All 4 chicks are healthy. I love the markings on the babies. They arrived today and look wonderful!

  22. Easter Egger

    My experience

    I used this option two years ago. I’m happy to say that my three Easter Eggers arrived healthy and happy! I live in northern Wisconsin so I was worried about the distance but all was well, they were packed nicely with their heat pad and were delivered in June. My local post office gave me a call when they came in and I ran down to pick them up. I live at a rental home that allows me to have up to 6 chickens, so my new three joined my older three gals and was happy to get some when the bird flu wasn’t allowing me to order from the local ag center. It is worth the money if you’re chickens will be pets! I would reorder in a heartbeat.

  23. Val

    Appreciate the small orders

    Thank you for having small orders available for my northern New York address. My three pullets arrived on time and healthy. I got three different varieties and they are very pretty girls and getting quite personable. Your care guide was a little different from how I usually start them but I did it your way and it worked out good. Thank you again

  24. Amie

    Great for small orders

    We had ordered chicks from another hatchery and lost 2. They were breeds we really wanted so I shopped around. I think this is a great deal if one is looking for a few select breeds. We ordered 1 Australorp and 2 Golden Laced Wyandottes, but got 3 instead. I was very pleased with the extra chick. So far, everyone is growing well and looking healthy. I love my sweet babies. The only thing that I would like to change from these small order specials is to allow more specific breed selections in the bigger packages (5 chicks or 10 chicks). The customer service was great.

  25. Erica (verified owner)

    Very pleased witg my Wyandottes

    I was very pleased to be able to choose three different breeds at such a great price with vaccines and shipping included. The hatchery called me to make sure I could accept my chicks if they shipped right away. I received four perfectly healthy chicks and could not be more pleased with these beauties.

  26. Juvilian (verified owner)

    Satisfied Customer

    I ordered the City Town Pullet Special. A+ for Cackle Hatchery… Chicks arrived on time & very healthy followed the care guide that was provided & my chicks are thriving… Thank you Cackle Hatchery

  27. Renee Wisconsin February 2014

    Just a customer message

    Never knew Cackle Hatchery had over 300+ YouTube videos on products and breeder flocks. Very very interesting and a great customer tool to see different breeder flocks, different chickens, different set-ups in the way breeders keep their chickens, and even your product demos were intriguing. Keep up the good customer relations. These homegrown contests, the newsletter, and the “Born to be Wild speed freak video of hatch/shipping day are incredible hilarious and funny. Your public relation ideas are wonderful. And someone sure put in a lot video-taping all those flocks. Very very fun and enjoyable.

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