Color Yield

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Color Yield – Sold As Baby Chicks Only

Minimum of 25 to ship.

Must be ordered by themselves on a separate order with no other birds.  These are shipped on a separate day and require it’s own shipping/handling charges.

No pick up orders.


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The Color Yield Freedom Ranger is the standard RedBro female crossed with a faster growing Color Yield male. This cross produces a faster growing red broiler with white underlying feathers, which is nicer for processing. These birds should grow approximately 1 week faster to processing weight than the standard Freedom Rangers. Color Yield Rangers are only available in straight run at this time. Our Color Yields will almost be mostly white with Amber on the feather tips.

6 reviews for Color Yield

  1. Theresa Carter (verified owner)

    First time raising meat birds. We chose color yields over cornish cross because we’re at 6800 elevation. Bought 25 straight run, 2 died within the first day, 1 died at 6 weeks. Overall, the birds were lively and active, liked to forage and were pretty docile and friendly. Fed organic 20% crumble and fermented feed until week 9, then reduced down to 16%. Processed at 10.5 weeks. Average weight dressed out was 5.52 lbs. Flavorful meat. We were happy with the color yields and will plan for another batch next year.

  2. Lizbeth

    Good birds

    This birds are beautiful and big we used them as meet and egg birds they are good for both.

  3. Becky Nevada

    Butcher Update

    The Color Yield win over Red Broilers, Cornish Cross, and Red Rangers. Our Color Yield had to wait to be butchered so they were 14 weeks. They weighted in at 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 pounds! Huge and the flavor is also the best of all the meatbirds we have butchered. They were on pasture with not much but a few weeds, but were active, healthy, and excellent taste.

  4. Becky Nevada

    Best Meaties

    We have raised quite a few different meat birds, but living at just over 5000ft we are trying types other than Cornish Cross which have problems at this altitude. I have to say that these Color Yield chicks are amazing!! We tried 3 types this year and our Red Broilers and Slow White Broilers are not nearly as big as the Color Yield! Also even thought they are active, the other types don’t compare to the active little Color Yield chicks. I just can’t get over how much they have grown in 4 weeks! Or how active they are! We will stick with Cackle Color Yield from now on! I will update at butchering time.

  5. Becky Nevada

    Best Meatbirds Yet

    We have been raising Cackle meatbirds awhile now, and lately since we live at a high altitude we were looking for an alternative. My CY are only 3 weeks old but I am really impressed! I bought slow white broilers from another hatchery also and I am very disappointed in them. Cackle’s chicks are growing at almost twice the rate and are VERY active little chicks. Healthy, active, easy to raise. These are my meatbird breed from now on. The others are costing me a fortune in feed with not much growth, but CY chicks are worth every penny.

  6. Becky

    Beautiful Chicks!

    These are large, vigorous chicks and beautiful too! They arrived alert, active, and very strong. I’m very impressed with the quality!

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