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Freedom Rangers™ must be ordered on a separate order with no other birds. No pick up orders!

These chicks are perfect for free range environments, and they are a great alternative to fast-growing Cornish chicks or slow-grow heritage breeds. They grow at a moderate rate reaching 5-6 lbs in 9-12 weeks. Because of this they make a great broiler without the health issues that the fast growing chicks encounter. They are very active and robust chicks that are suitable for free range, foraging and pasture environments. Their meat is tender and contains more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than the fast growing chicks.

They feature either red or tri-colored feathers and yellow shanks, skin and beaks. They thrive if allowed to free range, scratch and dust bathe in sunlight.




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15 reviews for Freedom Rangers™

  1. Yooper

    Fabulous birds

    Ordered 25 received 27… harvested 27. I was so impressed with this bird! Hardy, friendly, pretty good rangers although they kinda hung out close to their coop… moved out more as time went on. I’m super disappointed that they’re out of stock. I definitely would’ve done another batch.

  2. Jesus

    very good buy

    I made an order for 25 chicks all arrived healthy and they look good. this year I will make another order

  3. Jesus

    very good buy

    I bought 25 chicks all arrived healthy and active eating very well. We will see how they develop very happy with my purchase

  4. Gordon

    Freedom Rangers

    They all grew to a great size. Were all able to walk around till harvest time. Over all did very well.

  5. MaineCoaster

    THE Meatbird!

    Have always raised dual purpose, straight-run, birds for meat and eggs. Slaughter cockerels at 19 -21 weeks for great flavor and texture. Last year could not raise a bird that long, for various reasons, so tried the Freedom Ranger. By popular family acclaim, will not go back to the dual purpose. Same flavor in 12 weeks, and literally almost twice the size. Amount of feed in 12 weeks was almost identical to dual purpose for 20 weeks. Miss the true crowing of the dual purpose birds, but the Rangers are passable “real” birds, unlike the Cornish X. Flavor and size rule!

  6. Robert

    Good foragers, meat OK

    I did like their ability to forage. I felt the skin was too thick and the meat was not as good quality as the Cornish Rock.

  7. Bee

    Fast growing

    We got these birds because we wanted good foragers for pasture health, and they were described as slower growing. We were wrong! They grew so fast that they quickly outstripped their leg strength. As a result we ended up with slow moving birds that couldn’t hardly walk let alone forage. We had planned on butchering them at 4-5 months based on what we assumed would be their growth rate. Wrong again. We ended up with tough, stringy meat because we waited too long.

    Definitely some lessons learned here. The upside is that the Freedom Rangers are incredibly friendly and docile birds. Not excitable. I would recommend that people pull their food at night and make sure they have plenty of space early on so their leg strength can keep up with their body mass.

  8. Laurie G

    Perfect Birds for Backyard Growers!

    My husband and I raised 25 Freedom Rangers and totallly enjoyed the experience. Easy to care for, robust, and fun to be around. After raising Cornish cross and feeling like a bad person for both their short lives and endless suffering, we will stay with Freedom Rangers going forward!

  9. Dawnela

    Awesome Meat Birds

    These birds were great!! They do have a growth spurt around 9 wks and eat quite a bit. Overall they grow steady and do not have health problems. At 11 wks we processed them and our hens were 4 lbs and our Roosters around 6lbs. The taste is terrific and has a strong, not overpowering, chicken flavor. Our family loved these birds.

  10. Mike from Oysterville

    Good choice and will purchase again

    Had purchased the Cornish Cross in the past and did not like how the birds would have only one life style; Stay inside, eat, drink, poop, shuffle off to the side so I could remove soiled straw (repeat until processing day) was their life. The Freedom Ranger was an excellent choice as the birds went outside and “ranged” eating grass and getting exercise enjoying the sunshine. Processing day was a good experience with healthy birds and lots of meat. Will not go back to CX!

  11. Tom

    Very good range and tractor bird.

    We found the Freedom Ranger to grow well, to move about our pen or be a home in a tractor. They grew well on grass or feed. I think the dress percentage was excellent and had fat on the carcass but would still be considered lean. The taste is terrific any way you cook them.

  12. Wmass Homestead

    Great Breed

    This was our first time raising meatbirds and it was an excellent experience. We bought 100 and lost only a few to predators. Encountered no difficulties with the development of the breed and they were low maintenance to feed and keep. We harvested them at 10 weeks and this meat is DELICIOUS! Our daughter, who is a finicky eater begs for us to have Homestead Chicken roasted in the oven. We will definitely but more in the Spring.

  13. FarmerJane

    Great birds

    Hearty birds. Great success with low losses. Taste of the Cornish cross, but much bigger.

  14. Anne

    Our meat breed of choice now!

    We will never raise another meat breed! These grew quickly but soundly, not in that freakish way other meat breeds do. They were strong, healthy and loved being on grass. They are absolutely delicious. Unlike other meat breeds that only taste like whatever seasoning or marinade you put on them these had a rich old fashioned distinctly chicken flavor! These will be our meat breed of choice from now on!

  15. Steve F.

    Freedom Ranger now 2 years old

    I bought 25 Cornish Cross and 25 Freedom Rangers 2 years ago. I butchered all the Cornish Cross and kept (12) of the Freedom Rangers. I now (1) rooster and 5 hens due to predators. This is a large bird that gives large brown eggs. From 5 hens I get a steady 3 eggs a day, but they do slow down during the winter months. They are much more like a normal chicken compared to the Cornish Cross. The Cornish Cross got to 17 pounds in 10 weeks! The Freedom Rangers got to about 8 to 12 pounds in 16 months. (not dressed out) The other difference is the Cornish Cross had a lot of fat where the Freedom Rangers did not, because they are more active. I feed them twice a day.

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