Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit

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Hatching on July 22, 2024

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Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit



To get started on your path to being a Crazy Chicken Lady this starter kit is a must for you. This will be your gateway drug to your future addiction to Cackle Hatchery chickens. This kit will include 12 unique female baby chicks of 12 different colors or breeds of baby chicks. But wait, there is more. We will make this a baker’s dozen and you will receive 1 FREE chick to make it now 13 awesome little girls for you to raise up.  But wait, there is more, we will ship them to you FREE…All this at the very low price of $99.90.

Cackle Hatchery is proud to be your supplier/dealer and will always be here to provide you with interesting and unique poultry at a reasonable price. Not only can you buy individual breeds to satisfy your addiction, but you can always find great bargains at to keep your price conscience mind in check with your addiction. So, get started and join this great Exclusive group today…

We do not guarantee or take requests for what female chicks you will be sent. We try to include some basic breeds and some of the more expensive different breeds in your kit. Also, remember that gender determination is not a perfect science and generally is only about 90% accurate…Female Baby Chick Sexing Guaranteed *90%

Free Shipping applies only to this special, any other items ordered will have shipping added to it.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds were sent”


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10 reviews for Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit

  1. Emalie Lourens (verified owner)

    I received my order on Friday July 12, hatch date was July 10th. When they arrived all were alive and seemed decent. Four passed away the next day, two seemed to “fail to thrive” and two had wry neck. I tried everything i could do to help them from my research and it still didn’t work. The following day (Sunday) one drowned and two more became lethargic. I see them eat a little and drink and go to the bathroom but are constantly tired. I hope the rest of these make it because if they don’t only half of my order will have made it. I’ve been doing everything right, pine shavings, proper temp with heat lamp, proper chick starter crumble, warm water with electrolytes, chick grit, etc. Im happy to have received the variety but not sure why so many have passed so quickly.

  2. fryarm (verified owner)

    I am so much more than pleased with The Crazy Chicken Lady package..
    I received 14 beautiful, happy and healthy babies..they are all doing really well at almost 2 weeks.. Would not hesitate to order from Cackle Hatchery again.

  3. Gertrude Ezell (verified owner)

    We just received our order on Friday April 12, 2024. We were lucky enough to receive 14 happy peeping active chicks! After 24 hours everyone is doing great! They arrived with a heat pack and were active. Very thankful for all the guides that Cackle offers to help us in the new journey!

  4. Emily Clemm (verified owner)

    I received 14 happy healthy chicks exactly 19 weeks ago, and today I receive my first egg! All 14 chicks survived and thrived. At around 7 weeks I had some concerns I had a few roosters, but only 1 out of the whole bunch turned out to be one, and he’s a welcome surprise! I ended up with 14 different chickens:
    -New Hampshire (my Roo)
    -Black Australorp (my first egg layer)
    -Black Sexlink
    -French Black Copper Marans
    -Splash laced Red Wyandotte
    -Black laced Red Wyandotte
    -Speckled Sussex
    -Rhode Island Red
    -Golden Comet
    -White Rock
    -Buff Orpington
    -Clean-legged Cuckoo Marans
    I’m am super happy with my purchase and plan to order again!

  5. Graham Vaughn (verified owner)

    This was the door I chose to walk through to start my chicken loving journey 2 months ago (May 03, 2023). Shipping and pickup went as expected due to excellent instructions and layout of timing and what to look for posted on their site. A long line at the post office all melted and cooed at the sound of the chicks sounding off when they came to the counter. Received 14 chicks of 10 breeds and 3 Turkeys. A nice variety of hens with one roo in the mix. The roo was a surprise but actually a welcome addition. He’s 8 weeks old now and the only male in the bunch, so he struts his stuff, and his weak little crow is the cutest thing. Super excited and happy about all aspects of this order. Have since placed and received a second order with similar results. It’s obvious they care and do the best they can to eliminate chance and luck and manage the aspects within their control to make sure you get healthy energetic chicks. I have a feeling we’ll be regular customers and don’t need to look at other options. Thanks Cackle!

  6. Daniel Anderson (verified owner)

    Received our kit a couple of days ago with one extra baby included!!! All arrived very quickly, alive and healthy!!! Very excited for time to pass so we can watch the girls develop!!!! Highly recommend this to anyone starting or adding to their flock!!! Thank you cackle hatchery!!

  7. bethjustbeth3 (verified owner)

    This has been the most fun I’ve ever had. I ordered the box that shipped 4/10, received 14 chicks, 13 are surviving and doing well. The 14th was weak when she arrived, and was failure to thrive, no discernible reason, nothing I blame on Cackle. The identification group on facebook is so much fun and so helpful, and I can’t wait to add to my little farm!

  8. June Childrey (verified owner)

    I just received my order and I am thrilled. Everything you all said about the post office/delivery was spot on. I received 14 babies and they are all in good shape. They are beautiful, currently eating, drinking, and starting to go to sleep. I couldn’t be more happy with my chicks. Thank you!

  9. Paige Hailey (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering chicks from a hatchery. I did not know what the expect, however I was pleasantly surprised. I received 14 chicks and had a variety of different breeds and colors. They all arrived healthy and doing very well. I am not sure exactly what breeds I got yet, but I am very excited for my order in August.

  10. Dawn Werner (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered Easter Eggers in the past from Cackle & decided that I would like a little more variety. Received my first crazy chicken lady batch of girls on 3/29. Expecting a second crazy chicken lady batch with an order of rare chickens in a week or so. There were to be 13 girls & true to form, Cackle sent one extra so 14 lovely little hens. All very healthy, growing like crazy & super inquisitive. Still not sure what they all are, but I have a beautiful assortment of breeds & colors. Just moved these girls from the brooder to the outdoor run & looking forward to the next batch of chickies! Thanks Cackle Hatchery!

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