EcoGlow 50 Chick Brooder


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The Ecoglow 50 chick brooder is a highly efficient low cost unit ideal for keeping newly hatched poultry at the correct temperature for brooding. These radiant heaters are more efficient than conventional infrared bulbs, as well as being much safer, as they run from a 12 volt transformer. The units are durable and easy to clean, constructed from tough plastic, and completely height adjustable to accommodate the growth of your chicks.  The EcoGlow 50 is suitable for up to 40 chicks, and measures 22” x 16” x 9”.  Note: This brooder is recommended to be used on chicks at least two weeks of age.

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  1. Christy

    baby chick heater

    I use this unit but I supplement it with a drop light for additional heat for first 5 -7 days. Then it works great with the drop light out.

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