French Pearl Guinea Fowl

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  • French Pearl Guinea Fowl  – Sold as Baby Keets Only – No Sexing Available

Orders for French Guineas must be placed on a separate order and not with any other birds. No pick up orders. These ship on Wednesdays only.

Minimum of 25.

Maximum of 50.

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The French Pearl Guinea Fowl is imported from France and are raised often for the meat since they grow considerably fast than other guinea varieties and weigh about 2 pounds more than the other guinea fowl. Many restaurants are in demand of their dark, tender and lean meat. These baby keets grow into birds know for their unique ornamental value. Two weeks after hatching they are one of the hardiest domestic fowl.
Guinea Fowl have a reputution for their “watch dog” personalities and providing a insect population reduction, especially ticks.
Despite the myth that has spread concerning French Guineas have an inability to reproduce naturally, it is not true. They do reproduce naturally and have an excellent chance of doing so if allowed to free range.
Orders for French Guineas must be placed on a separate order and not with any other birds. 
We can not ship guineas to Hawaii or Puerto Rico


8 reviews for French Pearl Guinea Fowl

  1. John Terwilleger (verified owner)

    Ours arrived healthy and grew into cantankerous adults. Cackle Hatchery is top notch!

    My 3 star is toward the birds themselves. After a year, they started reproducing. The others killed all the keets in a day.

    It wasn’t isolated to the guineas. One of our turkeys hatched out 8 poults. All attacked and killed in a couple of days.

    Most recently, our mallard ducks started hatching out chicks. Again, all dead because of the guineas. If you get these birds, keep isolated as they seem hell bent on staying on top of the pecking order!

    Again, Cackle Hatchery rocks!

  2. Julie (verified owner)

    We couldn’t be more pleased! Despite USPS shipping our keets via the most convoluted route imaginable, all of the 25 we ordered arrived alive and well…plus one additional keet included. Eight days later and all 26 are doing really well…at least twice the size as the day they arrived. They’re healthy and happy and just growing in leaps and bounds. They’ll be outside devouring ticks before we know it.

    Thanks Cackle Hatchery! We’ll definitely be ordering more birds from you in the future and recommending you to everyone we can! You’re the best!

  3. Mountain Man

    Loud but Loved

    Our little flock of 25 (now 24 thanks to a hawk) are adorably loud, free ranging by day & a constant source of delight. They love to speak all at once & run around at least 3-4 acres of our larger farm. They require companionship among themselves but don’t do well around humans (other than getting treats). If you’re looking for a “pet” bird, look for another type of fowl…mine aren’t fond of people or like being handled. However, they are amazing as a group, will eat almost any bug around & will step all over each other to get a treat. We trained ours to come back to the coop each evening by ringing a bell & giving meal worms. They will run across several acres to get back for an evening snack before going inside for the night. I would definitely buy again, especially from Cackle Hatchery!!! They’re the BEST hatchery around!!!

  4. Small timer

    Great birds

    Great birds and arrived healthy and happy with extra birds. I’ve had birds a couple months and have lost none and look like great gene birds. Will be coming back for more.

  5. Illinois Poultry Keeper

    Healthy birds

    I received 26 keets. One had an eye injury and had to be culled, but these things happen. The birds were otherwise healthy and grew out in 16 weeks. Processed, they were 3-4 lbs. Very pleased overall.

  6. Jen

    Beloved flock of loudmouths

    We purchased 25 guineas and at almost a year later we have a refined flock after harvesting 9 males, and losing a few to wildlife. Our 11 stick close to home while free ranging our mountain plot. They are beautiful, friendly, have eradicated the tick problem. We adore our guineas. They lay consistently and we’re hoping they produce offspring naturally in the spring.

  7. Rodica

    Good quality keets

    I purchased several times guineas from your company for myself and my daughter and I’m very pleased with my birds

  8. Nick

    Good Birds

    We bought 50, they seem to be pretty hearty little fellas, you have to keep plenty of protein in the pen, just wild bird seed is not enough protein as it is to sustain them. They are happy, funny little fellas, they chase bugs in the yard like its their job (which it kind of is). They are about two months old now and already have personalities, our three year old loves her “chickens”. We’re pleased with this purchase.

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