Green Egger® Hatching Eggs

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Green Egger® – Cackle Hatchery’s Egger line offers several genetics of the eggshell colors. The Green Egger will produce many shades and tints of green shell color on their eggs and will lay medium-large egg size eggs. Depending on the time of year and care they will generally start laying around 6 months of age with averages of 200-250 eggs laid every 12 months after the first egg is laid.  The Green Egger is not the highest producer of eggs compared to a commercial egg layer but can lay and last more years in an even egg production. Cackle Hatchery’s breeding program for the Green Egger is not to have color conformity of the feathers and therefore they make a colorful and diversified looking flock of hens. Parent stock are from selected males and females from the Cackle Hatchery Easter Egger line.

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