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Hatching on June 3, 2024

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  • Hatchery Choice Guinea – Sold as Baby Keets Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped June thru Mid August

Minimum of 15.



The Guinea Fowl are available for purchase from January through August. Guinea Fowl do not start hatching until the weather is warmer so they are only available to hatch and ship from May through August. Guinea Fowl are only available as a straight run. This special is a Hatchery Choice and it does not guarantee an assortment.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what colors are sent”

Cackle Hatchery® ships your baby guinea keet orders May-Aug and it is recommended to order in March and April to secure and reserve your baby keets. We hope you enjoy our guinea fowl breeds and check out our caring for keets.


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35 reviews for Hatchery Choice Guinea

  1. slowandold5

    7/17 hatch date. I received 16 guineas all healthy happy and the packing was well done. So cute! I also received and surprise box 6/21 hatch date. 53 birds total. 2 turkeys, 2 ducks, two guineas, and a bunch of sweet birds that are so colorful and interesting. Healthy and happy and packed nicely. Very bright and chipper lol pun intended. Learning what they all are is so much fun. I appreciate all that cackle has to offer. My grandkids just love them all and are eager to help out.

  2. butterfly17_05

    Ordered 15 and received 17. Nice variety of all colors of guineas they carry. All are doing great and very lively along with chicks I ordered with them.

  3. rojamin81

    Awesome variety….worked well with existing chickens and other chicks.
    Hatched 7/27/22
    I ordered 15 and received two extra. Much to my amusement and horror all 17 survived. In my defense, my hubby said I could get them. I think he expected some wouldn’t make it. They were mixed in with some rare mixed chicks and have done fantastic. They all get along well and integrated smoothly into the older chickens of the coop. They all come in nightly with the other chickens. It is funny to watch them, they tend to form their own little group, often times single file running across the yard.

  4. didden39

    I ordered 18 hatchery choice guineas and received 20 healthy keets: 8 lavender, 8 pearl, 2 whites, and 2 purples. Quite a nice variety! All 20 have been doing well, and make short work of any boiled eggs or insects I toss to them.

  5. Courtney

    Thank you!

    So impressed with my guineas! I got the hatchery choice and ended up with a great variety of exactly what I was hoping for! All were healthy (and have stayed so). I’ll definitely be ordering again and highly recommend!

  6. Pascual

    Silly guineas

    Yes they are silly, loud and amazingly they destroyed our local tick population. They go into our chicken coop (thanks to them growing with our chicks). Did I mention they are silly and follow us everywhere.

  7. Joshua E

    Thank you!

    The guineas showed up vigorous. The straight run assortment was a good selection. They are now doing their job of making noise and eating bugs. I expect eggs when the light increases.

  8. Karen G.

    Thank you!

    I am very happy with my order. I ordered 6 Black Australorp, and 6 Buff Orpingtons and received a baker’s dozen: 7 Black Australorp! I also ordered 12 mixed guinea fowl and received a baker’s dozen as well; a lovely mix of 3 lavender, 4 royal purple, and 6 pearl gray. All babies came on time and I haven’t lost a one! Now we are finishing our run around the coop and they should be safe and happy for the rest of their lives! Olive Hill, KY

  9. henry


    I orded 20 guineas in 2018 and was able to get 21 to spring 2019 have hatched over 200 keets from them is now oct. 23 and am still getting a few eggs each day . thank you.

  10. Cora

    Healthy keets

    Really impressed with these keets from arrival to 4 months’ maturity. Lost one only because it escaped while relief caretaker was cleaning the baby pen. Unfortunately it was my one lavender. These have been trained to return to the coop in the evening s with mealworm treats. They follow us everywhere!

  11. jo

    Thank You

    My chicks were picked up from my local post office this morning. All 26 were well and started drinking and eating right away. The brooder box was warmed and ready for them.
    Just want to thank you for your service. Have a GREAT day!!
    BTW…. my guineas I bought from you are healthy juveniles now. Never lost a one since I started raising them. This is one happy “chicken lady”.

  12. Chris


    Wife very happy with the Chicks.

  13. Trina

    Awesome Deal

    First time ordering online. I was Very pleased with the experience. I ordered 8 keets on 8/6/18 along with 12 chicks. (Including 5 extra chicks) All arrived healthy and chirping 8/10/18. I received a beautiful mix of keets and chicks. With one extra keet. Total of 4 grey pearls, 3 whites, 1 Lavender & 1 Royal Purple. Thank you so much for such beautiful babies. Look forward to ordering from you again.

  14. F.E


    Wanted to say thank you for the baby guineas, they were a quality product and very healthy, thanks again

  15. BRIAN

    Hi Cackle Hatchery

    Received my order yesterday. The chicks were in great shape. I have bought from you a few times and am amazed how efficient you are on your orders and how healthy all the birds are. Thank you again.

  16. Happy customer

    Happy Customer

    I got my order of guinea keets this morning and, as with my 2 previous order, they arrived happy and healthy!! I’ve seen others talk about having a terrible time with hatchery orders, but i have had nothing but a wonderful experience through y’all! Out of 3 orders that i have received, not a single lost bird before their feet hit the ground. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

  17. Bonnie

    Thank You Cackle Hatchery

    Hi, as a first time orderer from Cackle Hatchery I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased with your service I have been. I ordered small order city/town chick offer and they arrived happy and healthy and on time. With an extra chick to spare!! Also ordered a small order of Guineas, hatchery choice, with a special request that I wasn’t sure you would be able to do but you came through!! As a first time customer i can’t tell you how impressed I have been with your attention to detail and care with shipping. All chicks/keets arrived happy and healthy, eating, drinking and ready to go. So want to say a big Thank You. I will be highly recommending you to anyone who wants a dependable source for poultry.

  18. Buddie

    Guinea and Turkeys

    Bought 20 ea. All healthy and act like a bunch of drunk idiots.
    Strong stock, solid legs and healthy eater and drinkers (no beer)
    Great mix don’t know who taught who what but they are great friends.
    I’ll be a return customer next year, great customer service!

  19. Buddie

    Guinea and Turkeys

    Bought 20 ea. All healthy and act like a bunch of drunk idiots.
    Strong stock, solid legs and healthy eater and drinkers (no beer)
    Great mix don’t know who taught who what but they are great friends.
    I’ll be a return customer next year, great customer service!

  20. Nicki

    Some of the Best

    This was my second time ordering from Cackle and i can say hands down they are the best.
    I ordered a total of 10 guineas hoping for at least one white guinea but received only lavender and royal purple. no Biggie as i am sure i will order again next spring for some (:
    Thank you all for being so awesome!

  21. Heather

    Happy, healthy arrival!

    The post office called this morning at 6:45am and my daughter and I headed to pick up our keets. Received 17, in 3 different colors; one Lavender, two white and the rest I am assuming are Pearl? (This is my first time with Guineas.) They are all very active and seem healthy. Thank you Cackle Hatchery for a smooth transaction, I will be back!

  22. HA Acres

    Great little mix

    Ordered the Hatchery Choice for the first time this year and got a nice little mix of 5 birds with 3 different varieties. On day #4, and they are doing great with the other birds I received. Can’t wait for my white ones to grow up.

  23. Mammieshute


    I’ve had my guineas for two years. I ordered online, but I picked them up at the store. I love them! I got four colors and they’re beautiful. My daughter hates them… They wake her up at 0430-0530 by getting on the roof above her window. I’ve been getting birds from cackle for three years and have never been disappointed. Thank you

  24. Cute

    Cute cute cute

    Everyone wanted some of my meets. Healthier than the local chicks!

  25. Buddo


    I really want one but I have just about no yard, although I may get one anyway because all of my chickens dies (We have one left) and the Keets look amazing and I like that they are good watchdogs. I just hope it wont eat my tiny dog because I read on another site that they hate other animals-

  26. Martha

    Healthy Arrival

    I cried when I found all of the baby guineas dead last week. This morning
    the replacement shipment arrived and they are all healthy and happy. Thank
    you so much for you kindness and rapid response in shipping the
    replacements. I’m delighted. I’ve ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery for
    over 40 years and this is the first time that I have ever gotten a DOA
    shipment. Since I am now 80 years old, I probably won’t be here to do a lot
    of business with you in the future, but I definitely will be your faithful
    customer until the end. I recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone who visits
    our farm.

  27. Jenn

    love our keets!!!

    Received our order of 25 keets yesterday. Everyone is extremely healthy and arrived doing very well. We received two varieties which was nice extra!!! Excellent customer service, highly recommend Cackle!

  28. Jason

    Fantastic company!

    I purchased a batch of hatchery select keets in a smaller quantity of only 15. The ladies at the hatchery are extremely nice and even called me to ask if I wanted the keets early as they had an over hatch! I was shocked and happy to learn I would get the keets 2 weeks early. The lady I spoke to made sure everything would be prepared in time for their arrival before sending them off. She did warn me that they should be arriving in 1-2 days but sometimes could take 3 days to arrive and gave me instructions to ensure the lowest mortality rate if in the event this issue happened. Well, the worse case situation happened and it took a full 3 days for the babies to arrive.

    Upon receiving we had 1 DOA baby and I called the hatchery the very next day they were open (received them on a Saturday so I had to wait until Monday to call the hatchery). Over the course of Sunday to Monday, we lost an additional 3 keets (2 on Sunday and one Monday). Again the lady I spoke to at the hatchery was extremely nice and helpful and made sure I was giving the keets boiled egg yokes and apple cider vinegar in their water to help with the mortality. She let me know to call back every day to give a live count until they stop dying.

    We lost one more keet on Tuesday before it was over. Luckily the hatchery shipped out 5 extra keets to compensate for mortality issues from shipping and in doing so we ended up with exactly 15 little feathery fluff balls of cuteness that we originally ordered and they seem to be going strong.

    I am extremely pleased with the hatchery and their customer service! They kept me assured that I was doing everything possible and they were going to work with me in the event that we ended up with less than the amount that we paid for. I am extremely pleased we didn’t have to go through shipment of more babies as I didn’t want to but more little ones through the stress of shipping.

    Without a doubt, I have found my go to hatchery for all my fowl that I am planning to add to our home stead in the future. Not just for their impeccable (pun intended) customer service skills but also the quality of their birds (even though we had 5 die off, that is still less than any other hatchery I have purchased from where I would lose 1/2 of the flock sometimes!)

  29. ricklorieba

    Slightly Dissapointed

    I received my Guinea’s today and all where alive and healthy. I ordered 15 and got 16 which was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the extra keet. My disappointment is I only received 2 types of Guinea’s, 6 Pearl and 10 Lavender. I expected at least 3 types. I guess it is what it is. Thanks, Rick B.

  30. Steve in Georgia

    I love my guineas

    These guineas are awesome! I got more than I bargained for. I received some lavenders which is my favorite color. All of the guineas were healthy and active. They’re all doing great! The customer service is awesome as well and will bend over backwards to help you. You’re not alone with your order, because they’re readily available to offer advice in the event something goes wrong. I love Cackle Hatchery

  31. Perry


    I would like to say thanks for the Guineas I ordered (10) of this kind and although 11 was sent I lost 3 which I was quickly taken care of buy the people there and received credit back on my card…they are now about half grown and beginning to be very vocal which is what I wanted because of varmints around here.They get along great with all the chickens also and stay right with them.Thanks again for the great service

  32. Misty

    Extremely pleased

    I just received my guineas today. All were well when I opened the box and seem to be doing just fine. Very active and oh so cute when they’re little! Thank you!

  33. Teresa Virginia July 2014

    Thank You!

    A special thank you to all your staff that sent the most beautiful baby chicks. Will be ordering more in the future, Thanks again!

  34. Timothy South Carolina July 2001


    Just wanted to let you all know I have ordered from CACKLE 3 different times, and all my chicks were in great health and still are. I ordered your 30 keets Special and they are now 3 weeks old and have eaten around 8lbs of turkey starter, grower and are still doing Great. and to thank everyone at CACKLE and let you all know you ALL have done a GREAT JOB THANKS CACKLE HATCHERY, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK,

  35. Barbara, Missouri


    My guinea’s I got from you are doing wonderful! Love them!

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