White African Guinea

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Hatching on June 24, 2024

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  • White African Guinea – Sold as Baby Keets Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped June thru Mid August

Minimum of 5.


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  • Weights:    Hen—-3-4 lbs
    Cock—–4-5 lbs
    Pullet—3 lb
    Cockerel—-3 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose: Egg Laying
  • Egg Color: Dark and Spotted
  • Egg Production:  Good, between 60-100
  • Egg Size: Small
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 9 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: Western Africa
  • APA: No
  • TLC: No
  • Breeder Farm Source:Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of four pure colors of Guinea Fowl since 1977.


This Guinea Hatchery supplies the following varieties of Guinea Keets for 4H and FFA for showing/breeding: White, Lavender, Pearl, and Royal Purple guineas. The guinea make a very good watch dog and will let you know if something different is going on or if an intruder is around. They are known to be good tick and bug eaters. The origin of the Guinea is the West Coast of Africa. Figures of the Guinea Fowl are found on buildings built by ancient Egyptians as far back as 2400’s B.C. In 400 B.C. the Greeks considered the meat and eggs delicacies. Guinea Fowl are very hard to sex by sight. Guinea Fowl males utter a one-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession: chit, chit, chit. Females utter a two-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat. Guinea Fowl normally hide their nests and then show up with many little keets when allowed to free range. They like to roost high in trees.

Cackle Hatchery® guinea keets must be shipped in a separate compartment from all other poultry. We do this because the small keets will peck the toes of other poultry and injure them during shipment.

Cackle Hatchery® ships your baby guinea keet orders May-Aug and it is recommended to order in March and April to secure and reserve your baby keets. We hope you enjoy our guinea fowl breeds and check out our caring for keets.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.


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31 reviews for White African Guinea

  1. elired

    white guinea

    I love my white guineas. They are beautiful and integrated well with my chickens. My prior grey ones had not.

  2. Karen

    Great birds!

    I ordered white, royal purple, and lavender guineas from Cackle Hatchery last June. All arrived in good health. The white guineas are especially hardy, bold, and brave. They are the Leaders of the Flock! But I love them all. And overall, I am tremendously impressed with the quality of Cackle’s keets. I will definitely order from Cackle again!

  3. Tlm

    I love my white guineas!!

    Great quality. All arrived alive. I also ordered white turkeys when I ordered the guineas. They are now the best of friends and go EVERYWHERE together.

  4. Sherman


    all of the white guinea birds are alive and well thank’s

  5. Adam

    White Guineas

    I truly love my white guineas! They are so interesting and fun to watch as they roam about with the other birds. I have ordered them twice from Cackle and each time they come to me in great health and condition. I have ordered a total of 10 and all of them are still alive and thriving. Great quality and very hardy! I highly recommend them to anyone!

  6. tom j

    nice birds

    I ordered 20 assorted guineas last spring-5 of the white. They’ve been free-range most of the summer and fall here in southeastern Iowa where we have plentiful coyotes, fox and coon. We’ve been holding steady at 13 birds after loosing a few early. All 5 of the whites survived. They roost in big trees by the henhouse. Smart, sharp-eyed and lots of personality. Excellent birds!

  7. Loverofguineas

    Happy Customer

    We’re very happy with our guineas. We plan on ordering more in the spring. They included quite a few extra, and we lost a few due my our own negligence, but we still have as many as we ordered.

  8. Iron bridge Ranch

    No issues

    All 5 white guineas are thriving as are the 15 chickens and 3 remaining lavender guineas

  9. Iron bridge Ranch

    No issues

    All 5 white guineas are thriving as are the 15 chickens and 3 remaining lavender guineas

  10. Richard Salzer

    Beautiful Birds

    Beautiful birds, good quality. Love these birds will be ordering more birds for spring hatching.

  11. Pete

    White African Guineas

    Well, I ordered chicks and guineas and they all arrived in good order. Unfortunately, in the first couple of weeks, I did lose a couple of chicks and one guinea.
    But the others have grown to be happy and sassy.
    As for the guineas themselves, as they’ve grown, they seem to have some magic of their sleeves, or should I say feathers, as a few of them have escaped their enclosure 2-3 times now. And I have NO IDEA how they’ve been getting out (and back in again!!!) This has been quite the mystery. But I’m hoping to let them loose on our property soon.
    The only thing that concerns me, now that I have them, is that with them being so white, they may end up being another’s dinner!! I didn’t think about it at the time I ordered, as I was so into how they looked at the time – not even thinking about what the white feathers would do as they have no cover to blend in with among the trees / bushes / brush. I guess that’s something we’ll have to wait and see on.

  12. Gussie

    Love the white guineas

    Everyone that has visited my farm love the white guineas

  13. Heather


    I’m very happy with my white guinea!!!
    They are so beautiful and are just a perfect addition to our farm!
    Thank you so much!
    Will be ordering more this spring!!

  14. Wigtwister


    I purchased 10 white with 10 black and I am very pleased with my choice. All my birds survived and are thriving on my upstate ny property. I truly enjoy watching the birds forage and enjoying life.

  15. Dale

    They are only 9 weeks old, but everything great so far!

    We are SO pleased at how well our 7 White African Guineas have remained a part of, and seemingly identify with their 14 chicken siblings purchased at the same time and raised together. They easily mingle in and out with the chickens, both outside and on the roosting poles. We were warned not to let ALL the guineas out together the first few days, but rather just a few at a time along with all the chickens so they wouldn’t just fly away as a guinea flock, n’er to be seen again as in stories we’ve heard. It worked, and they all stick together. I’m sure the chickens are jealous of their snow white cousins who can fly to the top of the barn however, yet they always come back. Beautiful, graceful, and thus far not too noisy, though of course they are still young. We also have a Pearl and a Lavender, the two surviving guineas from the chicken/guinea group we bought a month prior to these white guineas. Our mistake with the first batch was not putting apple cider vinegar in the water. The chickens were fine, but we lost seven pearls/lavenders. Word to the wise: USE THAT APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and put it in PLASTIC, not metal waterers which will rust. In summary: we are thrilled with our well-behaved teenagers and hope they grow into responsible adults. Thank you Cackle for your TLC. We plan to order probably 10 more “odd varieties” of chickens next summer to add to our “massive” 23 chicken/9 guinea flock. And by the way: eggs are the most complete protein source out there, with 16% better absorbability than meat/fish/poultry, and cholesterol turns out not to be a demon after all. Quite a nice combo package: entertainment and good nutrition!

  16. Elizabeth

    Highly Recommend

    I purchased several keets and they all arrived health in June. 5 months in and they are all doing really well. I HIGHLY recommend the quality of these birds and am very satisfied with my guineas

  17. Sheila

    A#1!! So Happy!

    I ordered White African Guinea Chicks. The Chicks arrived on time and the healthiest chicks I’ve ever received! They have grown fast and Healthy! Just Love them and will order again!

  18. Chickenluvr

    Wonderful Birds!

    Cackle Hatchery came through for us. We ordered 5 White African keets, which were promptly shipped and carefully packaged. They even included 2 extra keets. All have survived and are in good health, and are now 3 months old. Thank you, Cackle!

  19. Ingrid

    Beautiful healthy chicks

    I ordered The African White Guinea chicks , I received them all in excellent health, I have all of them still, they are all beautiful healthy birds and Thriving, Cackle Hatchery is the Best I am a returning customer, best chicks

  20. ChickenScratch

    White Guineas just being different

    Here while back we ordered several makes and models of Guineas, we decided to try some white ones, and they are still growing (by the way we had excellent results from all the Guineas – healthy upon arrival – no weaklings) — The white ones are outstanding literally crowd standouts in appearance and behavior, we will be ordering more. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Guineas in so many ways. They truly remarkable birds. Thanks CACKLE

  21. Glo

    Love them!

    After a few initial losses which should be expected due to their fragliness as babies, ten out of the fifteen ordered are thriving! Strikingly beautiful white birds! Excellent alarm system that can’t be hacked!!

  22. Kristen

    Very healthy

    The Guineas are very healthy, and I am very pleased with my purchase

  23. Farmboy

    Great Birds

    They r doing very well n growing very fast. Only lost one them. Great looking birds. Thanks.

  24. Gary


    My wife and I just love these birds we watch them chase each other all over our property and now they started flying over the pond such a pretty site 9 all white guineas flying, thanks for safe shipping and experence maybe order more one day.

  25. Hippychick

    White guineas

    Make good watch birds to alert to anything out of the normal.

  26. Farmer Fred

    Healthy flock of White African Guinea

    We purchased 15. Now at 10 weeks old they are healthy and knit together as a flock. Like teenagers they grew like crazy a few weeks ago and have now settled in. I just let them out of their coop at 10 weeks which was 3 days ago. They explore and eat as a flock and are everything that we had hoped they would be. Now that they are able to be out finding some of their own food they are eating very little of the Game Bird 24% protein or other feed. This is an excellent healthy bird.


    White Guineas

    The white guineas have matured are are doing well. The do not seem to be as prolific fliers as their grey counterparts, but certainly make up for that with their vocal abilities. They seem to have acclimated well in East Tx

  28. Evan C.

    Great birds

    These birds were healthy and happy upon arrival. We had them penned until 3 months of age and introduced half the flock outside the pens. By the time we could allow the whole flock out we unfortunately had drawn the attention of a local coyote who slowly picked each bird off no matter the time of day. I’ll be trying again next year and hopefully have better luck.

  29. Chknlvr25

    Super good

    I love chickens and all fake flying birds (I love a good scam). If you can trick me into thinking you’re a bird that’s all I need. My birds arrived healthy and I’m very pleased.

  30. Martha

    Healthy Arrival

    I cried when I found all of the baby guineas dead last week. This morning
    the replacement shipment arrived and they are all healthy and happy. Thank
    you so much for you kindness and rapid response in shipping the
    replacements. I’m delighted. I’ve ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery for
    over 40 years and this is the first time that I have ever gotten a DOA
    shipment. Since I am now 80 years old, I probably won’t be here to do a lot
    of business with you in the future, but I definitely will be your faithful
    customer until the end. I recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone who visits
    our farm.

  31. AJ, North Carolina April 2012

    Cackle Hatchery

    First off, I’ve been exceeding happy with my chicks, poults and ducklings i received on April 11 from Cackle Hatchery. All were alive when I received them. I’m also extremely pleased with the after delivery service I received. After receiving my shipment, I read on your instructions you shouldn’t raise day old/week old ducklings with chicks or poults. When I called I was greeted by a polite and pleasant lady who informed me why you don’t raise ducklings with other poultry. And more importantly I want to thank you for hatching healthy chicks, duckling and poults. Also the great before and after service you provide.

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