Horizon Mirco-Environments Grown Fowl Shipping Boxes-5 Pack

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$95.99 for a quantity of 5 (five) Horizon Mirco-Environments grown fowl shipping boxes includes Free USPS Shipping.

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Cackle Hatchery® is proud to offer Horizon Micro-Environments grown fowl shipping boxes! These 100% recycled products are 18”x 8” x 18” tall, single compartment, and come with everything you need to ship your grown fowl anywhere in the United States. These USPS approved containers have a 10 lb. capacity, enough for one large full-grown chicken. Cackle Hatchery® ships these to you in a bundle of 5 by the USPS (free shipping!), and they come with simple instructions on how to prepare the boxes for shipping.

2 reviews for Horizon Mirco-Environments Grown Fowl Shipping Boxes-5 Pack

  1. swatson86

    Just a note on the previous review: if you add shipping on the Pinion Farms website (Cackle is free shipping), these are virtually the same price. Really not a scam

  2. Saving you from scam

    Don’t buy it

    If you go to pinnnon hatch farms website you can buy it for 10$ to 20$ And chick boxes for 10$

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