Crate / Coop Yellow Transport Crate/Coop


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Item #CC05


This crate/coop comes in yellow color and has a top door with latch. This transport crate/coop is shipped completely assembled and ready to use. Made of high density polyethylene plastic and easy to clean. This transport crate/coop should last for 25 years. Crate/Coop dimensions 34” x 23”, coop weight 16 lbs. with approximate capacity of 14 grown chickens. Everyone needs one of these coops around when you have chickens for backyards, pet chickens or you are raising chickens or poultry.


1 review for Crate / Coop Yellow Transport Crate/Coop

  1. fred

    good moving coop

    I put 6 layers of newspaper down on the bottom and straw over that. Keeps the manure in, dry and smell down. These also are made to lock in place when stacking them so they don’t slide off each other.

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