Peck and Play


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Top Loading Zipper Panels; Quick transfer of chickens in and out; Light weight design weighs less than five pounds; Anyone can move it.

Open Bottom Allows Chickens to get a solid diet of bugs, grass and other natural ingredients; Expandable Design; Affordable & Convenient; Strong, Safe Enclosure; Portable Design; Reduces Your Feed Cost ; Keep newly hatched chicks contained, expand it as they grow!; You don’t have to waste a lot of time or money building it!; Prevents aerial Predators such as hawks; Prevents your yard from loosing grass and offers chickens a wonderful opportunity to your fertilize your lawn;  Folds to 15” by 15” into branded carrying case; Complements Your Existing Coop; Flexible, Strong allows for quick and easy foldup; Take your chicken anywhere you go!; Give the chickens a change of scenery each day or keep them contained while cleaning their regular coop;   Take it down as many times as you wish to.

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