50 Size Shipping Box 50 Pack


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Shipping chicks, goslings, turkey poults and other poultry and gamebirds across the country requires sturdy, properly constructed shipping materials. When new birds have hatched at your farm, use a design that is proven to work—we have used these boxes for over 80 years to ship all types of birds. The 50-count box includes two evenly spaced compartments for up to 50 baby chicks, 32 turkey poults, 32 ducklings or 16 goslings, and your order includes 50 boxes. Use these boxes to transport chicks anywhere or ship them through Priority Mail with USPS.

The 50 count box is a double compartment unit, suitable for up to 50 baby chicks, 32 turkey poults, 32 ducks, or 16 geese.  Measures 18” x 12” x 8”

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