Infrared Uniform Hanging Heater


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11″ x 30″ – A safe, non breakable, energy efficient, long lasting (three year warranty), sealed/washable and reliable specific area heater. Excellent for a brooder heater for chicks 2 weeks and older, just hang and plug in. Rated at 100 watts of power.

NOTE: Orders for brooder supplies do not ship with your chicks and they need to be ordered ahead of time so you have them all set up when your chicks arrive.

Cackle recommends to use brooder lamps with light bulb or infrared bulb ( up to 150 watts) for the first 2 weeks, allowing light and heat 24/7.

After 2 weeks go to this heater only and no light at night. See FAQ for details.

This item MAY be drop shipped from the manufacturer, and MAY take up to 21 days to reach the customer (depending upon seasonal demand for the product), the product WILL ship via FedEx, and that they WILL require an adult signature upon delivery.

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2 reviews for Infrared Uniform Hanging Heater

  1. Aurora

    Sweeter Heater

    This looks like the Sweeter Heater, which can be raised and lowered to give infared heat to baby birds but also with kennels, reptiles, chicken coops, other birds, etc. It gives off about 185 degrees of heat so also able to be used out in the chicken barn too for the older Chickens. It has a 3 year warranty, and is sealed, can be washed and sanitized. People say the chicks are less stressed versus heat lamps, as being under the Sweet Heater it is like being under a hen. And it is supposed to be safer the heat lamps and use less electricty too.

  2. Sonja

    Cleans easy

    It cleans up fairly easy. chicks want to fly up on it and and of course they poop.

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