Light Brahma Started Pullet

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Light Brahma Started Pullet – 15 to 22 weeks old female

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Started Pullets are 30.00 ea.  Shipping charges are non refundable.

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Light Brahma Started Pullets are 30.00 each for a 15 to 22 week old female.

Shipping Charges: 1 bird-$202.00  2 birds-$232.00  3 birds-$261.00  4 birds-$380.00
These pullets have been vaccinated for Marek’s disease with no additional charge. 
 Originated in Asia and brought to this country in mid-1800’s, the Light Brahma chickens are exceptionally quiet, gentle, and easy to handle. Their small pea comb, great size, and heavy plumage make them almost immune to cold weather. They have feathered legs, good layers of brown eggs and excellent brood mothers, and very children friendly for pets. The Light Brahma chickens have mostly white coloring but have black tail feathers and neck feathers with black in them. The Brahmas stand out in a flock due to their large size. The rooster can weigh up to 12 pounds and the hen close to 10. They are good for meat because of their size. Cackle Hatchery® offers our production type Light Brahma and not the exhibition type.
Brahmas apart to most climates. With their heavy body and thick feathering, they are very cold tolerant. In the summer, if they have shade and water, they get along fine. The feathered legs and feet can collect mud in the rainy weather, and snow in the winter. Keep an eye on their feet and clean them if needed. Click here to view our guarantee on Started Pullets
Not available for residents of Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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  1. Jess (verified owner)

    Healthy birds

    We ordered two started started Light Brahmas, and one started laying right away! They are both very healthy, active, and gentle birds. They are a great addition to our farm!

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