Light Brahma Chicken

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Hatching on July 15, 2024

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  • Light Brahma – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship
Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Asiatic Class
  • Weights: Hen—–9 1/2 lbs
    Rooster——12 lbs
    Pullet—-8 lbs
    Cockerel—–10 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Primary production, Egg Laying, Broody Mothers & Pet/Secondary meat source
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Egg Production: 180-240 eggs per year (estimates only, see FAQ)
  • Egg Size: Medium-Large
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Gender Accuracy: 85-90%
  • Fertility Percentage: 65-80%
  • Broody: Setter
  • Mating Ratio: 8 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin: Asia
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1874.
  • TLC: Yes, Recovering Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline/strain of pure Light Brahma since 1979.


Originated in Asia and brought to this country in mid-1800’s, the Light Brahma chickens are exceptionally quiet, gentle, and easy to handle. Their small pea comb, great size, and heavy plumage make them almost immune to cold weather. They have feathered legs, good layers of brown eggs and excellent brood mothers, and very children friendly for pets. The Light Brahma chickens have mostly white coloring but have black tail feathers and neck feathers with black in them. The Brahmas stand out in a flock due to their large size. The rooster can weigh up to 12 pounds and the hen close to 10. They are good for meat because of their size. Cackle Hatchery® offers our production type Light Brahma and not the exhibition type.

Brahmas adapt to most climates. With their heavy body and thick feathering, they are very cold tolerant. In the summer, if they have shade and water, they get along fine. The feathered legs and feet can collect mud in the rainy weather, and snow in the winter. Keep an eye on their feet and clean them if needed.

See all brahma chicken color options we have for sale. We also have Light Brahma Started Pullets available to order as well as hatching eggs.


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49 reviews for Light Brahma Chicken

  1. sharonkwhitten

    I received my chicks this morning. They were all alive and spunky except for one little hen. I am so excited and happy to have them! I have been planning and learning how to care for them, and I can’t wait to watch them grow thanks to You Tube for teaching me all that I have learned about their care I have decided to start my own You Tube channel very soon stay tuned this 65 year old lady has dreams and plans to see them come true thanks you Cackle Hatchery for being part of my dream

    Love from Maw-maw Granny

  2. janet hunnicutt

    It’s been a year now with my light and buff Brahma chickens. Love this breed. The rooster is huge and the boss rooster, two faverolle roosters were the boss till he (Light Brahma) grew bigger, all of them get along well!
    hens get along well in a mixed flock. Roosters seem to keep to their own breed all brahmas.

    Hens began to lay at 20 to 22 weeks average is 5 eggs a week medium large terracotta eggs.

    Very friendly never bossy and very healthy and great foragers. Only thing I can say I will always have these chickens in my flock. 47 chicken flock.

  3. janet hunnicutt

    Received my light Brahma chicks today. Only two days in transit they arrived chirping and bouncing around the box. Good weight and clear eyed, I received two extra chicks too. love my Buff Brahma from 3 months ago that I had to buy more this time the light Brahma. Gorgeous healthy and in my opinion exhibition quality.
    Been buying from Cackle for 4 years now and have never regretted a single order. Your going to lose one here and there, but they always send extras to cover that possible loss. Get the marks vaccine….protect your chicks. All chicks have grown up to great representatives of their type. Great birds to handle and just very gentle.

    I have recommended this Hatchery to everyone I meet at the shows and with other 4H groups around me. Keep doing what your doing….because your doing it right!

  4. MsPony

    An addendum to my previous rating:

    These chicks grow FAST, are big, friendly, and pretty darned smart, too. They know their way around the barnyard, even the little week-old chicks keep track of their surroundings and their “mama” hen.

    I am so looking forward to watching them develop, and have high hopes that Light Brahmas will be the top breed here on our homestead.

  5. Ivy Lenarz

    Like the chick says, “I’m from Missouri, and I’m healthy!”

    We have always been pleased with the chicks we get from Cackle, whether we pick them up from the store or get them in the mail.

    The Light Brahmas we got are absolutely great. I bought some on impulse (6 hens, 2 roos, plus the “bonus” hen they gave me) when we visited the store back in February, forgetting in my chick frenzy that I already had some on order for May pick up.

    No problem! I am so pleased with the chicks we got back in February, I was thrilled to pick up the second batch (again, 6 +1 hens, 2 roos) last week. I put the latest batch under a broody banty (a lovely gold-laced cochin from Cackle), and she has taken them as her own. All are doing so very well, and I could not be happier.

    I can’t say enough good things about Cackle. I’ve been ordering from them for many years and, God willing, I’ll continue to buy from them for many more.

  6. Ptreed

    Sexing NOT Accurate at all!

    I ordered 1 rooster & 6 hens. With the extra bird included, I received 5 roosters & 3 hens. I bought these for egg laying so I expected the hens I ordered.

  7. Carrie M

    Great Service!

    Great customer service. Easy transaction. I love my Brahma’s they are great. I would highly recommend Cackle Hatchery. This is the only Hatchery I will use.

  8. Lisette

    Amazing beautiful friendly birds !

    I couldn’t be happier with our light Brahmas ! They are beautiful, friendly, and such a joy to have. Thank-you so much !

  9. Dylan

    Very Healthy!

    All of mine arrived healthy, and are now 21 weeks and doing amazing!

  10. Martha

    Thanks Again

    It arrived this morn with 100% live, beautiful chicks. The Brahmas are excellent and what a delightful assortment in my surprise box! I will have great fun figuring out their breeds, although I recognized most of them. I order from you frequently and just wanted to compliment you on the quality of the chicks and the pleasant people who take phone orders. I’ve done business with Cackle Hatchery for more than 40 years and I will never order from any other hatchery. Thanks again for such quality chicks and for a job well done.

  11. E

    Big Girls!

    Mine are about three months old and are already quite big. They have beautiful faces and cute fuzzy feet with a personality that reminds me of a caring older sister if you like any of those qualities I recommend this breed.

  12. tay

    amazing chickens very healthy!

    I got these because ( as i do every year) i wanted to save just a few “meat birds” from a life of being “meat birds” and give them a forever-home here at our free-range sanctuary. i picked these this year, instead of something like a cornish-x, because they have much fewer genetic-related health problems, but are just as friendly as the cornish-x. they’re faster, too, which makes for a quicker getaway from predators.

    BREED: i fell in love with the brahma years ago, and ever since felt like something was missing if i didn’t have at least a few running around in my flock. I am a huge fan of their gentle giant motto. they’re actually not bad layers if you don’t need ‘an egg a day’

    CACKLE: they have consecutively been my first pick for years now, because of how healthy the chicks always are when they come here. they always send me exactly what i order ,too. which is nice- no scams…just an honest company. what a novel idea!

  13. Stormie

    My First Cackle Order!

    I ordered 4 Light Brahma, 3 Salmon Faverolle’s and 3 Naked Necks. They sent me 3 extra, one of each breed! So 13 in total! All 13 arrived alive, well and healthy! Its now almost 2 weeks since they’ve arrived and ALL 13 are still alive, doing great and growing super fast!

  14. cppeace

    Such a sweet breed

    I went in on an in-store sale day and got a few different breeds. All were sexed correctly. The Brahmas are pretty and the one male I ordered grew very large and never any aggression towards his hens or humans. He wasn’t a cuddly bird but never any aggression. The hens don’t run and huddle around my feet when I feed. They and the white rock hen I still have are the calmest and easy going. Had some losses so will be getting more chicks this year. The only oddity was the rooster didn’t start crowing until about 7 months old and then hens didn’t start laying until just after 6 months old. The White Rock and Delaware I had started before the Brahmas. No biggie just noting it.

  15. Amy’sChicks

    Love my chickens

    Ordered 5 Light Brahmas (1 roo & 4 hens) and 10 Buff Orpingtons (5 hens & 5 roos). They added 3 Buff’s, 2 hens and a roo. I received them May 5th and they are all super healthy and most are friendly. Some of my Buffs are starting to lay eggs. The Brahmas with the slower grown are just getting larger and larger. My roo is huge and I’m excited to see what he tops out at. He’s already more than 2 feet tall and his feet are as big as my hands. He has a sweet personality though the Buff Orpington roos beat him up a bit before they were separated. Now he is the king of the roost. I will definitely order from Cackle Hatchery again in the future and highly recommend them! Thank you!

  16. Bareacres

    Outstanding chicks

    Ordered 16 Domanique and 16 light brhama chicks. All were very healthy with little trouble. Interestingly at about 4 weeks the brhama were twice the mass of the domanique. And the brhama are super super mellow and not prone to the zoomies. The domanique on the other hand are very noisy and trample each other when feeding or changing water. No matter how slow you go. Even had to separate 2 domanique runts that hurt their legs in the daily trample. They recovered fine. Overall the brhama are amazing. We have decided to change our flock over the them exclusively. Domanique were my grandmothers favorite, but the brhama is a better bird across the board. Crazy fast development that helps them survive. I would also very much recommend them for anyone with kids of FFA projects.

  17. Bill

    very pleased

    chicks arrived yesterday, ALL are doing fantastic. Excellent service thank you very much!!!

  18. Chris North Carolina

    Cackle Delivers Again!!!

    We ordered 12, received 14, Three days later my girls are already trying to jump out of the brooder!!! Talk about healthy!!! No one beats Cackle!! All are in fantastic condition and what a great flock to add to our others. Did the no, no chicken mathed my flock all either from Cackle or bred with Cackle Roos and Hens now at 60!!! All healthy 2 years later!!! Results speak for themselves!!

  19. Jr


    We drove 4 hrs last fall to get our light & dark brahma’s , so happy with both, very lovable, grandchildren love giving them cookies & French fries ! These birds are spoiled !

  20. Dawn

    Love our babies

    I ordered 5 babies for my grandson for PETS….. HE adores his chicks….. They are now 3 weeks old …. We have them in a box in the house until they get all their feathers…. Ryan 5 …has to touch and hold his chickens daily before and after school…..we will definitely be ordering more chicks from you all. Thanks for helping me out a smile on his Lil face.

  21. Carmen

    Awsome cuatomer service

    I’ve just ordered my light brahmas the 8 of August, they hatched the h and recieved my call from customer service. By the 12 of August I received my baby brahmas here in Puerto Rico all well and alive. They look healthy and very responsive. I will definitively buy again and recommend to anybody who desire to buy from you.

  22. Myelmostro

    Thanks and congrats Cackle Hachery

    Hi. I ordered 5 light Brahma 3 females 2 males. They were shipped on 5/31 2017 and arrived 6/2 2017. At first they arrived really exhausted, dehydrated and sleepy because of the long and harsh trip they had. I live in Puerto Rico and the trip was really long. They arrived at 6Am at the post office. At first I thought they were not gonna make it. But after leaving them alone and in peace so they could drini, eat and rest, they didn’t look the same the next day. They looked really energetic, healthy and alive. After almost a month later, all survived, are healthy,big and growing fine. Even the extra survived. The extra is a female. Now is 4 little hens and two little roosters. I’m making them celebrities. You can see how they are doing in my YouTube channel: Myelmostro.They are really happy, healthy and huge. Thanks Cackle, you are the best hatchery because all of them survived against a low odd of surviving. Your chickens are really healthy, I admire that. I recomend anyone from Puerto Rico that can order from this hatchery, your chicks will survive and you won’t regret it. Thanks again CH!

  23. P3 & Aang

    Smart chicks

    My son ordered 3 females and one male, light brahma. He was notified that they would be shipped 6/5. They arrived 6/7, healthy and happy! I dipped each beak and they immediately started drinking the very warm water and even scratching the ground. I blended the feed to a coarse powder and sprinkled on the paper towels. They argued over the larger pieces. One chick started pacing in front of the cage. I opened the brooder and she came to me. She comes when I call her and they all have learned to eat from a raised feeder and hanging nipple waterer. They are 5 days old. Thank you so much, MM

  24. Keith


    Thank you folks for delivering our Brahmas safe and healthy! Excellent service! We will be purchasing all of our chicks from Cackle Hatchery!!!

  25. Jennifer W.

    Great experiance

    I live in MO about 2 hours from cackle hatchery I was able to order my chicks and pick them up about a month later on the hatch date that was the first of the ones I selected. All of the chicks are doing well and we haven’t had any problems. I had ordered Light Brahmas in the past from cackle and have always been quite pleased with the birds.

  26. WHC

    Great healthy chicks!

    This was an amazing experience of buying my first chicks ever. The chicks arrived the day after being shipped. All survived and were eating and drinking within minutes of being put in their enclosure. I can’t wait to see them grow up

  27. Very pleased

    Impressed with feedback

    Well after reading all this great feedback I am for sure going to order some chicks .

  28. ebjay

    Cackle hatchery – The Best

    Before 4 months i ordered 26 light bramha chicks with vaccination. Delivery was perfect with one extra and this is my first flock. I am very happy i ordered through Cackle. I got a healthy flock now ready to lay eggs. Thank u very much Cackle. I will highly recommend and staffs are excellent.

  29. softballgrammy

    Very happy with our chicks. Thanks!

    A co-worker and I purchased chicks together because I only wanted 6 and she wanted more. We ordered a total of 15 chicks of various breeds. We received 17 instead of 15. All would have survived except for the three my co-worker lost to her cat a couple days after they arrived. We have both been so pleased with our chicks. They are now 9 weeks old and I derive great joy from having them in my backyard. My Light Brahma is a favorite in my neighborhood with all the children. One of my granddaughters has decided that Bella is hers. She goes into the yard, picks her up and walks all over or just sits down somewhere with her in her lap. I had initially only wanted the Plymouth Barred Rocks but now am the proud owner of 5 different breeds and loving everyone of them.

  30. Mrs. M

    Cluck cluck

    I ordered 5 of these and received 6. All were alive upon arrival. I live a few hours away so I had them in less than 24 hours. All have survived 3 weeks out and are doing great!

  31. Joseph

    April order

    I live in South Texas and after researching several hatcheries, I decided to order 15 Light Brahmas from Cackle Hatchery. I was sent an email stating that my chicks would be shipped on 4/20/2016. I was informed that I should expect the chicks to arrive two or three days after the shipping date. On 04/22/2016, my chicks arrived at the local post office. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with 17 healthy happy chicks. I have followed the care instructions for the chicks exactly and it is now 5/3/2016, and I have not lost a single one. I highly recommend Cackle Hatchery and will definitely order from them in the future.

  32. Bree

    Happy Customer!

    We ordered the City/Town 5 Pullets small order at the beginning of the month. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the chicks could be shipped to us in Indiana! We received our five chicks today and they are all well and lively. Just as we were very happy to get them home and warm, they were very happy to get out of the box and into the brooder! I am so happy to have found your site and been able to make a small order of females, as this is our first flock. I will highly recommend y’all to others! Thanks again!

  33. Kathleen

    Very Happy with purchase

    I ordered 3 of these Brahmas, They arrived in very good condition, looked very happy and healthy. Very happy with my first time order and would purchase from Cackle hatchery again. Thank you!

  34. Hannah


    Great job! Received this morning. All the chicks are doing great! Kids say they are super cute. Would recommend to anyond and will order again.

  35. Benjamin

    Very Happy Customer

    I purchased some Light Brahmas from Cackle last year and they are doing terrific. I have been very pleased with the quality of service and the quality of the stock that Cackle offers. I will continue to recommend and purchase from Cackle in the future.

  36. oldline1

    Odd story!

    I ordered 5 female chicks along with an order for 25 White Rocks. The Light Brahmas were ordered for their broody qualities so we could have the grandkids experience seeing the process. As it turned out one died a few weeks after arrival and then another. The other 3 were doing fine and growing. As it turned out one was a rooster! Great! Well, they grow much slower than the other heavy breeds so by 6 months the rooster still wasn’t crowing or acting like a rooster but all 3 continued to grow…..and grow…..and GROW. These are BIG chickens! Well, we free range and some varmint got one more hen and then a couple weeks later the other was something’s dinner. Well, the rooster just kept growing and turned in to the most gorgeous and friendly rooster I’ve ever seen. He’s now responsible for about 18 mixed breed chickens. All of them seem to have his feathered legs, rose comb and huge body size as well as his friendly and tame nature. My “mistake” turned out to be a great thing. I thank Cackle for always providing healthy chicks and for the help they always give freely. Great company!

  37. Toby New York June 2009

    Arrival of Chicks

    Our baby chicks arrived June 5th early morning. They are all healthy and eating and drinking. They have healthy appetites. Thank you.

  38. Mary January 2016

    Thank You

    Still enjoying some of the Light Brahmas I got from you early in 2014, they made a special edition of Grit Magazine in the series of backyard chickens they publish each year….great chickens!

  39. Alberto South Carolina June 2009

    Our recent order

    Last week, my husband and I made a minimum order of some Buff Orpington and some Light Brahmas and they arrived within a couple of days. I just wanted to write and tell you: Thank you so much! All of the chicks arrived in great conditon and they’re healthy and already growing. My husband tells me “Look at how happy they are”! and he’s right. You guys do great work with your birds. Thank you so much for working with us on our numbers and for how you raise your birds. Have a wonderful day.

  40. Aaron Florida June 2009

    To all the folks at Cackle Hatchery

    Wow Im extremely impressed. I ordered my chicks on Sunday, they shipped the next morning and arrived at the post office on Wednesday. My split order of 5 Brahmas 5 Austrolorps and 5 Barred Rock all arrived healthy along with an extra barred rock and continue to be healthy 4 days later. I’ll recommend Cackle to everyone. Better service than I could have imagined.

  41. Stacey, Indiana March 2012

    Chicks Shipped

    I am a new chicken owner and this is my first time having chicks/chickens EVER. I just wanted to let you know that all 16 babies you shipped arrived just fine and all of them are thriving. I know that you ship thousands of birds each month and I’m sure they don’t mean the same to a large hatchery but the 16 you shipped me are so special to my family. They will be pets split up to three different homes when they are a little larger, so please thank each person involved with this transaction for selecting these babies for us. I guess I’d like each of them to know that they were responsible for selecting 5 Black Australorps, 5 Light Brahma and 6 Buff Orpington pullets for loving homes and lives that won’t end in the slaughter house. The chicks have already doubled in size and I couldn’t ask for better entertainment than in watching them.

  42. Nina, Missouri July 2013

    Where do I start?

    I picked up an order of chickens on April 23 of this year. You had some Blue Slate turkeys available when I got there so I thought OK I will try 6. What were the chances of getting 3 pairs, 3 toms and 3 hens? They are growing in leaps and bounds and everyone who sees them ask me where I got them. I am so PROUD to say Cackle Hatchery. Next year I will be ordering the Royal Palms turkeys also. Your staff is so knowledgeable. They looked over my order and noticed one of my chicks wasn’t a Light Brahma or a Wyandotte…they all looked the same to me so they added another chick to the order. I said it didn’t matter what kind just surprise me. Well they were right, one of the chicks is different and the added chick turned out to be a Dark Brahma so either way I was happy. I have already been going over the catalog planning next springs order. I am thinking “BROILERS”…yummy! Thank you for the high quality birds and even higher quality staff.

  43. Sigfrido Puerto Rico May 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    As you can see I live in Puerto Rico. My chicks were sent Wednesday and arrived today Friday. All of them alive and in perfect condition. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and will definitely will do business again.

  44. Karen Missouri June 2010


    We received our chicks at 5:45 this morning via our request at the post office. All but one was in great shape. The rest are doing so well. Thank you for making our first time at ordering chicks through the mail a wonderful experience.

  45. Kim Washington May 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    Thank You! The chicks arrived early this morning. On little turkey did not make it;however, you sent an extra so we received the exact number of (living) birds we ordered. They are all doing very well! As always, we are very happy with out ordering experience with Cackle Hatchery! Thank you!

  46. Wendy Washington April 2014

    Received Chicks

    Wanted you to know we got the chicks this morning! ALL alive and healthy. Very pleased with both your company and the Post Office. I kinda of had many doubts about the Post Office but they were very prompt about letting us know the chicks were there. Thank You

  47. Alonzo California Sept2014


    Thank you so much! Cackle hatchery is the best! I will definitely be recommending to my friends.

  48. Joyce North Dakota May 2011

    Thank You

    My order arrived yesterday morning, exactly when predicted. Thank you for the phone call as this time my postmaster did not call, but because of your call I knew to call and arrange to come pick up my chicksn right away in the morning. I am thrilled with the condition of my chicks. I was a little worried as you are so far away but you came highly recommended from our favorite helper at the local TSC. Every chick arrived healthy and lively. Now, 24 hours later they are still all lively, eating and drinking.

  49. Ed, California May 2011


    Just wanted to let you know the chicks arrived safely this morning and all had eaten and had a drink within the first 15 minutes out of the box. They have been in the brooder for several hours now and are doing great! Thanks you for the great chicks, including the extras.

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