Waterfowl Special

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  • The waterfowl special – Sold as Baby Duckling and Goslings Only – No Sexing Available

Includes 4 goslings and 6 ducklings

Seasonal/Shipped Early March thru June

Suspending taking orders for this special for the 2024 hatching season.


This is a waterfowl special that consists of 4 goslings and 6 ducklings. This special is sold as a hatchery choice and the birds are not sexed. We sell this special March through Early July.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”

We do not ship our Waterfowl Special to Hawaii.

5 reviews for Waterfowl Special

  1. Max

    Waterfowl special

    Why is the water fowl not available when it says shipped early March and it’s April?

  2. Lehi Farm

    Our Chihuahua approves!!

    Went to the post office to pick up my box of birdies. Got 6 Rouen and 4 Chinese goslings, all alive healthy looking..And loud. Took them home in their brooder where they started eating and drinking right away. Our Chihuahua immediately jumped into the brooder to sniff and lick them….. because they are babies and need to be loved on.

  3. a. Barton

    good deal..

    I ended up with 5 out of mine living to feather out good. But lost several during shipping . But was not Cackles fault.. post office ,set the chicks right in front of ac.blowing on them and with only 10 they got way to cold. But I am pleased with ones made it. I got a blue Swedish and A Pekin ducks , two Embden geese and one Toulouse.. The geese are so pretty, addictions I do not have and ,my other goose seems to do okay, she eats right next to them. so think she will like them in her lot..

  4. BirdCrazy

    Great surprise!

    We we’re happy to get our birds happy and healthy! I was very happy with the selection you provided me with. 3 Toulouse 1 Embden goslings and 6 Ancona ducklings! Very lovely!

  5. Julia Missouri July 2012

    Smith Family

    Liked you chicken YouTube videos

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