Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver Bantam

  • Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver Bantam – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available

Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August.


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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Rose Comb Clean Legged Bantams
  • Weights: Hen ——-22 oz         Rooster—-26 oz
    Pullet——20 oz        Cockerel—-22 oz
  • Purpose: Dual Purpose: Egg Laying and Meat Production
  • Egg Color: Cream or Tinted
  • Egg Production: Poor
  • Mating Ratio: 6 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: England
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1949
  • TLC: No
  • BREEDER FARM SOURCE: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline or strain of pure Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver since 1981.


The Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver bantam chicken is one of the true bantams, which means there is no standard size of the breed. There are 15 recognized color varieties of the breed, but Cackle Hatchery® only has the most popular color, the Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver Bantam Chicken. They are a very active breed and do well at shows. The males can be very aggressive toward other birds. The Antwerp Belgian were recognized by the American Poultry Standard of Perfection in 1949. The National Antwerp Belgian Society was organized September 1, 1961 in Durham, North Carolina. In 1965 the word National was dropped from the name. Thereafter the words “society”  and “Antwerp” were removed. Although the breed is still known in Germany and England as Antwerp Belgians, we in America call them d’Anvers. The name “anver” is a section in Belgian which claims the origin of the this chicken bantam breed. Around 1970 the newly named Belgian d’Anver Club of America started districts throughout the United States. Bred for many years in Continental Europe and England and now a very popular show chicken and pet chicken in the USA.


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5 reviews for Quail Belgian Bearded d’Anver Bantam

  1. Mayo farms


    These guys are shipped all alive when they arrived great hatchery to buy from ! Lively little things. Only lost 1-2 . Nice staff to speak with.

  2. Helena Jewel


    The hen is such a ‘plucky’ little girl, a serious role model for all females !! I’ve seen my little girl run circles around roosters much larger than she. She is simply an awesome, independent girl and begs no one’s pardon as she runs her own ‘show’. I collected her eggs knowing she was broody. She flat out got tired of this, made a nest in the weeds and hide. I could not find her and was mourning her loss. Well, she just emerged yesterday with 6 biddies of her own !!! I was so happy to see her and then her tiny little babies.

  3. Mark, California February 2010


    You hear a lot of complaints all the time. (I have read your message to the customers). What I want to tell you TODAY, however is THAT I THINK YOU DO A GREAT JOB, AND I AM 100% SATISFIED A++++WITH YOUR SERVICE, THE QUALITY OF THE BIRDS SENT, YOUR CATALOG, THE INTERNET AND ALL OF CACKLE HATCHERY–I LOVE IT. I have been ordering almost yearly from Cackle for about 10 years now I believe and I am never disappointed. There is nothing but good that comes from Cackle!

  4. Peter Texas May 2010

    Bantams arrived this AM

    Thank you for the extra-mile effort to call and ask about sending my order early. it was a big help to us. I received the call Wed afternoon and they arrived this morning. Friday, in great shape, all alive and very active. I have ordered from other hatcheries for years and always been treated well, but Cackle’s selection, quality, personnel and process have been the best. Always friendly, always met their commitments, replaced the lost chicks without question. The chicks from the first order are feathered out and totally healthy. These were the first banties we ever ordered and we were a little nervous. Our grands are going to have fun showing them, owning them. Us too.

  5. Jo Ann New York April 2014

    Customer Satisfaction

    Recently, I received an order of chicks that I had called in. They arrived the next day! It was so good to see that all strong and healthy. They will be a week old tomorrow. All is going well. I live so far North in New York state that when shipments take 3 or 4 days the birds do not do well. I hope that this speed can be used again when I order. Thank you for healthy birds and getting them here by next day.

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