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  • Rainbow Assorted Females Baby Chicks – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
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Here’s your chance to start a rainbow flock of laying hens with this assortment of female chicks in a rainbow of feather colors. They will mature into hens that lay eggs in a rainbow of shell colors, delighting you with baskets of colorful eggs. Since different breeds lay eggs at different rates, this rainbow assortment spreads laying over a wider period of time. And since different breeds have different personalities, as well as different plumage colors, the rainbow assortment lets you enjoy the unique characteristics of several different breeds.

This assortment of female chicks is guaranteed to include Hatchery Choice of at least three different standard size breeds, which may include rare breeds and Leghorns. We will include as many different breeds — with the widest possible variety of feather colors and egg shell colors and shades — as we have available at the time your chicks are shipped. So if you can’t decide which breed you like best, why choose just one, when you can enjoy a uniquely attractive flock of rainbow assortment chicks.

Does not include any bantams.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”


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58 reviews for Rainbow Assorted Females

  1. cattlelvr04.16 (verified owner)

    These were the healthiest chicks I’ve ever ordered! And they sent a large variety of breeds! Thank you Cackle Hatchery for finally making me believe in ordering chicks online!! 100/10 recommend this hatchery!!

  2. Amy Taylor (verified owner)

    I wanted to edit the review I posted on 3/15/23 but wasn’t able to, so I’m writing a second review as an update. The rainbow assortment we ordered ended up containing 2 barred rocks, 3 black sexlinks, 2 buff Orpingtons, 1 speckled Sussex, 1 Delaware, 1 lavender Orpington, and the remaining 8 are Americanas of various colors. One of the Americanas has cross beak, and another seems to be a rooster. The rooster has not yet begun to crow but I’m sad to say that once he does I’ll have to rehome him because there’s an ordinance prohibiting them in our town. So far the cross beaked hen is doing well but we don’t necessarily expect that she’s going to be a productive layer. I paid for 15 birds and got 18, so even with the rooster and the cross beak I still have 16 healthy hens that I expect will start laying in the next couple of weeks so I’m still pleased with the order and the assortment I got. Will order again.

  3. aspen.mendola (verified owner)

    Ordered 15 that hatched on 4/5. I got 18. All arrived very healthy. Super amazing mix that really lives up to their name of being a “rainbow”.
    What came in my order: 9 Easter Eggers, as well as a Cuckoo Marans, New Hampshire, Barred Rock, White Rock, Dominique, Buff Orpington, Black Austra, Austra White, and Brown Leghorn.
    Will definitely be ordering from Cackle again in the future.

  4. Rachel Oppelt (verified owner)

    Recieved my chicks 2 days after shipped. Ordered 15 received 17. 3 were weak and even though tried to feed them the hard boiled egg youlk and warm water the 3 passed away. The rest are fine except I’m pretty sure i have a bantam chick as well. She’s a lot smaller than the rest. They are pretty girls! Very sweet. After a month they are all feathered out and flying so they graduated from brooder to their own big girl run and house. The little bantam one is almost feathered out completely.
    I am thankful that I was able to get chicks from Cackle Hatchery.

  5. Amy Taylor (verified owner)

    We ordered 15 rainbow girls for 3/15/23 delivery. They shipped on 3/13/23 and although initially the tracking number said they’d be delivered on 3/16/23 they arrived in the early morning of 3/15/23, along with the 7 ducklings we had ordered. There are about 18 of them so we appreciate the bonus babies. All arrived looking lively and vigorous, and are busy zooming around their brooding pen, drinking and eating now. There is a wide variety of colors (light gray, charcoal gray, butterscotch, yellow, and brown, some with markings and some without, etc.) and I know that 2 of them are Easter eggers, but the fun will come from figuring out what else is in the assortment.

  6. Nicole Stites (verified owner)

    I ordered 25 rainbow assorted females. They hatched 2/15 and I received them 2/18. I was unaware that “cackle shipping” meant priority shipping and NOT express. Keep this in mind when you order. My shipping was accurate the entire time, it took 3 long days to get to me, which I was not happy with. Were they all alive on arrival? Yes. But several looked dumpy. Then within 24 hours I had lost 6 of the 28. I followed the instructions provided but they still passed. Day 3 chicks are rough. Of the 22 remaining, they seem to be doing okay so far. Unsure what breeds but I recognize california whites, barred rocks, easter eggers, and amaraucanas. I probably wont order chicks again. At least not from here.

  7. harleytrish13

    Sent to me as a birthday gift from my daughter. Absolutely amazed at how healthy, beautiful and clean the baby chicks were. The variety was perfect. Received 18 for an order of 15 and only 1 didn’t make it. I have spent time with them every day now for six weeks, have named them all, lol, and love their personalities. These babies are my therapy and I can’t wait for the eggs. Cackle Hatchery is the best! Thank you!

  8. freeindeed28 (verified owner)

    I received 3 extra chicks, lost 3 chicks and found out that 4 are roosters which I wasn’t impressed with, considering these were all supposed to be female. They are 19 weeks, I’m anxiously awaiting them to start laying!

  9. shelbyfh22 (verified owner)

    I ordered 15 heavy assortment females and 15 rainbow assortment females. I received 35 chicks in total, and all are females! I have Dominique, Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Auracauna and/or Americauna (splash, all black, etc.) one Easter Egger, and few others that I’m not sure of yet, but all beautiful, healthy chickens! They should start laying eggs any time now! I highly recommend getting assortments if you’re not sure where to start!

  10. sethvesco (verified owner)

    By far the best bang for your buck. I’ve ordered this assortment for a couple years. I buy 50 every spring and end up selling majority of them. The feed stores here don’t sell the mixture that this assortment gives. Definitely buying this and all my chicks from here. Death loss is 1-2 on arrival. Other hatchery’s I’ve order from I’d get 5-10 DOA… this is my go to chick source.

  11. Lindsey Mitchell (verified owner)

    I received my rainbow laying surprise box at the end of September 2021. They arrived well package and we experienced no fatalities. Our girls have started laying and we have all brown layers and one blue. I’m happy with the health of my ladies I was just hoping for more color. I would suggest ordering individual breeds or perhaps earlier in the season?

  12. Shanna Barnes (verified owner)

    Chicks hatched 3/14, I received them 3/16. I ordered 25, received 28 and they are all happy and healthy. I don’t know exactly what kinds I have yet, but I can tell I have at least 5-6 different breeds. I’m very pleased with the variety and health of all of these chicks. I will definitely be ordering another rainbow assorted batch at a later date!

  13. jcmartin16102 (verified owner)

    Ordered 15 rainbow assorted, 3 easter eggers, and 3 black laced silver wyandotte and just picked them up from the post office. Ended up with 26 total and all were healthy and happy. Transferred them to the brooder and they were very active as soon as we put them in there. Trying to arrange the water and food and they are jumping right in our hands and they are all over the brooder. Awesome looking bunch of females and a great assortment as it seems we have many different ladies in the mix. Could not be happier to add this bunch to the family here on our small farm……

  14. Mary Diehl-Fisher (verified owner)

    I will preface all of this with saying I know Cackle had a rough year this year. This assortment was not what I had expected. I ordered for Feb delivery and after 2 reschedules finally got my chicks in April. I got 2 extra, but could tell on day 1 that there were only 2 breeds. They were split about 50/50 barred rocks and production reds. There were 2 roosters in the bunch (as I expected honestly). The shipping and packing was excellent as always and they all arrived alive and survived. They are beautiful healthy adults as always and are laying now. I was just really hoping for some blue or olive egg layers and a greater variety of chickens, but I did order a bargain special, so… They really do fill these last and you get what is available.

    • Cackle Hatchery

      Oh no i am so sorry. That is not what is in our Rainbow Special. Someone will be contacting you to make up for this.

  15. Heather Booker (verified owner)

    This is the first time we’ve been disappointed with Cackle. We received 17 chicks, 2 died (not in transit). Of the 15 that remained, we ended up with 2 roosters and so far only have white and brown layers. It doesn’t seem like everyone has started laying yet, but it just doesn’t seem like we ended up with what was advertised.

    • Cackle Hatchery

      Please send us pictures we do guarantee 90% on our sexing. Also you should be seeing some colored eggs soon as we always include easter eggers in our Rainbow Special.

  16. Laura Kremer (verified owner)

    15+2 Robust, healthy chicks. I received four different varieties of birds: 4 Barred Plymouth Rock, 5 Black Sexlink, 4 Red Sexlink, 4 Cinnamon Queen. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I believe these will all be brown layers so my basket won’t be very colorful. Attractive, healthy flock YES! Rainbow assortment of egg colors, not really but I’ll still order this assortment again for the fun of a mystery and because I’ve read some of the assortments other people have received.

  17. Haley Brade

    Love my chicks!!!
    I ordered 15 colored egg layers and did two weekly specials of 3 hens of different breeds, so for the 21 hens I paid for I received 24 chicks and only one was a rooster and he’s absolutely beautiful and keeps our hens safe 1000% will be buying again and recommending to everyone!

  18. Maury Grimm (verified owner)

    19 little birds arrived, all alive and now near one week old! I know in the new flock there are two Welsummers as I ordered a roo and thank you, you threw in a hen! There are also two Barred Plymouth Rocks and I am pretty sure an Austrolorp. I think .there are a couple of Marans breeds as well as Ameraucana (crossing my fingers for an Auracana or two), Orpingtons and Easter Eggers.
    I’m enlarging my coop as I am expanding the flock from 10 to near 30 chickens!
    Thank you Cackleberry! You are the best!

  19. Abigail Waldron

    We love our Rainbow girls, and so appreciate the opportunity to get to know so many different breeds at a time. Our diverse assortment included Barred Plymouth Rock, White Rock, Rhode Island Red, Black Sex Link, Welsummer, Brown Leghorn, Ameraucana, Cuckoo Marans, and six Easter Eggers, all with different feather colors. They arrived in great health, and have grown to be healthy and consistent layers of good-sized eggs. The White Rock was not friendly, nor did she get along with the rest of the birds, but she was a dual-purpose breed so we processed her when she was at a mature weight. I call that a solid win. Thank you, Cackle, for having such a great assortment available at an affordable price. Your pleasant, knowledgeable customer service is likewise appreciated. We are pleased to recommend you to all of our friends and family who are interested in poultry.

  20. Amber Whitehurst (verified owner)

    Love my little flock. They have started laying and just like the rainbow or color that are my hens, my eggs are a rainbow of color.
    Thank you and can’t wait to get my next order!!!

  21. Yelena Harman

    I ordered 15 chickens and received 18 healthy lively chicks. We did end up with one cockerel, and he is gorgeous. These are now full grown chickens at 8 months old and during the cold of December in the North East are laying very productively with no supplemental light or heat. Easter Eggers are laying shades of pale blue, blue/green, and one is laying a very pale pinkish cream. Also in the mix were Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Delaware, Cuckoo Moran, Wyandotte, Welsummer, and 3 girls I just can’t seem to identify. Brown eggs are all XL/jumbo size and go from a pale brown to a deep chocolate. The variety of birds and egg colors is wonderful and we love seeing what kinds of eggs we get every day. Very very pleased with my order!!

  22. Scarlett G

    Love our rainbow girls!

    We are so happy with our birds. We ended up with 16 beautiful healthy girls. Now that they’re 4 months old I decided to post a review. Best I can tell we have 5 Easter Eggers (and no two look alike, they’re all incredibly beautiful!), 1 brown leghorn, 1 welsummer, 1 Rhode Island White, 1 white leghorn, 1 white rock, 1 golden comet, 1 New Hampshire, 1 cuckoo maran, 1 Dominique, and 1 Delaware. Seriously I’m amazed at the variety. They’re so happy and friendly and have different personalities. I love the variety of my flock and I can’t wait for them to start laying a variety of beautiful eggs.

  23. Julie Dawn


    15+3 All chicks healthy & frisky nice variety- ate & drank right away—100% very pleased, Thanks very much

  24. Happy Peeps

    Rainbow assortment

    This was my first time ordering chicks for shipping. They all arrived today 7/10/2020 healthy and happy after shipping Wednesday 7/8/2020. Still wondering what breeds I have so this will take a while. I ordered 15 rainbow assortment hens and 4 black Americana St run. I recieved 22 instead of 18 which I’m excited about! Just wish they had a chart to help identify the chicks 🙂

  25. Anita

    Beautiful chicks

    My chicks arrived early this morning. I ordered 25, there was 28 lively peeping chicks in the box. And as of this evening they are happy and doing great!! I’ve been ordering from Cackle for about 7 years and I’m always pleased with their birds and service.

  26. Hall

    So disappointed

    We ordered 15 and were hoping for the couple extra that so many reviews mentioned in case of some not making it we’d still have about 15. We received only 10! I called hoping they would send me the missing chicks I paid for but they could only offer me a refund. Fine. A few weeks later I find out not only did they short my order they sent me THREE COCKERELS!!! I only got 7 pullets of the 15 I ordered!!!! Now it’s too late in the season for anything to be done about it and I have cockerels that we were definitely not prepared for. We waited very patiently for months for these chicks and we’re given no options when they were completely careless when fulfilling our order. I get mistakes can be made but come on!

  27. M.T. Wallet

    Great Addition

    Few months ago these 18 girls showed alive and hit the ground running. They are blending in perfectly with our other 8 hens and rooster. Couple barred, 3 lavender Americana, couple white leghorns, bunch of olive eggers and a few I’m not sure of. Very happy with the quality and assortment

  28. Tamira

    Best chicks ever!

    I ordered to avoid small order fee, as my interest was to actually buy ducklings. These arrive healthy and have stayed healthy since arrival. Ordered 15 and received 18. They have all survived. Appear to be a good assortment although still too young to have eggs and I haven’t yet identified breeds. Can’t wait to see our egg color variety soon to come!

  29. Mallarie


    My birds shipped from Cackle on Monday the 18th and I picked them up in Washington the next day. If USPS delivered them it wouldn’t have been until the next day but I didn’t mind the drive to get them 24 hours earlier. They all arrived healthy and strong and chirping away in their box. I got them home and into the brooder and they are and drank to their hearts content and then napped after their trip. All 20 (17 ordered, 3 extra) doing well as of this morning (the 20th)

  30. Mindy

    Great Group When You Can’t Decide

    I received my chicks yesterday. It looks like I have Easter Eggers, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds, and White Leghorns. I ordered 15 and received 18 alive and well chicks. I am very impressed and will be ordering again!

  31. Colin

    Wow! Great All Around.

    I ordered 15 Rainbow Assorted Females and couldn’t be happier. Ordering was easy and I was impressed with the way they were shipped.The employee at the post office said it was one of the best shipping boxes she has seen for chicks. They arrived and were energetic right out of the box and noticed we received 18 chicks. Being brand new to raising chicks I found Cackle Hatchery’s instructions worked out perfectly. Will definitely order again!

  32. Gob


    Ordered 15 and received 21, all very healthy. I counted at least 9 varieties. We’re in the middle of the pandemic so I panic ordered as there weren’t any local but I’m not sorry that I did!

  33. H M

    My five cents comments

    I noticed that everyone here start with “I got my chickens today and that they received extra…. Blah.. blah.. blah. I think they are employees writing good reviews for their own company. I have ordered twice and bi never got extra chickens. As a matter of fact I ordered 100 and it was short.

  34. Jason

    Healthy awsome chicks

    I ordered 15 of the Rainbow variety assortment and 3 Fayoumis, a total of 22 live chicks arrived. 1 extra Fayoumis and 3 extra rainbows. One Fayoumis was a bit smaller very tired looking but came around and a month later all 22 are alive and well

  35. Mary

    Love them! Great chicks, so alert and healthy!!

    Just picked up our chicks from the post office today and they are all doing wonderful!! All eating and drinking just fine, all very alert and happy. Would definitely order from Cackle hatchery again. It makes it so much more exciting knowing these chicks where hatched with us in mind. We ordered 17 and received 19. Super excited to see what variety we got! Can already guess a few of them! Thank you so much!!

  36. Florida


    Beautiful group of healthy chicks arrived in perfect condition. A really great variety was included and we’re excited to watch them grow. Thank you Cackle!

  37. Ruth

    Healthy Chicks

    I order chicks every year from a few different hatcherys.
    Cackle has the healthiest chicks by far. This is the 5th year I ordered from Cackle and we have never had a dead chick. They sent 5 extra so if any do end up not making it we will still have the amount we ordered. We will definitely order again! We cant wait to see what all our hens are.

  38. debellis

    Beautiful little ladies

    I received my chicks today … all 50 plus 6 extras. They arrived a day earlier than I anticipated, but they are doing great. I live in Oregon and kept getting USPS updates that they’d be delivered Thursday and here they are on Wednesday. I know there’s a few barnevelders in there but the others I’m not sure of. They all came healthy and happy, no casualties. I would definitely order for Cacklehatchery again. I’m supposed to split these with my brother and SIL, but so tempted to just keep them all for myself!!!

  39. Allison W



  40. Arlene M

    Great Service!

    Great customer service. Purchased the Rainbow egg layer package and specifically asked not too many dark egg layer chicks since I have a lot already. They honored my request and we have a beautiful flock that has assorted egg colors like I asked. Thanks, Cackle Hatchery!

  41. Vicki

    Great Service –Wonderful Chicks!

    We ordered 15 Rainbow Assorted and received 18 all healthy and active. Even the Post Master was impressed! They have grown and feathered out rapidly, it looks like we have two Light Brahmas, Two Rhode Island Reds, several Easter Eggers, And two lavenders chicks with grey legs that we are hoping are lavender Orpingtons. I don’t have a clue on the others but we really do have have a beautiful assortment. Thanks!

  42. Mike

    Great looking Happy Healthy Chickens

    they all arrived healthy with a couple of extras. They are 3 months old now and so much more fun than I thought they’d be. The buff orpington eats out of me and my wife’s hand. The easter eggers are beautifully colored and mostly friendly. Stocking up on bacon waiting for the eggs to show up.

  43. Angie

    Happy Chicks

    This is my second time ordering from Cackle as a hatchery close to me (about) 4 hours away I thought it would be the best for shipping in the heat. All 15+ 3 extras are happy healthy and chirping away. I know I have 10 Easter eggger or ameracana (fluffy cheeks). A couple barred something or another, 2 that look like about 4 Brown breeds so time will tell, and some one off chicks that it will be fun to figure out in the coming weeks. Thank you for helping me revive my flock after a stray dog attack.

  44. chicken mom

    love them

    i got my babies and im beyond happy with the variety!! i got cuckoo marans, barred rock, easter eggers, red sex link, austra white a cream legbar! this is a bigger variety then the last time im so excited for them to start laying 🙂

  45. Ty

    Very good

    I ordered 15 for 18 went and picked them up from the post off oce this morning. One chick did seem a little lazy and ened up dying but they send me 3 extras so how could I be mad. The other 17 are happy and chirping away. Very pleased.

  46. MonarchMother

    Beautiful and healthy

    A beautiful variety of little hens. Ordered a set of 15 and have 17 lovely ladies. 4 Welsummer, 2 White Austra, 1 Maran, 1 blue Ameracana, 1 pretty reddish girl I haven’t identified, 1 buff Orrington, 7 Easter Eggers in a beautiful rainbow array. 2 are a bluish splash, 2 are golden splash, one is a chocolate color with hints of red on her neck with a black head, one has tan and white splash body with a splash gray head and the last one has a gray body golden neck and a lovely red head. I know my spelling is not right, but I just wanted to touch on my lovely girls. Can’t wait to see the lovely colored eggs they will lay in about 9 wks. Very much worth a try for first time chicken raisers.

  47. Ozzy


    I ordered 15 and received 18, one week later today. They are all doing fantastic so I am extremely happy, no loss and no heartache. Thank you Cackle Hatchery! My kids and I love the new additions to the family.

  48. chicken mom

    love it!!

    i ordered 15 recieved 18! I have easter eggers, austra whites and the 3rd breed is either cuckoo maran or barred rock im not sure on that one yet. But im absolutely pleased with my babies all arrived healthy and peeping away this is my second order 🙂

  49. Mama Bear

    I love ’em! Now, what ARE they???

    I ordered the 15 count rainbow mix, plus one Welsummer rooster based on their personality description. I received 18!! Plus my roo, which I THINK I have identified. All were in excellent condition, and 2 weeks in, are happy and growing well. Now to try to figure out exactly what I actually have! So far…noooo clue. All the chick pics look so much alike. I suppose in the end it really doesn’t matter…I just love ’em and will be thankful for the eggs they provide for my family. And if a few are green, blue, or chocolate, I will do a cartwheel on the way back to the house. God is so good, and gives so many fun and pretty things to enjoy.

  50. taylor

    AMAZING, as always!!

    So i almost always get a few of these…the selection is always superb and the chicks are always super-healthy! I’ve watched them grow up time & time again – they really ARE pre-sexed girls…this place doesn’t lie to you. A rare find these days.
    i also like this option because they are kinda like adopting, but with girls only. which works out welly for me, since i already have a rooster. We do some thinning out and rehoming for roosters when we order straight run, but every once in a while it’s nice to know for sure you get said amount of hens – and you feel good at the same time because you’re taking surplus chicks, that might not otherwise have a home.

  51. Justin

    Great service, shipping, and chickens

    I ordered these and a few more to surprise my kids for Easter. Cackle got them out to me the next day and arrived in 2 days. They sent 3 extra chicks and all 20 were in fantastic shape when they arrived. Will definitely be ordering again for my next batch.

  52. ordered rainbow assortment

    love them

    I ordered 15 for 16 they all arrived happy healthy and chirping away! there’s at least 4 different breeds of birds I’m excited to see what they all are! 5 I can tell are Easter eggers by there muffs and color. the others in still trying to figure out can’t wait till they start laying

  53. Michele

    hatcheries over the years. Cackle Hatchery has, hands down, the most healthy chicks I have ever received. We were pleasantly surprised by the 6 different types of piglets. We ordered 15 poulets and 1 roo and the hatchery sent us 3 extra. All are alive an

    As an agriculture teacher I ordered from several hatcheries over the years. Cackle Hatchery has, hands down, the most healthy chicks I have ever received. We were pleasantly surprised by the 6 different varieties when we opened the box.. We ordered 15 poulets and 1 roo and the hatchery sent us 3 extra. All are alive and well. I just wish I new what kind they were!!! My grandkids are so pleased and having so much fun taking care of them. Thank you!!!

  54. Kate

    So pleased! Thanks, Cackle Hatchery!!

    I was very happy with customer service, from the few times I called for information, to the receiving of my order of rainbow pullets. The chicks arrived on schedule, were packed well, there were a few extra, and the information included with the chicks was very helpful. I’m sure I’ll order replacement birds from Cackle Hatchery because I trust that I’ll be treated right and will receive healthy chicks!

  55. Carrie

    Ordering/Shipment of Rainbow Pullets! Excellent Service.

    Received chicks and all are thriving and doing well. Thank you for the extra care. I live in NC and chicks came healthy and ready to get acquainted to their new home. I received two extra chicks. There are at least four different types of pullets as far as I can tell (maybe more). Excited to see how they change. Again thank you. I will be doing business with you again 🙂

  56. Debbie

    Ordering chicks

    I received my chicks today ( thank you for the extra 2). I have not lost any they are happy and healthy. I am trying to figure out what each one of them are. Thank you for the wonderful chicks. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Keep up the good work. The people at the post office were all smiling because of their chirps and wanted to see them.

  57. chef eric

    great service & value

    chicks arrived @7:00am – 2 days after hatch date, all healthy & frisky.-nice variety- ate & drank right away—very pleased, Thanks!!

  58. Renee Wisconsin February 2014

    Just a customer message

    Never knew Cackle Hatchery had over 300+ YouTube videos on products and breeder flocks. Very very interesting and a great customer tool to see different breeder flocks, different chickens, different set-ups in the way breeders keep their chickens, and even your product demos were intriguing. Keep up the good customer relations. These homegrown contests, the newsletter, and the “Born to be Wild speed freak video of hatch/shipping day are incredible hilarious and funny. Your public relation ideas are wonderful. And someone sure put in a lot video-taping all those flocks. Very very fun and enjoyable.

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