Heavy Duty Clamp Brooder Lamp with Red heat bulb


Heavy Duty Clamp Brood Lamp with Red heat bulb

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Includes one Heavy-duty steel clamp brooder lamp, one 125 WATT red brooder heat bulb and one chick care instruction sheet. See Cackle Hatchery’s® Care Sheet for proper use of heat lamps and bulbs for proper temperature control. This Heavy-duty steel clamp brooder lamp is designed to handle up to a 300-watt bulb with heavy-duty porcelain socket, has a burn guard, adjustable clamp for attachment, heavy-duty 6′ cord and a 10 1/2″ heat reflector.

NOTE: Orders for brooder supplies do not ship with your chicks and they need to be ordered ahead of time so you have them all set up when your chicks arrive.


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  1. Young’s

    Priced well

    it was a good price for us and with the other items we got it was free shipping.

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