Speckled Egger™ Hatching Eggs

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Seasonal/Shipped Mid February through June 5th.


The Speckled Egger™ is a unique offering and breeding from Cackle Hatchery. These beautiful eggs will amaze you with the different dark spots on each egg although not one will look alike. You will get shades of dark brown eggs with the splatting of dark spots. . There are no conformed color patterns in the feathers of a grown hen on this offering. We have used selective breeding from several different Cackle Hatchery lines to develop the Speckled Egger.  We cannot guarantee the quantity, quality or type of speckled dark spots on the eggs of the offspring from this offering. That is all we can tell you  …. LOL…. Get started with adding this unique mix to your backyard flock today…NOTE: Speckled blooms and/or rough blooms have a tendency to not hatch as well as an even smooth layer of bloom.

We do NOT offer the chicks for the 2024 season. https://www.cacklehatchery.com/product/speckled-egger/

Another offering that produce eggs with speckled spots are Pharaoh Conturnixs

Another speckled egg collection are the Rare Turkey Surplus Special

We also have the Speckled Egger®  Ceramic Nest Eggs

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk

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  1. smschnakenberg (verified owner)

    I ordered 12 speckled hatching eggs. 7 hatched successfully from the incubator. And I think I possibly hatched the luckiest hen/roo ratio. 6 hens and 1 rooster out of 12 shipped eggs is a huge win in my book! I wasn’t expecting them to be feathered foot breed. I can’t wait for them to start laying!!

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