Speckled Egger™

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Speckled Egger™ – Sold as Baby Chicks Only


The Speckled Egger™ is a unique offering and breeding from Cackle Hatchery. These beautiful eggs will amaze you with the different dark spots on each egg and not one will look alike. You will get shades of green to dark brown eggs with the splatting of dark spots. Most of the chicks will have stripes down their back with dark and light markings on them as they arrive at your home. There are no conformed color patterns in the feathers of a grown hen on this offering because it is a breeding of crosses. Don’t ask us about the breeding, we will not tell you…. LOL…. Get started with adding this unique mix to your backyard flock today…

Sorry the chicks are sold out but we do offer the Speckled Egger™ Fertile Hatching Eggs

Another offering that produce eggs with speckled spots are Pharaoh Conturnixs

Another speckled egg collection are the Rare Turkey Surplus Special


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