Weekly Special Exotic Island Fowl


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Weekly Special Exotic Island Fowl – Sold as Baby Chicks Only

 Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available

Weekly specials can be shipped together. Any other orders other than weekly specials needs to be a separate order.

Must ship within the next two weeks.

Item# WS1233

Minimum of 15.


Weekly Special Exotic Island Fowl

This special can include the following breeds/varieties: Wheaten Cubalaya, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Saipans, Blue Sumatra, Black Sumatra, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam, Silver Duckwing Yokohamas, Red Shoulder Yokohamas, White Yokohamas, Silver Duckwing Phoenix, and Red Jungle Fowl. Sold as straight run only and no guarantee of specific breed.

1 review for Weekly Special Exotic Island Fowl

  1. Av8torcrj

    Very happy with these birds

    I received a very nice selection with a 15 bird order. It appears pairs or trios of several of the breeds mentioned were sent. Even though the chicks were offered at a discount, they were carefully boxed including a hydrating substance, some chick starter and even a heat pad despite it being early June. The shipping department obviously looked at the cool rainy weather the birds would be in while in transit. All the chicks arrived healthy and with no apparent shipping stress. They were extremely active right out of the box. Only thing I personally might have preferred is that the free thermometer be placed under the straw mat as it is packaged in a slippery plastic sleeve. I realize that more often than not it would go unnoticed if sent that way however. I’ve always gotten nice birds from cackle and can’t recall ever having a shipping loss. I just sold some 2 year old RIR roosters that were the most well mannered boys I’ve ever owned despite the breeds reputation for the males possibly showing aggression. I look forward to seeing what turns out in this group and will definitely look to cackle for future chick orders. FWIW, USPS tracking is all but worthless. My birds never officially “left” Kansas City for North Mississippi, but they are here.

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