White Embden Geese

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  • White Embden Geese – Sold as Baby Goslings Only 

Seasonal/Shipped Mid Feb thru June.

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Geese, Heavy
  • Weights: Goose—-15 lbs
    Gander—–20 lbs
  • Purpose: Meat Production
  • Egg Color: White
  • Egg Production: Good 35-45 eggs a year
  • Egg Size: Extra Large-2XL
  • Temperament: Calm
  • Gender Accuracy: 100%
  • Fertility Percentage: 55-70%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 3 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: Floor
  • Country of Origin: Europe
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1874
  • TLC: No
  • Breeder Farm Source:Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of pure White Embden Geese since 1974.


This snowy white goose is what most people see when they think of a domestic goose. With a stout, round body, graceful neck and round head, the White Embden goose grows quickly and reaches a large size. With females at about 16 pounds and males at about 20, they are very popular among meat-production farmers. These geese will protect their nests and their territory from predators, making them easy to breed, but are not overly territorial towards owners or other pets.

We can not ship geese to Hawaii.


17 reviews for White Embden Geese

  1. Stephanie Hammrich

    I bought 3 chicks, 2 ended up female and 1 male. one chick died pretty young but it happens, the other 2 made it a couple years , than the male mysteriously died in our water trough, not even sure how he got in it. We still have 1 female left and we really enjoy having her around. I want to buy more but don’t want to end up with a bunch of males. I will order some eventually anyway.

  2. alewis40

    I purchased 1 female, 1 male and one unknown. I ended up with 2 females and 1 male. They are the most beautiful birds ever. They come when I call, they follow me throughout the 2 acres they live in and love to be hugged and played with. They are the talk of the town and extremely protective of all the other birds on the property. Since Ive had these beautiful birds, not a single chicken hawk has been seen nor a chicken killed since the Geese call out to all other animals on the property when danger is present. BEST purchase ever.

  3. Becky the Cat in Florida

    My first geese

    I purchased a few Embdens and Toulouse geese from Cackle. One Toulouse developed angel wing, but it is cosmetic so I don’t care. The Embdens are now 6 months old, and are huge, and they haven’t stopped growing yet. The Embdens, Toulouse, Pekin ducks, and Welsh Harlequin ducks all (I mean ALL) stick together and move as a unit, because I ordered them all from Cackle at the same time and they grew up together. The Embdens take the lead when the waddle the perimeter. 🙂

  4. Jackie

    Beautiful and Healthy Bird

    I’ve purchased this breed from Cackle Hatchery twice now and it has been a great experience every time. They are beautiful and healthy birds and have been a great addition to our home. This breed isnt readily available in FL, so I’m grateful that I can get a hold of them through this company. Definitely worth the money. Thanks!

  5. Happy

    Love these geese, healthy birds.

    Love these geese, healthy birds.

  6. Southerngirl700

    White Embden Geese

    I have purchased from Cackle over many, many years. The Geese were purchased in Spring of 2019. They have grown into gentle giants. And very fat! They are used here on our farm to alert us and just for pets. They are beautiful! Another wonderful purchase from Cackle !!!

  7. Renee

    Love these birds!!!!

    I love these birds. They make me laugh every single day. They have great personalities that come out in such a way that is hilarious. So glad I got the. They arrived on time and in very healthy condition!!!

  8. JLB

    The geese are great!

    Bought 6 geese. All cohabitate with our 21 chickens and 12 ducks with no problems. Geese are great at giving out loud honking warnings.

  9. Goose_princess

    Love these ladies!

    We received our ladies (2 female embden goslings) in the spring purely for pets and we have fallen I. Love. They are amazing at letting you know when there is something in the sky/coming in the driveway or if something isn’t right with the flock. Our other ducks have taken to them and now they are all one flock. They are heavy/beautiful and full of personality, I would buy more( will do again in the spring) thank you for amazing geese

  10. Dorothea


    I bought 5 of these healthy Beautiful large white geese. Vert happy with them.

  11. Among the pines purebred Nubians


    We love our geese!! We bought 4, 1 went to market as a 4-H project (Grand Champion) the other 3 have free run of the farm, so cool!!

  12. huff&puff acres, missouri ozarks

    4 month review

    I got 2 of these geese I lost one to a dog attack. which made me extremely angry.. I got them for guard geese for my chickens. I had let them out of the pen to free range when it was attacked.. I love these birds full of character and quite sassy they will follow you around like a puppy and they seem to enjoy going for walks all the time running that mouth.. very fun birds to have. I do understand that in order to use them as guard geese you should only have one though and they do sound off when upset. that is the way they are used as guards they are not fighters they can not defend your chickens their job is to alert you something is wrong

  13. Mammieshute

    Beautiful healthy birds every batch

    We’ve been getting birds from cackle for almost 4 years now. These geese are some of the most beautiful ones we’ve gotten. We’ve had chics of many breeds , keets of all the colors , ducklings of many breeds , turkeys of many breeds. Three next birds I plan to have are peafowl. Thank you for your help and such beautiful birds.

  14. Merrilllangs Poultry

    Champion Geese

    We ordered 16 embden goslings for our fair. Our daughters took Grand Champion and Reserve champion!! We will be ordering again. I would caution any purchasers to make sure you order plenty. The best geese were very nice gaining a pound a week for 16-20 straight weeks. However, the worst geese only weighed 7 pounds or so at that age. To be expected though. Overall these are great geese and a great bargain. Thanks Cackle!

  15. Joe North Carolina June 2013


    Just wanted to say thank you. Y’all shipped out my order this past Monday and I was able to pick the chicks, poults and goslings up at the post office Tuesday before noon- a full day earlier than expected! Everyone was happy and healthy and all have been thriving this week. I’ve always bought chickens locally and was skeptical going about ordering poultry through the mail, but it seemed that was the only way to go given that’s wanted some goslings and poults and it was late in the year, Well, I am very happy to say that all of my concerns were for nothing. I could not be more pleased with your customer service department, the health of our new flock and the entire Cackle “family” that play a part. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Thank again for everything from a grateful dad and an exceptionally excited 6 year old daughter. All the best

  16. Sally Michigan May 2015

    Update on chicken delivery

    They arrived on Friday, as you said they would! (Regardless of what the USPS reported)! All 13 Buckeye chicks, as well as 2 embden goslings are doing incredibly great! I look forward to integrating them with the rest of my “birds”!

  17. Benny Alabama July 2014

    Attn: Nancy

    I just wanted to tell you that you have a great staff working for you. Always nice and polite and ready to answer any questions. I have received two orders from you this year and I am well pleased. I plan on continuing doing business with you nice folks. Thanks

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