Splash Cochin Bantam

Splash Cochin Bantam Kate Jones

…colors to choose from, including the Splash Cochin Bantam. This variety features white and black coloring across its feathers, and like all Cochin Bantams, it is extremely docile. If you’re…

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Barred Cochin Bantam

Barred Cochin Bantam Chicken Rooster

At Cackle Hatchery®, we offer several different types of the Cochin Bantam, including the Barred Cochin Bantam. If you’re not familiar with this chicken breed, it is a miniature version…

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Golden Laced Cochin Bantam

Golden Laced Cochin Bantam Rooster

…very well. The Golden Cochin Bantam features gorgeous black and golden brown feathers, and we have baby chicks available to order today. For more details about this Cochin Bantam variety,…

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Blue Cochin Bantam

Blue Cochin Bantam Chicken

Cackle Hatchery® is proud to introduce the Blue Cochin Bantam, just one of the many varieties of Cochin Bantams that we have available. We have years of experience breeding Blue…

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Partridge Cochin Bantam

Partridge Cochin Bantam Chicken For Sale

The team at Cackle Hatchery® strives to offer our customers a wide range of chicken breeds, including the Cochin Bantam. This breed is a miniature version of the Standard Cochin,…

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White Cochin Bantam

White Cochin Bantam Chicken

The team at Cackle Hatchery® is here to introduce the White Cochin Bantam, one of the many varieties of Cochin Bantams that we have available. This breed is a miniature-sized…

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Black Cochin Bantams

Black Cochin Bantam

When it comes to finding high-quality Black Cochin Bantams, you can fully rely on Cackle Hatchery®. We’ve been breeding Cochin Bantams for years, and this specific variety of the breed…

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Buff Cochin Bantam

Buff Cochin Bantam Rooster

If you’re a fan of Cochin chickens but you are looking for something a little smaller, we have the perfect solution. Our Buff Cochin Bantams are a miniature version of…

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Red Cochin Bantam

Red Cochin Bantam Chicken Rooster

…order your Red Cochin Bantams from Cackle Hatchery® today, and make sure you give us a call if you would like more information! Also may like Cochin Bantam Special Surplus….

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Birchen Cochin Bantam

Birchen Cochin Bantam Roosteer

…can place an order now or, if you would like additional details about our Birchen Cochin Bantams, please give us a call today! Also may like Cochin Bantam Special Surplus….

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