Olive Egger™ Chicken

Olive Egger Chicken

…of the olive color shell. 97% of these hens will lay a olive colored egg. Check out our blog about Olive Egger™ Chickens and How to Breed Olive Egger™ Chickens…

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Olive Speckled Egger™

Speckled Olive Egger™ Fertile Hatching Eggs

Olive Speckled Egger™ is a Cackle Hatchery genetic line of olive-colored eggs that have different degree of speckled bloom splotches on the eggshell. Purchased and received eggs will have the…

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Rainbow Egger™

Rainbow Egger™ Fertile Hatching Eggs

…eggshell and eggshell blooms. Egg colors can be of all shades and tones of whites, browns, chocolates, olive, greens, blues, pink and purple. Currently, we are only selling the hatching…

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