Cackle Hatchery

"Hatching and Shipping Since 1936"
Family Owned for Three Generations

PO Box 529,  Lebanon, MO  65536
417-532-4581 - 417-588-1918 (fax)   .

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Map To Cackle Hatchery

Map to Cackle Hatchery and Information

Retail Sales & Customer Service - Main Line 417-532-4581 (25 lines open) Fax 417-588-1918

Wholesale Orders and Service - 417-532-4581 Fax 417-588-1918

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days of the week pre-ordered chicks must be picked up at the Hatchery.

Mail orders are mailed on Mondays and received on Wednesdays or mailed on Wednesdays and received on Fridays.

Mailing address: Cackle Hatchery
PO Box 529
Lebanon , MO 65536

Physical address: Cackle Hatchery
411 West Commercial St .
Lebanon , MO 65536

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Views of Cackle Hatchery (1st) Old Store Front 2011 (2nd) New Store Front and Call Center 2012 (3rd) Another view of Cackle Hatchery New Store Front

Old store front of Cackle Hatchery 2011 New Store Front for Cackle Hatchery 2012 Another view of Cackle Hatchery store front 2012 One of many chicken houses Cackle Hatchery has to sell Employees of Cackle Hatchery

Cackle Hatchery's Delivery Truck Sign in Front of Cackle Hatchery Front of Cackle Hatchery


 Cackle Hatchery's Sign on Hwy 44