Isabella Leghorn Chicken

Isabella Leghorn Chicken For Sale

…Same Today these birds breed true as well as many other ways to get the same result. Isabelle X Isabelle = 100% Isabelle Isabelle X Brown Leghorn = 50% Isabelle…

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Brown Egger®Hatching Eggs

Brown Egger®

Brown Egger® is a Cackle Hatchery genetic line of breeding that is an auto sexing design. The hens are black with some red/brown in the neck feathers. They lay a…

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Dark Brown Egg Female Surplus

Dark Brown Egg Pullet Surplus For Sale

…French Wheaten Marans Barnevelders This special does not include our other dark brown egg layers such as the Welsummers or Cuckoo Marans because they can be purchased at a much…

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Brown Leghorn Hatching Eggs

Brown Leghorn Fertile Hatching Eggs

Incubating your own Brown Leghorn Hatching Eggs allow you the ability to control the environment your chicks are hatched in. Lowering their risk of exposure to harmful bacteria that can…

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Brown Leghorn Chicken

Brown Leghorn Chicken Rooster

…foragers and are one of the best for free range chickens that can avoid predators. They typically avoid human contact and tend to be nervous and flighty. The Brown Leghorn…

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