Blue Silkie Bantam

Bearded Blue Silkie Bantam Chicken Rooster

…do well in confinement. Note that breeding a blue bearded Silkie to another blue Silkie will not produce 100% blue offspring. You will get roughly 50% blues, 25% dark blue/black,…

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Blue Swedish Duck

Blue Swedish Duck Drake

…an interesting blueish-gray appearance, the Blue Swedish Duck is easy to raise, care for and keep. The Blue Swedish Duck’s unique plumage allows it to blend in and makes it…

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Blue Old English Game Bantam

Blue Old English Game Bantam Rooster

…of the Old English Bantam alone, including the Blue Old English Bantam. This chicken has long feathers with a blue tint, and it shows very well. Because of their docile…

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Blue Rosecomb Bantam

Blue Rosecomb Bantam Chicken Rooster

Are you searching for a true miniature chicken that will do well in poultry shows? At Cackle Hatchery®, we offer the Blue Rosecomb Bantam. In addition to its blue coloring,…

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Blue Egger Female Surplus

Blue Egger Surplus

Blue Egger Female Surplus – Includes at least 2 of the following breeds: Cream Legbar, Black Ameraucana, Blue Ameraucana, Lavender Ameraucana, White Ameraucana or Splash Ameraucana. We will try to…

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Self Blue d’Uccles Bantam

Self Blue D'uccle Bantam Chickens For Sale

Cackle Hatchery® reluctantly discontinued the Self Blue D’Uccles Bantam in 2018, after 30 years of breeding this beautiful true bantam. Admitted into the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in…

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Blue Standard Old English

Blue Standard Old English Chickens

…this chicken for more than 30 years, including the Blue Standard Old English. This specific variety features black-slate colored legs, a straight comb, and a medium/high station. These birds live…

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Blue Egger™ Hatching Eggs

Blue Egger™ Fertile Hatching Eggs

Blue Egger™- This is another one of Cackle Hatchery’s Egger lines with the main breeding objective to produce a variety of sky-blue hues of colored eggshells produced by the hens….

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