Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

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Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs


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Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs!

This Indonesian breed takes black to the next level! Often referred to as the “Lamborghini of poultry.” Their skin is black, their muscle, bone and organs are black! The bird has a mutant fibromelanistic gene – a gene that deposits excessive black pigment.

We have worked very hard on our bloodlines since importing eggs and birds in 2014 and 2015. We also have added lines from top US breeders and Greenfire Farms to produce stunning pigment and black birds unlike any other breed. Working with several unrelated bloodlines you are sure to get birds you can breed selecting the best! Birds that are so black, sunlight dances in metallic shades of purple and green sheen in the feathers.

Through careful selection and culling we always strive for top quality black meat, skin and good black pigment. Roosters can get some mulberry upon maturity due to testosterone and other influences. Show birds should be kept from the vicinity of hens to further emphasize black pigment in combs. Possible white on wings, though rare,  is normal and always go black by first molt. Eggs may be marked denoting the different bloodlines included. Hatching eggs are RISKY! You may hatch 100% or you may hatch none at all. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment on chicks.

30% will have color leakages in tongue, mouth and toes.

We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment on the hatched chicks.

We also have available Ayam Cemani Baby Chicks

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk
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13 reviews for Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

  1. Desiree Hunt (verified owner)

    First time ordering eggs offline. I received 14 eggs. They were packaged well and none were broken. After 10 days I candled the eggs. Two did not develop. I had movement up to the day 3 on lock down. Sadly only one chick hatched out of 11. Not sure what happened. I’ve always had high hatch rates when hatching eggs. Wish I could order eggs and just pick them up so they wouldn’t have to be shipped.

  2. jayne.suter66 (verified owner)

    Packaging was great, as I’ve read in past reviews most people got 15 when they ordered 12. I only received the 12, when candling a few didn’t look viable. Will update.

  3. Samantha Ramirez (verified owner)

    Sadly none of my eggs made it 3 out of 12 made it. All 3 passed away overall great service! Just displeased since this was also my first hatch and excited this was for my FFA project.

  4. Gail Gegg (verified owner)

    Ordered 12, Received 15. Hatched 11. Very pleased! All hatched chicks are healthy and thriving. Now hoping for more hens than roos. Thank you Cackle! Great service.

  5. Liz Berry

    Extremely pleased.

    Ordered 12 eggs, received 15. Packed perfectly – none broken. 11 made it to final lockdown. 7 hatched, but one didn’t make it.

    This was my first hatch so I couldn’t be happier with my 6 gorgeous fluff balls. I can’t wait to watch them grow up!

  6. ART


    I got 15 14 lived one died after hatched don’t know why but love them!

  7. Shooter

    Terrible service

    Call ATT first of the month ask them how everything worked told me to place my order before Friday and they’ll go out the next Friday I say fantastic call back in next Tuesday which is before the month even started steel no eggs in the basket they refused to give me my money back I’ve stayed home three days waiting for a package to arrive steel no eggs in the basket

  8. Don

    This bird is beautiful

    I love birds and looking for an expensive bird for domestic.

  9. SeahawkDriver


    Of the 15 shipped, only 10 hatched, and one of those didn’t survive (intestines hanging out) and one more will likely need to be put down for the same reason. Interestingly, my favorite and by far the darkest and smallest chick is the only egg, and last to hatch, is from the Raven line. The little chick (half the size of the others) is also tough as nails and when placed in the brooder quickly established a new pecking order!

  10. CindyfromPa


    I also ordered 12 eggs and received 15. Every egg was perfect. Air sac intact. Just finished the hatch and got 15 chicks out of 15 eggs. Awesome!!! I’ve purchased other chicks from this company and have always been pleased.

  11. Casscraft

    Fantastic packing! Extras sent! Perfect eggs!

    I loved the extras and hatched 8 beautiful black babies! 2 had some white, but already fading to black!

  12. ChickenCoop Update

    Amazing Hatch!

    Out of the 12 I put into the incubator 6 hatched, the ones what did not hatch 3 of them had feathers but the yolk did not absorb fully into them and the other 3 eggs just stopped growing at day 7-14 so in all this was a very great hatch! The colors are very beautiful in the light, their black skin shines a purplish color, and they are healthy and happy in their brooder.

  13. ChickenCoop

    Great Order!

    I ordered 12 eggs, they sent 15 of them, only 3 had hairline cracks in them and the rest was all fine also they was packed very nicely and secure, they have a very amazing verity of lines in the breed. I can’t wait to see what hatches!

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