Broad Breasted Turkey Surplus Special

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  • Broad Breasted turkey surplus special – Sold as Baby Poults Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped Mid Feb thru Late July.

Your total order requires ANY 3 birds to ship.

Suspending taking orders for this special for the 2024 hatching season.


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This is hatchery choice of our Broad Breasted White and Broad Breasted Bronze turkey breeds. Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible to get all of one kind. We do not keep a record of the turkeys we send. This is a great deal to receive surplus Broad Breasted White and/or Broad Breasted Bronze turkey.

One day old hatchery choice broad breasted turkey poults hatching February through July.

We can not ship turkeys to Hawaii.


12 reviews for Broad Breasted Turkey Surplus Special

  1. Diana Teal

    First timer ordering! Bought 6 to try our luck raising them on our mini farm. We got 4 Bronze and 2 white. Hatched 3-14-22, picked up at post office 3-16-22. All birds seemed healthy. Put in setup brooder and one white one didn’t make it. Other 5 seem to be doing ok so far. They are very comical and chatty. Will order again from them! Will also highly recommend to others!

  2. WaltJr

    Satisfied customer

    My turkeys arrived at the post office yesterday. They are the best birds I have ever received. I give Crackle Hatchery and their workers an A+. You even added extra turkeys to my order. I hope God blesses your business the way you have blessed me. Next year I will be a returning customer.
    Respectfully yours,

  3. DAVID

    ordered 5 received 6

    Hi, I ordered 5 broad-breasted turkeys and received 6 birds, three toms and three hens. they were hatched Jun 5, received June 7, all healthy. I processed them the Monday before thanksgiving. The hens dressed out at 24 lb the toms at 38 lb. this year I will order for delivery in July. Beautiful bronze birds, very calm, they eat a LOT!

  4. DAVID

    Turkey bonus

    Hi I ordered 5 of the broad-breasted turkeys, received six, all are healthy and of one kind. I have had them for about 4 days now. great birds

  5. C.S.

    Excellent all around

    Purchased 15 of these in April 2018. Received 16, all survived shipping and grew into very healthy adult turkeys. Very tasty and weighed between 20 and 30 lbs. I still have 2 toms and 3 hens. The hens are regularly laying tasty eggs. Will be ordering again in 2019.

  6. Goat Lady

    White Broad Breasted Turkeys are outstanding!

    I was involved in a serious accident last year and surgery on a shattered foot made me call to cancel my order. The lady suggested that I change my delivery date. She counted 20 weeks to Thanksgiving, which put me in the last possible ship dates. The turkey poults arrived in the heat of Florida July. All were fine. I was able to raise them without any trouble and only lost one poult. At Thanksgiving, when I sold them, they weighed 25-30 pounds, which was ideal. I had no trouble selling the extras and customers are asking for more this year. I highly recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone. I have been their customer for probably 40 years now and I wouldn’t dream of buying from anyone else. Try them, you will return year after year!

  7. Buddie

    Turkey and Guineas

    Bought 20 ea. All showed up, lost one in travel, busted a leg.
    We are on day 3 and it’s the most entertaining brood to watch.
    All are healthy idiots chasing the ghost bug and falling asleep mid chase….. just saying.

    None the less healthy stock, solid legs, healthy eating and watering habits.

    When they all pass out reminds me of Sunday mornings after a great Saturday night EOD party

    I will be a return customer, keep up the great job!!!

  8. Aurorican

    Perfect All The Way!

    I have ordered from Cackle the past 2 years now, and brought my ordered birds to our local County Fair, and they are placed in the top 5! The quality is AMAZING, the service is AWESOME and everything about Cackle Hatchery is nothing short of amazing in my eyes. So, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Jackie, Customer Service

    Cackle Hatchery

    I wish you had provided more information in your review so that I could contact you. All you have to do is send us pictures of the turkeys and if they are not what you ordered we would send you the correct ones or refund you for what you paid for the turkeys.

  10. AK


    We ordered 10 broad breasted turkey surplus special and we have had a few issues with this order. First our poults had a issues shipping and took longer than normal to get to us causing us to lose some. And now they are 10 weeks old and we are realizing they are not broad breasted turkeys at all but Royal Palm turkeys which are not what we wanted. This will definitely make me second guess ordering from cackle in the future.

  11. sunday

    put the order

    I need order the turkey special

  12. Jan Nebraska June 2009

    Just a friendly pat on the back

    I realize you hatch a lot of birds per week. We just received our first order and we are just tickled! Knowing turkey poults don’t have the stamina of chicks we were really concerned about what kind of condition they would arrive in. All are happy, running around in their brooder, eating, drinking and exploring as far as we will let them. We just picked them up from the PO this morning. And not a droopy one in the bunch! Thank you for the great work that you are doing. Our future orders will be from Cackle Hatchery!

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