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Industrial Performance 125 watt clear infrared brooder heat lamp bulb

An infrared heat lamp differs from an incandescent light bulb in emitting less light and more heat-producing infrared radiation. Infrared heat bulbs can be either clear or red. A clear bulb should last for about 30 weeks of continuous use. A red heat bulb is slightly more expensive, but typically lasts a little longer than a clear bulb, and the red glow discourages brooded chicks from picking at each other.

 The rule of thumb is to furnish one heat bulb per 25 chicks in the brooder. Despite the long expected life of an infrared heat bulb, always have a spare bulb on hand to ensure your chicks don’t chill in the event a bulb is accidentally broken or otherwise fails. For safety’s sake, an infrared heat bulb should be paired with a heavy-duty steel clamp.

To get the maximum life out of your infrared heat bulb:

Avoid getting fingerprints on the glass.

Avoid jolting the bulb while screwing it in or adjusting the clamp.

Do not adjust the clamp while the bulb is hot.

Brooded chicks can get overly stressed under 24/7 lights, so use this form of heat for only about two weeks — or until the chicks get fully oriented in the brooder and are able to easily find feed and water. Then shift to a radiant heat source that does not produce light, such as an infrared hanging heater or an EcoGlow radiant heater

NOTE: Orders for brooder supplies do not ship with your chicks and they need to be ordered ahead of time so you have them all set up when your chicks arrive.

1 review for Clear Incandescent Heat Lamp Bulb

  1. David

    Works well

    I would recommend to always have one on back up. Ours burnt out after a year use and we did not have another one handy and our our chicks got chilled and sick. I am glad it did not happen at night or we would have lost all our chicks.

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