Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken

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  • Jumbo Cornish Cross – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3
                                Total of 3 birds to ship

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Not Applicable
  • Weights:   Hen—–6 lbs
    Rooster——10 lbs
    Pullet—5 lbs
    Cockerel—-7-8 lbs
    6 wk pullets – 4 1/2 lbs       Cockerel – 6 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Meat; Production
  • Egg Shell Color: Light Brown
  • Egg Production: Poor
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Fertility Percentage:40-55%
  • Broody: Non Setter
  • Mating Ratio: 4 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: Floor
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • APA: No
  • TLC: Not Listed


Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken

The Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken is a cross between the commercial Cornish chicken and a White Rock chicken. The cockerels can reach 6 lbs, and the hens 4½ lbs, by 6 weeks of age. Other names for this meat breed are Cornish broiler, game hen, Cornish X, and Cornish/Rock chicken.

The Jumbo Cornish Cross broiler chicken has been dominating the commercial meat chicken market for the past 50 years. Cackle Hatchery® currently offers the “Ross 308” bloodline/strain. It is your best option for efficient feed/time to butcher weight and the best choice for meat chickens. Raise these chickens in a free range chicken coop and try out your best chicken recipe to delight your family.

Tips for Raising Jumbo Cornish Cross Chickens

The Jumbo Cornish Cross is developed specifically to harvest for meat. We do not recommend it as a pet or for breeding.

We also recommend raising these chickens separately from other poultry. Because of their fast growth rate they may trample smaller breeds.

Feed a high protein ration that is 21% or better. To raise one chick to 8 weeks of age takes roughly 14 lbs of feed. At 8 weeks you can expect an average (averaging male and female) of 6½ pounds live weight.

Harvest the Jumbo Cornish Cross broiler between 4 and 10 weeks of age, depending on desired weight. Cornish broiler chickens beyond this age will have health issues of the heart, bones, muscles, and tendons plus sores from sitting all the time.

These chickens grow so fast that their legs eventually give out from their weight. That plus fluid accumulating in the body cavity (Ascites) may make it necessary to restrict their feed intake to slow down the growth rate.

You can slow their growth rate by restricting feed intake. Remove their feed at night to give the bones and tendons time to catch up with the rapid muscle growth. However, when restricting feed, do not use small particle bedding (such as sawdust or small shavings). The birds will eat the bedding material, which can cause sickness and death.

Note: The Cornish broiler may not do well if your elevation is 5,000 feet or more. They will be more prone to heart attacks and health issues at high altitudes. Please take this into consideration before ordering them.

For more information check out our blog “Why Raise Cornish Cross Chickens.” We also recommend you request this book with your order: Raising Cornish-Cross Chickens for Meat.

To ensure safe delivery during hot weather, additional shipping charges may apply.



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66 reviews for Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken

  1. Zoe Burke

    Ordered 25, cackle sent us 27! Birds arrived healthy and are growing fast!

  2. Amy Kashuba

    27 birds arrived happy and healthy! We will be ordering several more batches of these birds next year. Our favorite out of all the meat birds that we have raised. Thank you! Ken and Amy Kashuba – Mountainside Cabins and Homestead – Hot Springs NC

  3. Michael Jiles

    This was our first time raising Cornish cross. We ordered 25 birds and received 26 two days after they shipped. One was weak on arrival, but perked back up after a few hours with water and heat, and all 26 survived until slaughter day. These birds grow ridiculously fast, and though we were initially planning to wait 9 weeks, by 7-1/2 weeks they were averaging 8 – 10 lbs and some were struggling to walk at that point. Average carcass weight at 53 days was 7 lbs per bird. This was a very positive experience all around.

  4. Alberto Escalante Alvarez

    Never fails! We’ve been ordering these for a few years now and they always arrive promptly and the chicks are healthy and strong! Love Cackle Hatchery!!

  5. stephanie.kirst

    We purchased 25 Jumbo Cornish Cross on May 27th. We received 30 chicks. We lost one of the birds at around 3 weeks, but suffered no other losses.

    We fed Purina Flock Starter 24/7 from day one. We had them in the chick brooder until 3 weeks old and then placed them in chicken tractors that were moved to fresh grass, daily.

    At 7 weeks old they weighed 10-12 pounds (live weight). We processed them at 7 weeks, 2 days. The biggest breasts I have ever seen. Our cost to raise a 6+ pound processed bird in the freezer was $8 — will definitely buy from Cackle in the future!

  6. Heather Hale

    We just processed our Cackle Cornish cross (hatched 5/19/2021) and I am so impressed with the quality. These birds were not at all nervous especially compared to our egg layers from another hatchery. At 7 weeks the Cornish were 95% feathered and we ended up with finished weights of 5 to 8 pounds. They survived our Arizona heat and have been extremely healthy.
    We will definitely order from Cackle again!

  7. Brian Groover

    Outstanding meat birds! Their growth rate is truly phenomenal. By week 3 they were more than double the size of the Brahma chicks. Limit their feeding to twice per day in the third week so their bones can catch up, and they will be running around and even flying up to eight or nine weeks. I harvested mine at ten to twelve weeks, and my birds weighed in at eight and a half to thirteen pounds, dressed.
    These were happy, active birds, free-ranging and foraging. I can’t over-emphasize how important it was to feed them twice per day and take away the food in-between. I had none of the problems others have reported with lazy birds. They were *highly* motivated to forage, and they did. And I had fifteen-pound birds flying at twelve weeks.
    I counted everything I spent on these last year, and my cost per pound for 100% organic, free-range chicken was exactly one dollar U.S. per pound. Amazing how much better they taste than what you can buy in the store.
    We can’t wait to get them again. It will be interesting to see how the (now adult) flock reacts to the little vel-squawk-araptors.

  8. Gary Eichler

    Best chickens I have ever raised. ordered 5 to see how they would turn out (they sent me 6) as I haven’t used this breed before. Harvested at 8 weeks and all birds were around 12lbs live weight and were amazing. Will definitely be ordering this breed again.

  9. Beth

    Rock Cornish

    These are the best birds I have ever raised. Nice, big round and meaty. Butchered 1 week earlier than I would normally because they were so hearty. Ordered again and will every year!

  10. Outtaluck

    Doing Well

    Ordered 30, received a few more. Lost 1 from weak during shipping. A temperature discrepancy that wasn’t caught in time caused a tight huddle and lost a couple more (my fault).

    Birds are exceptionally lively, and we typically restrict food after they’ve been around 2-3 days. The last order, we kept to 9 weeks, and had 13lb-15lb live weight birds. This time, we’re changing our feeding techniques to force more activity from this breed. These guys aren’t especially active compared to other breeds.

    Meat, if taken by 10 weeks, is exceptional. Compared to a store, all of ours were very dense meat, with exceptional flavor. Even when baked skinless, the meat was very tender and moist.

    Cackle, according to postmaster who deals with chickens a LOT, apparently, has the lowest mortality rate she’s seen for chicks during shipment, from what she’s seen roll through… just something to keep in mind.

  11. Coleen

    Best hatchery birds ever

    We have been ordering chicks from you for several years and they always arrive healthy a robust. I think there was only ONE time one arrive dead, and there was only ONE dead.
    This year we decided to try a new meat bird that you guys don’t have and ordered from a different hatchery. They arrived today and most of them were dead on arrival, and from the looks and smell of it, they had died early in transit.
    We also ordered from you this year, as we do every year and look forward to the arrival of our birds.

    THANK YOU for always having quality healthy birds!!! You have our business for life!!!

  12. Nene

    Healthy Birds

    First time ordering from cackle, and they are the healthiest. Chicks arrived on time, all healthy and alive.
    I appreciate the extra added to my order. At 1 week, they are all doing great!

  13. Bob

    Chicks arrived safe and sound

    Out of 26 chicks only one did not survive the trip to California. Plus there were 6 laying hens with this order that arrived safe as well. I’m impressed.

  14. Silver

    Won’t buy this breed again

    They performed so poorly and never fully feathered out. I wouldn’t recommend this breed to anyone, at least not from this hatchery.

  15. Geraghty’s Micro Farm

    Excellent Chicks

    This was our first year raising Cornish cross or meat birds in general. We ordered 25, received 27 and every chick thrived until harvesting day. We raised our birds on fresh pasture and were rotated regularly. They were fed locally sourced, Non-GMO feed and were beautiful birds! I would highly recommend getting your Cornish cross from cackle hatchery. We plan on placing a much larger order next year!

  16. Cackle Hatchery Team

    In response to 1/2 to 1/2

    I am not sure where you got your information from but we do not supply Tractor Supply with chicks. That would be Hoover Hatchery. So sorry you have been misinformed.

  17. Chris G

    1/2 & 1/2

    On the 1st of August I purchased 52 of what was marked for these broilers at Tractor Supply. You are their provider for chicks. After about 5 wks it became quite evident that they were not all broilers. Since that time, we have butchered the 25 broilers that were in the batch, the remaining 25 are ALL Leghorn Hens. They were all raised in the same shed, they are the only white feathered chickens we had/have. The bonus is that the manager of the store sold them too me at 75% off because they had been there for a week & I bought the whole tub of them.

  18. Todd R


    These were some of the healthiest and robust birds we ever have gotten. The chickens are laying. The cornish-cross grew quickly, and are oh, so tasty. We also had one of the turkeys and it was fabulous too. When we need more birds, we will come back to you. We tell our neighbors how great you are too.

  19. Darrcy G


    This was our first year getting the Jumbo Cornish cross from Cackle Hatchery, i must say we were not disappointed in the quality of these birds. My son used them for 4–H and won Grand Champion Quality meat bird. We will be buying from Cackle Hatchery from now on.

  20. Jennifer H


    Great Experience- the order was delivered on time and all chicks arrived intact. They are now all in the freezer. I will definitely order from Cackle Hatchery again

  21. Shane P


    Great service, healthy chicks, I expanded my farm and next year will be buying lots of broilers from you all year. Thanks

  22. Jeanette

    So Very Happy

    So very happy with our purchases of cornish cross chickens. We purchased 50, was shipped 53, and only lost 3 during the whole raising process. We just got done with shrink bagging them and very impressed with how they turned out. Each bird finished out between 5-9 lbs.

  23. Barb from Minnesota

    Great Birds!

    Ordered 100 chicks and received 106. Thank you for the extras!! Lost 1 at week 3. Taking 105 chickens to be processed right now at 8 weeks! Nice hearty, healthy birds!! I’ll always do business with you!

  24. Ryan

    Excellent Meat Birds

    My son one Grand Champion Meat pen for his first year ever showing these birds at the Jefferson county fair in Indiana! Happy boy! Made $1300 at the county fair!

  25. Troy,il

    best experience ever

    This is my first time ordering from Cackle and it wont be the last. I ordered 50 jcx and received 51 next day after being shipped and arrived all alive and well. This is the first time for me that all lived to butcher at 9 weeks. I was sooo proud. Had not one leg problem or heart attack. that was also a first. These birds where also a lot more active than others purchased at another hatchery. Overall these birds were just sooo much healthier than others I have purchased elsewhere. Thanks Cackle for such a great job and your product is proof. Will be ordering again

  26. T


    I just want to say thank you for delivering a wonderful product. We had our
    best experience raising meat birds this year. We did not lose a bird. Not the Cornish crosses we ordered nor the turkeys, which notoriously look for reasons to die. They were the healthiest chicks we have ever received. We
    will be ordering again.

  27. JD


    I have had the fortune of having (2) separate orders, both of these orders Were very successful. Excellent growth rate…

  28. Live&Learn

    Vigorous chicks right from the start!

    All chicks arrived alive and very healthy. This hatchery even gave me some extras just in case. Thank you for a great buying experience!

  29. Brandy


    We received our birds today plus 2 extras. They all made the trip and are eating and drinking just fine 🙂 Will definitely be ordering from Cackle again.

  30. Lady farmer in Eagle Rock, MO

    Cornish cross

    Purchased 16 Cornish Cross, received two extra, Arpil 2018. First time in raising this breed. Excellent experience. Due to warmer weather, they were outside in their living quarters at 2 1/2 weeks old. Followed feeding guidelines in the “Raising Cornish” book which I highly recommend. At five weeks, these birds averaged 4 1/2 lbs., which is when I decided to butcher. Average dressed weight, 2 1/2 lbs., which is fine for us. Temperatures were getting higher and higher – near 90 – and I didn’t want to stress them out with the hot weather even though they had plenty of shade. All survived. Very happy with these birds; just follow the feeding instructions in the book. Always more then happy with what I have purchased from Cackle Hatchery.

  31. farmer


    last batch of jumbos i got. I let them continue to grow and the males EASILY reached 15 lbs each when butchered and was a VERY good quality meat. will deff order more this season

  32. Wyoming

    Jumbo Cornish

    We have used Cackle Hatchery for the last 2 years and have taken Grand Champion and reserved Champion pens both years with our children. I would not use any one else. Ordering for this year’s fair now!

  33. Rebecca

    What A Difference!

    After receiving your fabulous CX last year that were wonderful to eat and very healthy birds, I had to wait extra time this year for my order. In the meantime I picked up some CX from our feedstore. Big mistake! 1 died right away, another flopped over of a heart attack at 3 weeks in front of me, we butchered the other 4 at 5 weeks because one couldn’t walk anymore and the other 3 were still very small and not growing! I had no idea there was a difference! Your Jumbo CX are worth every penny! Healthy, fast growing and very good quality meat! I got a phone call today that the Red Broilers I had order in Feb. were no longer available, I’m relieved and happy to have them replaced with the Jumbo CX lol!

  34. Lynette Shimek

    Love Cackle Hatchery!

    I ordered our first set of Cornish meat birds from your hatchery instead of buying them every year from our local feed store. I was a little worried about the distance they had to travel- from Missouri to Northern California. The birds arrived today in excellent condition. One chick died soon after arrival, but the other 77 chicks are very active and eating and drinking well. We are so happy with your hatchery. Thank you for the three extra chicks!

  35. Christine

    Great Experience!

    This was my second time raising broilers but my first time buying them from Cackle. I was a little gun shy as our first round (bought from another place) went terribly with almost 50% of the birds dying left and right from beginning to end. This second round round I bought 30 from Cackle Hatchery, received 31 in peak condition and ended up slaughtering 28 – which I call I complete success! I live at a higher elevation (5,100 feet) so I contributed The 3 we lost to elevation related stress. We processed these birds at home around 9 weeks of age and had our biggest bird at 10 pounds! The rest averaged 7-8 pounds. Can’t wait to buy more birds this year!

  36. Abbie

    Dissatisfied in growth rate.

    A friend and I ordered together and split. Overall that are healthy birds but this group is NOT growing out like suggested they are now 9 weeks old and still no where near butcher weight. They seem to have the structure of a “meat” bird but are much slower growth rate than I expected and have experienced in the past.the chicken s weigh maybe three pounds. They came well shipped all were alive but very disappointed in growth rate.

  37. Becky Nevada

    Excellent Quality

    Last spring was our first time buying and butchering meat birds. They were healthy, active and had a good life for 6 weeks. My husband never liked chicken, until I cooked some of these Cornish. Oh my they taste good! We know where they came from, they were raised clean, and the taste is fantastic! Will definitely order more next year!

  38. Crazy Duck Lady

    Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicktastrophe

    I was so pleased with my first order of my Jumbo Cornish Cross Jumbo Chickens, I couldn’t wait to order more for my son’s 4H project this year! I got so many complements on how good the chickens looked, felt and tasted when butchered out! I ordered 25 a week ago and they sent me 28. Unfortunately we had a chicktastrophe and all but 3 were killed which left us with not enough to show and my son was devastated; he cried all night long! I called the hatchery the very next day to reorder more because online, it said there weren’t anymore available until next week. They called me back the same day and shipped me 20 new chicks (sent 21) so my son could still have meat chickens for his project! The lady I spoke to was so nic, reliable, and understanding! I love your birds, so much when I visited Missouri last year, I drove 3 hours to visit your hatchery! You are number one in my book and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR HATCHERY! Thank you for your services, wish my son well with his 4H project this year!!!

  39. Adam in Kentucky

    Great Birds

    Just completed my first run of Cornish Cross chickens via Cackle Hatchery. I ordered 50 chicks and received 52 on 5/18. The chicks were very strong and active, despite some rough weather conditions including cold wet weather and hot humid weather all 52 birds made it 50 days to processing day. The average carcass weight was 4.95 lbs. Including all costs other than the pasture pen I have 2.40 per lbs in them I plan to order a second run of 50 in the fall, they will definitely be from Cackle Hatchery.

  40. Christopher rebardi

    Great experience for my first run

    Received my birds very health with several extra. I have raise 17 of them free range from 3 weeks old and they have done great. I had one with leg issues at week 6 she went in the freezer at 2.5 lbs. I processed 3 at week 8 still very health and went in the freezer at 5-5.5 lbs. Here I am at week 10 all birds still running around great with several birds over 10 lbs live weight which will be going in the freezer this week. My cornish cross free range with a 100 other chickens turkeys and ducks.

  41. Dave


    I have been experimenting with slowing down the growth of these birds by restricting feed and using lower protein feed. Wow! These birds are now at 10 weeks and averaging 10 pounds each. I have to admit even by slowing their growth, I am amazed by their fast growth. Everybody is happy and healthy, without a lot of the health problems that this breed is known for. I will be ordering more, and recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone I talk to. Quality birds, and quality service!

  42. Dickman brother’s

    Very Happy!

    This is our first time raising chickens since we were very young. We got 30 of these birds along with 10 brown Leghorns from cackle but through efowl. All of the Cornish crosses arrived safely with three extra’s! We lost one to the cold April morning and then another a few days later (after nursing it back to health the other chicks pecked and trampled him. He didn’t make it 24hrs after being cleared to go back with the rest). 6 weeks later we haven’t lost a bird and they are huge! Double the size they were at two weeks ago! We are giving them two more weeks and then we can review their taste. Overall beyond pleased with cackle’s birds and will be ordering directly through them for next year’s batch.

  43. farmers daughter

    top notch!!

    I was very please all the chicks made the trip to south western new york alive and well. When I placed the order on a Saturdayin early april I was told may for delivery Monday morning they callef and said that all 80 chicks would be here Wednesday. Very happy with them and will be ordering more next year!

  44. Carleen, NENY


    Excited to have received my meat chicks today all 28 arrived alive and well even here in the far Northeast where its still pretty darn cold. They were eating and drinking within minutes of unboxing them …. tomorrow they will have doubled their size so i may have to go get pictures . Thanks again Cackle Hatchery…you never disappoint. Will be ordering my next 25 in 6 weeks.

  45. M&M


    We have ordered from Cackle for many years now. We have been extremely happy with the birds we have gotten from them as they are bright and healthy when they arrive. They always send us a couple bonus chickens just on the outside chance that one or two die in transit. We will order from CH as long as they are in business or as long as we are able!!

  46. James

    Breed did what they were bred to do!

    A little late in posting this…..we did a run of 25 Cornish X last summer (2015). They did exactly what they were supposed to do. This was our first time doing a meat breed. We did a lot of reading and research. From what I could find is these birds converted feed to meat right on the nose. Will be buying from cackle hatchery again in 2016 for a couple more runs of these guys.

  47. Renee Wisconsin February 2014

    Just a customer message

    Never knew Cackle Hatchery had over 300+ YouTube videos on products and breeder flocks. Very very interesting and a great customer tool to see different breeder flocks, different chickens, different set-ups in the way breeders keep their chickens, and even your product demos were intriguing. Keep up the good customer relations. These homegrown contests, the newsletter, and the “Born to be Wild speed freak video of hatch/shipping day are incredible hilarious and funny. Your public relation ideas are wonderful. And someone sure put in a lot video-taping all those flocks. Very very fun and enjoyable.

  48. Lori December 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    I sent in an entry for the photo contest and neglected to add that the good looking chick with the pink ribbon is a Cornish Cross, from Cackle Hatchery of course! Thank you, looking forward to ordering new chicks soon!

  49. Wilma Missouri May 2009

    Chicks arrived

    Just wanted to let you know that our order of 15 chicks arrived bright and early Friday morning. All were healthy and started eating and drinking immediately. We are very pleased with your service. You did send 1 extra RIR chick, but I’m not complaining! Keep up the great work!

  50. Stuart Alabama June 2009

    To whom it may concern

    in a healthy vigorous state. For this I say Thank You!! Being in construction, I understand when things occur beyond our control, things are unseen and mistakes are made, When this occurs it is the followup that makes all of the difference to the customer. Well this followup has made all of the difference to me. This has made, in my eyes, Cackle Hatchery a superior company that I will certainly look to for my future orders. Once again…. Thank You for a job that started off rocky but ended up well done!!!

  51. Nancy Montana January 2010

    Cackle customer

    Chicks made it here to Montana in July. I rec’d 17 egg layers. Just wanted to let you know that all 17 are laying eggs. I even had a triple yolker! I took a picture of it. I get 3 double yolkers everyday! They are producing even in -0 conditions.

  52. Sand Hill Farm


    I ordered 25 Jumbo Cornish Cross baby chicks on the last hatch date for 2015. I received 26 birds in all. These babies grew so fast. I was surprised.This was the first time I raised meat chickens and the growth rate was rather shocking. I only lost 1 bird at about 3 or 4 weeks because its legs couldn’t hold it up. Other than that they all reached maturity. I butchered at 7 1/2 weeks. The largest dressed out at just under 6 pounds and the smallest was about 4 1/2 pounds. The meat is tender and juicy and sweet. Next time I will try another breed of meat bird. I would like to free range them like my egg layers.

  53. Victoria, Wisconsin September 2012


    In July I ordered a batch of Jumbo Cross Broilers. Despite the extreme heat all summer in the Midwest, my chicks arrived in perfect health – with a few extras thrown in by your hatchery at no extra charge. (Thank You!) All of the chicks were running around, eating and drinking on the first day. They were so healthy we were able to move them out of the brooder into our chicken tractor in the the pasture by the age of 2 weeks. At 8 weeks we butchered them – all 64! We had not lost a single chicken in 8 weeks. Our chickens post-processing have been weighing 5-5 1/2# even the hens – some we had trouble fitting into oven bag! We are completely thrilled with the health and quality of your birds and will definitely order them again next year. Oh, and our 4 Blue Slate turkeys are also doing great and are the sweetest birds!

  54. Larry, Florida March 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    Just a note to say the chicks arrived just when you said (awesome). They are the healthiest looking chicks we have received yet, no fatalities they are all running around and chirping. Thank you for great and very prompt service. We are looking forward to future business.

  55. Cindy, Iowa April 2013

    Cackle Hatchery Order

    Just wanted to let you know that I got my chicks yesterday afternoon. All arrived alive through a couple seemed a little weak. This morning however they are all doing great! All are eating and drinking well. It has been a great experience doing business with you! You will definitely continue to get my business and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thanks!!!

  56. Ryan Tennessee May 2013

    My order of broilers and turkeys

    I ordered and received 30 Cornish X chicks, Red Ranger chicks and Bourbon Red poults. Thus far i am a few weeks into brooding them and have been happy with the birds I bought from you and will certainly buy from you again.

  57. Michelle, New York May 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    They all arrived yesterday in great health and lots of vigor. By far the best order we have ever received from any hatchery. Thanks

  58. Ted, Wisconsin June 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    We just wanted to let you know that all chicks survived the journey and are doing well. They arrived at our post office at 7:00 am on Friday. Your service has been exemplary! We wish other American companies would display the commitment and pride in quality & customer satisfaction that the people at Cackle Hatchery display! You are all a fine example of the True Meaning & Spirit of the American Free Enterprise System! Pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it!!!

  59. Jerry, Wisconsin June 2013

    Chick Order

    i am sending you this to let you know how pleased I am with the chicks I ordered from Cackle Hatchery. Approximately two weeks ago I received my order of 50 Cornish Rock broilers and 5 New Hampshire pullets. The chicks arrived healthy and vigorous. Typically one or two will die within a day and Cackle has always been good about providing a few extra, for just such a problem. As of today we haven’t lost any and they are growing like crazy! I couldn’t be happier with my order. Previously I purchased poultry from Cackle Hatchery and was pleased but decided to try some from another breeder to see the difference. After seeing the differences between your birds and the “other breeders” I will never do that again. Cackle Hatchery will get EVERY order I place from now on and I have been telling my friends and neighbors how great your service and birds are. Thanks again,

  60. Al & Becky, Montana September 2013


    I want to say thanks for your promptness and for having a rep call me on Saturday. It shows that you care and that you are here to help me. I really appreciate it. We did lose a chick on Friday when they all arrived. After I emailed you I counted them carefully and saw that you had sent us 16, so that leaves us with 15. You had mentioned that you do this in your documentation. This is my first mail order chick purchase I have made and you all have made a customer for life out here in Montana, thank you very much to you all at Cackle Hatchery and keep up the good work.

  61. Elizabeth Maine March 2014


    I want to tell you how much I like the qualities of your birds and their eggs. I hope that I will have many more amazing years with your chickens! THANK YOU!

  62. Mari North Carolina August 2010

    Great Job!

    Just a note to thank you for your great service. This is the second year I have ordered from you. Unlike companies i have used in the past. ALL the chicks have lived both times. The orders have arrived when you said they would and without incident. The chicks seem so much calmer than those ordered from other hatcheries. The broilers grow quickly and healthy. All in all a great job! Thank you.

  63. Mary Kansas May 2010

    Many Thanks

    I am very pleased to report that the 4th order has arrived like the rest. All healthy happy vigorous and ready to go. The orders prior to this one have lived and been healthy for the first 2 weeks. Please keep up the good work. Also Superior Customer Service. Again Very Pleased AAA++service. Thanks to you all!!!

  64. Heather Wisconsin June 2015

    Customer Feedback

    You have an outstanding employee by the name of Batina. She went over and beyond of what I expected to provide exemplary customer service! I cannot thank her enough for all her help with my new chickens. Too often we only hear the bad. So I am giving you good feedback. I would definitely recommend Cackle Hatchery to my chicken friends due o your customer service. I look forward to ordering laying hens next spring and more broilers. It’s not often you find wonderful customer service and non automated service-Keep up the good work.

  65. Sharon, Utah (received April 2014)

    Thank You

    We just want to tell you what splendid birds you sent us. We have raised our own pastured chickens for 23 consecutive years. We have ordered from you the last 2 years. The birds this year were just so vigorous right out of the box. We ordered 125 and you sent 130. We only lost 5 birds, 1 in the brooder and 4 in the field. Wow! That is our best year ever!

  66. Mary, Wisconsin (received May 2014)

    Unexpected Refund

    I had just previously sent a note to let you know about the safe delivery, and that 2 chicks had died in transit, but didn’t expect a refund. What wonderful surprise to get that phone call that you are that responsible.

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