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To keep your chickens or other poultry happy, healthy and safe from the elements or safe from predators, a chicken house is essential. Cackle Hatchery® ships chicken houses fully-constructed so you can start up your chicken flock any time. The chicken houses give all birds protection from harsh weather, a nesting unit to make gathering eggs easy, and automatic feeding and drinker cup units. The house is lightweight so it can be easily moved to fresh ground, while the grounded design keeps it from blowing over in storms. The large wired chicken house is recommended for a maximum of 8 – 12 large grown chickens or up to 20 grown bantams.

$1,279.00 plus 590.00 delivery charge plus 165.00 for wired for electricity and lights $2034.00 total.

Delivered to your door completely assembled/No Assembly necessary.  

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We offer 2 different sizes of our chicken houses or chicken coops.  We offer only light tan color for the roof to help with reflecting the sun’s heat. The roof and sides are made of construction grade metal roofing. The front and back part of the house is red. The inside house roof is insulated to keep the house cool in the summer. The house comes with a nested unit that can be opened from the outside for easy gathering of eggs. The chicken houses come with an automatic drinker cup attached to a 2 1/2 gallon waterer. The chicken houses come with an automatic feeder built into the inside back door. Each unit comes with 2 doors for easy access of front pen and back house, comes with 2 functional windows that can be opened or closed (for light or ventilation) and 2 trap doors for the pen and to free-range. Each unit comes with a pull rope to move the chicken house to fresh ground, has 1×2 welded wire on the exterior, ground contact and wide seal for predator protection for the pen, a solid composite floor in the house part and roost poles. All this makes raising free-range chickens in your back yard easy. Our chicken houses are engineered to be long-lasting and lightweight made of 70% polypropylene (a food-safe plastic) and 30% wood by-products from recycled sources with no environmentally hazardous material. These 2 materials create a lumber material that will not rot and will last. Chicken house #1 will weigh approximately 265 lbs and #2 will weigh approximately 285 lbs. They slide easily on the grass to relocate and are designed not to blow over in storms. These coops are designed for year-round comfort and happiness for your poultry, whether it is summer, fall, winter, or spring. Both units are delivered right to your front yard by contracted trucking companies. The chicken houses – chicken coops ARRIVE COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED and ready to use. We do recommend having 2 people ready to help the driver set the chicken house off the truck. We do recommend following the suggested number of birds per house. More can be added, but overcrowding can stress the chickens causing diseases and unhappy chickens. The #1 and #2 chicken houses can usually be moved by one person pulling the rope. We suggest moving the chicken house as much as possible to keep a new patch of clean grass for them to eat and scratch in. These portable (chicken tractor) chicken houses are a great way to raise sustainable healthy chickens. The more you move it the more the chickens love it. Be sure to lock your poultry in the house before moving. Most generally one person can move the house with the pull rope that is attached. The lumber is resistant to moisture, decay, and insects and should last 20 years. In weather simulation tests, it shows a life span of at least 30 years. We do not ship these chicken houses to Alaska or Hawaii. Our shipping fees are subject to change without notice. *Some counties or real rural areas may have a higher shipping cost. Local delivery: A $25.00 delivery fee within 10 miles of Cackle Hatchery® and $1.00 per mile (one-way fee) after 10 miles up to 40 miles from Cackle Hatchery®, Lebanon, Missouri. These Chicken Coops are loaded very easily into the back of a pick up as can be seen by the last photo.



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