Round Brooder Thermometer and Wall Mount


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5″ Round Brooder Thermometer and wall mount with 5″ plastic case and lens.  Great for brooders to easily see and monitor temperature.

2 reviews for Round Brooder Thermometer and Wall Mount

  1. Asa

    Good for coops but not advisable for brooders

    This wall mounted thermometer is great for coops and full grown chickens but unless your brooder is very small the thermometer should be placed near the center of the brooder to achieve a more accurate temperature. This is because the temperature in medium size brooders or bigger is cooler then the center causing people to want to turn whatever heating device they have up creating a too hot environment.i would recommend a smaller thermometer like this one for your brooder.

  2. Sally

    Can read this across the room

    It was always hard to reach down to read the small thermometer until I got this big round thermometer. My eye sight is not the best anymore. I can read it across the room.

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