Royal Purple Guinea

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  • Royal Purple Guinea – Sold as Baby Keets Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped June thru Mid August.

Minimum of 5. 


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  • Weights: Hen—-3-4 lbs
    Cock—–4-5 lbs
    Pullet—3 lb
    Cockerel—-3 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Egg Laying and meat; Exhibition
  • Egg Color: Dark and Spotted
  • Egg Production: Good, between 60-100
  • Egg Size: Small
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 9 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: Western Africa
  • APA: No
  • TLC: No
  • Breeder Farm Source:Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of four pure colors of Guinea Fowl since 1977.


The Royal Purple Guinea is one of the most beautiful Guinea breeds. Its plumage is a dark black color with a unique, iridescent purple sheen, with its wing feathers lightly spotted white. The dark color of the feathers hides the appearance of dirt and dust, maintaining a pristine look. Like all Guinea breeds, the Royal Purple Guinea is a great forager and will pick up harmful bugs everywhere around the garden or lawn without harming the grass or leaves. Guinea fowl are also alert and noisy when threatened, so they are excellent alarm systems for all your birds.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.

Cackle Hatchery® guinea keets must be shipped in a separate compartment from all other poultry. We do this because the small keets will peck the toes of other poultry and injure them during shipment.

Cackle Hatchery® ships your baby guinea keet orders May-Aug and it is recommended to order in March and April to secure and reserve your baby keets. We hope you enjoy our guinea fowl breeds and check out our caring for keets.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.


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34 reviews for Royal Purple Guinea

  1. Aaron Cooper

    We received several more purples than the fifty ordered, through the mail, from hundreds of miles away and all were strong & thriving, right out of the box!
    Well done, Cackle Hatchery!
    We’ll be back.

  2. ChickenScratchTexas

    Guineas Purple or otherwise

    Guineas Guineas Guineas no bugs no ticks no grasshoppers. When we moved there were so many grasshoppers you could hardly walk through the pasture. Guineas No hoppers Yea. So we would not take anything for our guineas. Presently we have about 12 along with 170 plus chickens. And 3 geese. So get your guineas and enjoy.

  3. Guinea Nation

    Love These Cuties

    My guineas arrived in great shape. They have been healthy, no problems. Mine are tame and come to me when I am in the yard for their treats. They are so fun to watch. We sure enjoy them!

  4. bluepoppy

    purple birds

    these birds are the bossy mean ones of the bunch!! very bullying! they pick on my poor lavender ones!! very nosy

  5. Sandy

    Beautiful healthy birds

    All eight of my Guineas are doing great. They are housed in a dog kennel and I let them out most every day. They stay around for the most part and return to the kennel in the late afternoon for their treats. I close them in for the night. The run is also covered as we have racoons here. As I also have chickens, ducks and geese (all from your hatchery) they tend to stay around them. Also go in the pasture with my goats. All in all good workers and a lot of fun.

  6. MaryT

    Royal purple guineas

    I have lavender guineas so thought I’d try the purple. Now that they are sub adults the color is fantastic! They even have a bit of a different call from the lavenders. The keets were very healthy when we got them. Tho we had some trouble as they grew, and lost 2 , they seem very lively. And I can’t wait to see how they handle all the bugs we have around here. Can’t wait to see the keets this spring.

  7. Jami

    Beautiful, Healthy and Thriving

    Our 5 Keets arrived early July. They arrived healthy and they are doing great. The purple coloring really shows off nicely-especially in the sunlight.

  8. Helen

    Beautiful Healthy Guineas

    I ordered 15 purple guineas and received 18 in June 2019. All were healthy and lively. We lost one to a predator and the other 17 are now 5 months old. They didn’t look at all purple as babies, but they are purple now and seem to be getting darker as they grow older. They are beautiful and we love them.

  9. Looking up

    Wonderful service, Wonderful birds

    I ordered 15 birds. They arrived early July and there were 18. All were alive. 1 must have broken a leg after arriving. I tried unsuccessfully to help him. One got caught in a small space and I didn’t find it soon enough.They accidentally got out one day. The dogs took the wing off one. Surprisingly , he is doing great. The dogs got another one. I have no idea how!

    So, I ordered 15 and have 15!

    In the past I’ve usually lost one to predation every 6 months. I’ve got them safe from predators for the winter. So, if they survive a Minnesota winter we’ll see how well they control the ticks next spring. I have high expectations!

    They came healthy, are doing great! My only concern is how to deal with 9 males and 6 females.

  10. Dry Gulch

    Royal purple guineas

    We love our royal purple guineas! They are gorgeous in the sun and have been happily running around eating bugs and seeds and having a great time. We ordered 15 and there were 3 extras. All are happy and healthy and honking and whistling and loving life. A farm is just not the same without these great birds.

  11. inny


    I call then my Velvetines! they are delightful to watch, funny, and so far, no new voles or moles or what every they are called. Everyone said they are so loud, and in the barn, they are… but outside, they sound like ducks in the distance. When they are close, they are silent. So pleased with the Velvetines!

  12. BeeGee

    Royal Purple Guineas

    Love my guineas! Arrived all alive plus the extras. Only one died as it was 4 legged! Never had seen that before! They have done well but loosing some now due to cold weather. Love the color and am anxious to see how they produce this spring with my existing flocks.

  13. Purple guinea

    Best watchbirds ever!!

    I love my guinea baby’s. They alert me when somebody or something is approaching. They are very health and happy. Cackle hatchery is the bomb. Very healthy and strong birds!!

  14. Reddogfam

    Excellent guard birds!

    I bought six keets that arrived June 2019. All (+1) arrived healthy and active. I am so pleased with these birds! They are loud but I bought them as alarms for my chickens and they have worked out fantastic! I lost all my chickens last year to hawks. This year with guineas fully grown, they follow my chickens (I also got this year) around and the hawks just soar on by. These guineas are beautiful and very entertaining. Wonderful guard birds. In fact they will even chase the car and/or tractor driving by! Very fearless and yet have not offered to attack people. Very pleased with my purchase.

  15. Hank

    Great birds

    We ordered eight but three of them got ate by snake the other five are doing great and my wife is easily trained them to go into the coop around 5 or 6 every night they are 4 months old

  16. Good Stewardship Farm

    Hardy Guinea

    I ordered 5 of these birds and got an extra. They are a hardy variety. So far they are not agressive like the nreed tends to be. I was hoping for a richer color, but they are still fairly young, about 6 months old. They cast purple in the sunlight. I have 2 roosters and 4 hens. They were quick learners for their roosting area as well.

  17. Sgt.Dan

    Amazing birds.

    I ordered 8, received 10. All survived. These are truly amazing birds. They live in a huge mixed flock of Chickens and turkeys. They get along well with everyone. The birds free range in a three acre field. I have not lost a hbird to hawks since adding the guineas. They always see the hawks way off and sound an alarm. I love my guineas. At times they can be noisy, but not typically. They always return to their coop to roost. Basically they dispell ALL the bad press guineas tend to get. I am beyond thrilled with these as well as the staff at Cackle Hatchery for providing them. Thank you so very much. (A fun note, a flock of guineas is called a confusion)

  18. Jessica

    Top Notch

    Timely delivery, all arrived safe and sound. Instructions were great.

  19. Guineas

    Love them!

    All of my keets were healthy when I received them. They grow fast and eat just about everything! They can be loud but are definitely worth it. I’ve ordered from Cackle a few times and am always pleasantly surprised by their customer service and health of their chicks.

  20. Royal guineas


    They all came in healthy and active. So cute as keets and incredibly beautiful adults! So thrilled with these guys

  21. MLK

    Healthy and Happy

    Royal Purple Guineas arrived healthy, ordered 5 sent 7 lost one to an unfortunate accident but the remaining 6 are doing great!

  22. Ingrid

    Gorgeous Birds

    I ordered The Royal Purple Guinea chicks, they arrived happy and healthy with no losses, they did great in the brooder, and they are now outside thriving. Thank you again so much for producing such healthy birds. I am a repeat purchaser of Guineas and I will order more in the spring. The are gorgeous !!!!!

  23. Craig Meier

    Excellent Arrival & growth

    The chicks all arrived in excellent condition and were soon at home in our stock tank turned brooder. They are now in the outdoor pen interacting with our adult birds. They are gaining more color, and all have survived. Hoping DNR can assist in relocation of great horned horned owl once we release the new batch. Have my fingers crossed.

  24. Deborah

    Beautiful Royal Purple

    We ordered 15 Royal Purple guineas and received 18 in good health! Unfortunately we lost three to predators while we were still learning. Fifteen beautiful birds still! Great color!

  25. Becky

    Royal Purple guineas

    Beautiful healthy birds. Would buy again!

  26. Alphins Red Barn

    Wonderful Birds

    Since we received these crazy things. We have enjoyed watching there independence . They patrol our property like a regiment as well as neighbors
    looking for bugs or anything unfortunate enough to catch there eye. Completely happy with our purchase.

  27. Henry

    royal purple guineas

    orded 10 got 11 they are now 4 months old and are doing great.

  28. Jay


    doubts about what we ordered on Royal Purple don’t look like the photo of the adults

  29. Joel Cote-Kanning

    Royal purple guineas

    I am more than thrilled with these birds. I purchased 10 keets last summer and they arrived in late June of 2017 alive and healthy and one extra to boot. All survived the proceeding summer, fall (surviving foxes, owls, and coyotes), and winter. Unfortunately, this summer I have lost several to the highway near our place, but the remaining 8 have been laying like crazy and I’ve managed to hatch out another 30 keets. They are vigorous, alert, excellent foragers, and seem to pretty much take care of themselves. I will likely be ordering these birds from Cackle Hatchery again to keep adding new blood to my flock. Highly recommended.

  30. Martha

    Healthy Arrival

    I cried when I found all of the baby guineas dead last week. This morning
    the replacement shipment arrived and they are all healthy and happy. Thank
    you so much for you kindness and rapid response in shipping the
    replacements. I’m delighted. I’ve ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery for
    over 40 years and this is the first time that I have ever gotten a DOA
    shipment. Since I am now 80 years old, I probably won’t be here to do a lot
    of business with you in the future, but I definitely will be your faithful
    customer until the end. I recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone who visits
    our farm.

  31. Douglas

    Excellent hatchery

    My order was on time . The birds were all healthy. They calmed down within an hour ,after eating and drinking.The transition from brooder to new coop / run was smooth .

  32. cmk

    healthy birds

    healthy high quality birds.
    we bought guineas , chickens, & ducks from cackle & have been very pleased.

  33. Samantha

    Beautiful Birds

    Loud and sometimes annoying .. mostly entertaining birds Haha! We got 5 of them and they follow our flock around very well. They are so beautiful in the sunlight!

  34. Larry December 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    Liked your youtube video!

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