Exotic Island Fowl Special

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Hatching on April 15, 2024

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  • Special Exotic Island Fowl – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped Late Feb thru Mid August.

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This special can include the following breeds/varieties: Wheaten Cubalaya, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Saipans, Blue Sumatra, Black Sumatra, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam, Silver Duckwing Yokohamas, Red Shoulder Yokohamas, White Yokohamas, Silver Duckwing Phoenix, and Red Jungle Fowl. Sold as straight run only and no guarantee of specific breed.
“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”


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6 reviews for Exotic Island Fowl Special

  1. bkfidler (verified owner)

    My order looks good, arrived in two days, everyone is active. These folks seem to be timely and do packaging well.

    Been dealing with animals for decades, from livestock used for food and 4H to exotic pets at the wholesale level, shipped from Stateside and abroad to farm, residence, and large Box Retailers. This order is exactly as described, a mix of Exotic Island Fowl, Baby Chicks, Non Sexed, with no guarantee as to color type or breed. As one who been involved with most aspects of Animal Husbandry, from breeding to rescue, pets and livestock, everything seems good. If I was concerned with Breed, my order would have been breed specific.

    Based on this experience, I would order again, and I would recommend Cackle Hatchery to others.

  2. kristin belghaouti (verified owner)

    Hi Guys this is my second order from Cackle’s, they were shipped from the Midwest on Wednesday and on Friday morning the chicks were here (Arizona)! Island fowl breeds were ordered especially for our extreme heat as they seem to thrive in our weather. Six babies in the box (1 extra). As soon as I got that box I carefully cut & lifted off the top, scooped each tiny tot out one at a time, dipped beak in water dish & set down. The birds did nothing but drink, drink drink as much as they could. I gently transferred each chick from box to brooding cage while I was outside and ONE baby escaped, never to be seen again! Infra-red heat bulb and lamp cost less than $20. total at Wal-marts. We are using a crate/cage used for transporting birds to keep babies in til they’re old enough to free roam outdoors, won. You will learn their “alarm call” which is like the “mama we’re under 90F and cold” call: like normal peeping but loud and persistent. I do not have auto-temp control so heat lamp must be hand-adjusted One chick markings appear possibly to be Sumatran fingers crossed it is. Breed description Sumatra chickens say Egg Production “poor” this is not true, my Sumatran hen lays an egg per day in her EcoPets Fontana chicken barn and she has laid two eggs within 24 hour period before. They lay a lovely bisque medium egg, not “small”. The other chicks I cannot be too sure, they have the chipmunk-like markings, I am trying to find more “chick pics” to help identify breed but I may have to wait til bigger. All the jungle birds are good, tough,intelligent birds. A Sumatran hen of mine pretends not to notice my leaving gate open, then she waits for me to be distracted then tip-toes past me with her head down sneakily as soon as past the gate she run-flies to the front garden. If this is not intelligence in planning strategy I don’t know what is.

  3. kristin belghaouti (verified owner)

    OK, going by “Unsatisfied”s review from July 11, 2020 at the top he/ or she wrote: “…Many of these Wheaten Cubalaya, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Saipans, Blue Sumatra, Black Sumatra, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam…” wow- those are some really expensive and desirable breeds! I’d be glad to get a mix with ONE of those listed in the bunch I’d be real satisfied. Now on to my review: I am a customer from Feb. 2020, I purchased what I recall as Long tailed Surplus” but there were some other Oriental breeds in the bunch, I was QUITE pleased, in fact I got a few Blue Sumatrans, and what I know NOW as- but didn’t then- Saipans(!!) unfortunately in a fit of generosity I gave away.. ah! Well, my mix of birds was the same as the “Unsatisfied” persons and these were the healthiest, sturdiest, best birds I’ve had the pleasure of having. I still have my beautiful Blue Sumatrans. ****ATTENTION CACKLE STAFF*** I wish you would place the Sumatra breed in your “Hot Weather Chickens”. I am in Maryvale Arizona where it got to 120F this year. My birds have misting systems, canopies and free run of shaded and unshaded areas and the Blue Sumatrans act as if the weather is quite natural. My Sumatran hens not only are thriving, but are the toughest, strongest, and most pleasant breed of chicken I have ever had the pleasure of owning. If I ran the hatchery, the Sumatrans would be priced as high as the costliest chicken, because they are such wonderful birds. The Japanese white Phoenix(? long tailed Oriental breed) were quite delicate, their legs are half the girth of the Blue Sumatrans. The Phoenix breed did not appear to take extreme temperatures cold or hot very well. The slightest sniffle and the Phoenix is in danger, this is from my personal experience and may not reflect the sturdiness of long tail Oriental/Phoenix chickens at all, but I still am convinced they are not a hardy, easy bird for beginners by far. The angry customer from Jul 11th also says the Saipan is “ugly”. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to the Saipan credit they don’t photograph very well. They are an extremely handsome bird, their musculature is simply remarkable and the eyes of the Saipan are extremely alert. I would gladly trade any and all birds I own for a Saipan. If the reviewers don’t believe the Saipan is an extremely desirable breed, try finding one available. They are “Sold Out” the moment the alert’s out their available. I will frankly state I trust Cackle’s birds, and I think the reviewer is terribly misinformed if they believe they believe they got a “bad deal”, because to buy any of those birds right now on this site by themselves would cost a small fortune. I am a real, actual customer I know no body at Cackle Hatchery or anything like that, and I will stand by their animals and anything else they sell, as far as I am concerned.

  4. Unsatisfied

    Poor customer service

    I received my 25 chicks. Three were dead and two died a couple days later. All instructions were followed only got four chick worth of money back that died. So I got left with 20 chicks of a 140$ lot of chickens. Worthless. And I don’t like the fact that they don’t tell you what breed is in there after they pack it. They don’t have enough pictures on their website to tell the difference. They could at least provide photos of the breed as babies with the name on the picture. Age stages would be best so you know how the feathers change. But I guess good customer service can’t be bothered with providing a little bit of info on the exotic island chick order. I don’t care that they didn’t tell what was in it what I cared about was the fact that they don’t have enough identification picture. Many of these Wheaten Cubalaya, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Saipans, Blue Sumatra, Black Sumatra, Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam, Silver Duckwing Yokohamas, Red Shoulder Yokohamas, White Yokohamas, Silver Duckwing Phoenix, and Red Jungle Fowl look the same as babies. I still have one set of chick I still can’t identify cause they look nothing like any of the chicken breed that were reguired in the order. I’ll be happy as long as most are Sumatra Yokohama’s and phoenix’s. I could care less about the other which I’m slaughtering once they get big enough. Saipan are ugly and the regular red breasted bantams I don’t care for. My grandmother had them and I don’t want there kind. I’m not really satisfied with them because for the money that I paid the poor customer service is lacking. And not everybody is near their phone 24/7 to answer the thing. I have a farm and I work. If someone needs me email me cause I could less for hearing a persons voice

  5. Chet Maine May 2009

    Cackle Hatchery

    WHOW, WHAT SERVICE??? For an order of only 15 chicks. My chicks were supposed to be here on May 20 and they were not so I contacted you folks. The gal that answered my call was so so nice, kind and patient, and helped me track down the chicks. We got them out of the box 20 hours sooner that way. A little tired at first but they picked up right away, every one a good one! Thanks Cackle folks. Super kind service!!!

  6. Glen Puerto Rico May 2009

    Thank You

    We live in Puerto Rico and received our internet order of 40 chicks this morning at the Post office in our small central mountain town. You made Rolando’s day! He is in 7th heaven! Every one of the chicks arrived alive. EVERY one of them! He’s been following your instructions to a “T”. They all drank his warm sugar water, all are eating, and all are nice and cozy in the contraption he made with a light bulb ( I had to remind him that I think the “fluorescent” energy saving light bulb would not produce sufficient heat so he changed it). The chicks are all chirping happily in their new home in the mountains of Puerto Rico! We bought 40 eggs from a different company previous to this because we didn’t think anyone would ship live chicks here. NONE of them hatched in our incubator. Somehow I find you on the interest and we were delighted that you ship to us here, so I ordered assortments to check it out. I’m a city boy from Ohio and New York, and honestly I didn’t think these chicks would make it from Missouri to Puerto Rico. What a spectular scene to the eyes and ears when we opened that box! What a delight! They will be over-overloved and well taken care of and then they’ll join the rest of our “zoo” of 10 dogs, 2w macaws, 3 horses including a new baby, geese, turkeys, chickens, roosters, fancy pigeons, cockateils, Australian parakeets and fancy ducks on our property here in the mountains. We already took a look at your website for new additions. Thank you for everything.

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