Wholesale FAQ

Q. What are the qualifications to become a Wholesale Dealer?

A. To qualify to be a Wholesale Dealer with Cackle Hatchery®, you must own/manage a store where you are selling the baby chicks.


Q. What are the price discounts for wholesale?

A. Wholesale has its own price list. There is not a percentage discount. Once you have filled out and returned our Wholesale Dealer application, you will receive a wholesale packet with our price list.


Q. What type of payment does Cackle Hatchery® accept?

A. New Wholesale Dealers pay with credit/debit cards. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


Q. How do Wholesale Dealers place orders?

A. We do not have an online ordering system for Wholesale Dealers at this time. Orders are placed by phone, fax or email.


Q. Are shipping costs included in the price of the birds?

A. No. Separate shipping costs are added to each order. The cost depends on the number of birds ordered. Our wholesale packet explains how these costs are calculated.


Q. Where do you ship poultry to?

A. We can ship to the 48 continental United States, Alaska & Puerto Rico.


Q. What days do you ship?

A. We ship every Monday and Wednesday from Feb-Oct. See our shipping calendar on the home page of our website for exact dates.


Q. Does Cackle Hatchery® guarantee live delivery?

A. Yes, we have a 100% live arrival guarantee. We guarantee that you will receive a full count of live, healthy poultry according to this guarantee. We often place extra chicks in each box to help fulfill this guarantee. However, if losses should occur in shipment and you do receive less live chicks than you ordered, we will adjust either by replacing poultry or make a credit to another order you are placing for the current year.


Q. Does Cackle Hatchery® have sales sheets for me to print out and use in-store?

A. Yes, click here and click to print. Currently, we have our most popular breeds but are adding more breeds.