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Practical Advantages of Raising Guinea Fowl

Practical Advantages of Raising Guinea Fowl

If you’re looking for a new addition to your homestead, there are a number of excellent practical advantages to raising guinea fowl. These boisterous, black-feathered fowl can provide tremendous benefits to your property. They can also be raised in conjunction with a flock of chickens!



Protection and Pest Control

Two of the greatest benefits of having guinea fowl in your flock are having added protection for your property and a decreased pest population. Because of their high-energy temperament, guinea fowl can act as a natural alarm system. It is difficult for predators or intruders that try to sneak past them because they will emit a loud call to the other members of the flock. They also join together to fight predators, which increases the safety of other animals on the property.

Guinea fowl also reduce the pest population. They have a ravenous appetite for insects, and may relieve other farm animals of irritating insects as well. They also eat pests such as rats and mice.

Additional Food Source

Guinea fowl eggs, although slightly smaller than a chicken’s, provide an additional food source for a homestead. They may also be easier to gather because guinea fowl are typically less protective of their eggs than chickens.

The meat of a guinea fowl could also provide an alternative food source as well. Since the meat is lean and lower in fat and calories than many other protein sources, it’s also quite a healthy option.

Excellent Source of Fertilizer

Guinea droppings are an excellent source of fertilizer. They can either be allowed to roam free so their droppings can fertilize the ground, or droppings can be collected and composted to use in gardens and plant beds.

Easy to Maintain

Guinea fowl get along with most other animals, making them an ideal addition to most properties. They satisfy most of their protein requirements by scavenging pests, so it is easy to maintain their food supply. While it’s best to keep guinea fowl in flocks, they can be allowed to roam free or kept confined in a fenced area.

Guinea fowl are a unique breed that have a wide variety of benefits. Plus, their lively personalities make them an absolute joy to watch.

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