Pastel Ceramic Nest Eggs – 6 Pack

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Ceramic Nest Eggs – 6 Pack

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Pastel Ceramic Nest Eggs – 6 Pack

Cackle Hatchery® is proud to offer Made in USA ceramic nest eggs. These high-quality, realistic looking ceramic eggs offer many uses inside and outside the coop.

  • Nest Box Training
  • Egg Pecking Deterrent
  • Broody Hen Test
  • Home Décor
  • Arts & Crafts

Available Color: Pastel

Quantity: 6 Eggs

Made in USA

We also have available Brown or White Ceramic Nest Eggs

2 reviews for Pastel Ceramic Nest Eggs – 6 Pack

  1. Savannah

    Very handy

    I picked these eggs because of their color. Its easy to just grab the true eggs from the nest without a mix up. They are great for getting my hens to lay where they are suppose to. The eggs are also easy to wash if they get dirty. My hens and I are very happy with these nest eggs!

  2. Lonnie

    Ceramic Nesting eggs

    I purchased these ceramic nesting eggs because I have problems with my hens eating some of the eggs. So we put these in there and check their eggs several times through the day so the only thing in the nest boxes where the ceramic eggs, after time the hens would peck at the ceramic eggs and to no avail could not get them open. And will get frustrated and quit pecking the other eggs. it also helps to encourage them to lay and other nesting boxes and not just one or two.

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