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Reading the Color of an Egg Yolk

Reading the Color of an Egg Yolk

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of raising chickens knows there are plenty of reasons to love farm fresh eggs. Their shells are typically thicker and more robust, they can be left unrefrigerated because their protective bloom hasn’t been compromised by industrial cleaning operations and most importantly, they just taste better than grocery store alternatives. Many chicken owners also report that the yolks in their eggs appear darker than the eggs they used to buy in grocery stores.

According to recent research, this dark yolk color may actually mean that fresh eggs are more nutritious as well!

A 2010 study conducted by the Society of Chemical Industry found that this darker egg yolk coloration is caused by increased levels of carotenoids and Omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs. It has also been suggested that eggs with darker yolks are generally lower in cholesterol than eggs with lighter yolks.
Bear in mind that the color of an egg’s yolk is ultimately a function of its feed. In the conclusion of their study, the Society of Chemical Industry recommended that chicken owners supplement their egg-laying hens’ feed with carrots in order to increase the carotenoid content and nutritional value of their eggs. Other foods that contain these nutritious carotenoids include spinach, kale, and sea kelp. It’s important to note, however, that this doesn’t mean your chickens should be on an all veggie diet. Chickens are omnivores and their diets should consist of a healthy mix of meats and vegetables. Fortunately, free range chickens are able to get a great deal of their daily meat intake from foraging bugs and worms.
As if we needed one more reason to love our farm fresh eggs. Stay tuned for more updates from the CACKLE COOP.

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