Cinnamon Queen Started Pullet

Cinnamon Queen™

Cinnamon Queen Started Pullet – 15 to 22 weeks old female

Shipped Only Year Round.  No Pick up Orders! 
Started Pullets are 32.00 ea.  Shipping charges are non refundable.
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Cinnamon Queen™ Chicken

Cinnamon Queen™ Rooster
  • Cinnamon Queen™ – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship     

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September

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How to Sex a Chicken

Phoenix Bantams outside in run

A chicken’s gender may be determined by a number of different methods. Which method works best depends on the bird’s age, breed and variety, and skill of the observer. Here are the four common ways to sex a chicken. Vent Sexing Vent sexing can be done soon after a chick hatches. Also called cloacal sexing, […]

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The Where, What, When, Why & How of Chickens

Where do chickens come from? Chickens are descendants of wild jungle fowl, which were domesticated thousands of years ago.   Where are chickens native to? No one is really certain where chickens originated. Evidence indicates that chickens most likely originated in southern China or northern India.   Chicken Characteristics   Are chickens birds? Yes. Chickens […]

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16 Chicken Breeds that Tolerate Warm Weather

Warm Weather Tolerant Chicken Breed

Chickens have no sweat glands, so chicken breeds that originated in hot climates have developed other features to help them stay cool. One is to grow a large comb and wattles, through which blood circulation increases in hot weather to help dissipate body heat. Another warm-climate adaptation is to avoid trapped heat by developing sparse […]

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15 Chicken Breeds that Lay Large Eggs

Jersey Giant Hen

All hens start out laying small eggs. As the birds mature, the egg size increases until it reaches the normal size for the breed. Many breeds will end up laying small or medium size eggs, while most baking recipes call for large eggs. Chicken keepers who do a lot of baking therefore prefer chicken breeds […]

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