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Should You Vaccinate Your Chickens Against Marek’s Disease?

Newly Hatched Chicks

If you’ve purchased chicks from Cackle Hatchery in the past, you may have noticed that we offer our customers the opportunity to vaccinate all of our chicken breeds against Marek’s disease. This highly-contagious viral disease causes chickens to develop a variety of devastating symptoms such as vision impairment, partial paralysis and cancerous tumor growth on […]

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Do Backyard Chickens Attract Flies?

House Fly

Chickens do not attract flies. Filth attracts flies. Backyard chickens are confined to an unnatural environment, and problems arise when that environment lacks proper management. An accumulation of moist droppings provides an ideal place for flies to lay eggs and for the eggs to develop into maggots, which in turn make more flies. Droppings can’t […]

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