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5 Unexpected Benefits of Raising Chickens

5 Unexpected Benefits of Raising Chickens

When many homeowners decide to start raising a small flock of their own, they have one thing on their mind: Fresh, delicious eggs. While the eggs gathered from your hens will no doubt be far superior to anything you can find in a grocery store, eggs are just one of many great reasons to keep chickens around. In addition to producing eggs, chickens do all sorts of other remarkable things to improve the homes and lives of the people who raise them. In this entry, we’ll look at a few perks of being a chicken owner that you may not have thought of when you ordered your chicks.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Raising ChickensLandscaping

Tired of mowing your lawn every week during the summer? Just leave it to your flock of dutiful winged landscapers instead. Chickens, much like sheep, will continually graze on the grass in your yard. With a mobile chicken coop, you can control the area in which your chickens graze. If you do employ a mobile chicken coop, we recommend moving it every 1-2 days so the chickens will do not over-graze or scratch all the roots from the grass. Just the right amount of time on any given spot will keep the grass well aerated, fertilized and insect free.

Pest Control

While your chickens are mowing your lawn, they’ll be sure to stumble across a few pesky critters along the way. Keeping chickens is a great way to control the insect populations on your property. In addition, they’ll also keep tabs on the burrowing mice and small snakes around your home. Your hens might look cute to you, but when faced with the prospect of a meal of fresh insects they’ll reveal their true colors as the cold-blooded killers they are.


Now that your chickens have gobbled up a healthy blend of grasses, insects, and voles, they’ll go to work to produce some of the best fertilizer you could ask for. Chickens are, in essence, little feathered fertilizer factories. Not sure what to do with your leftover table scraps after dinner? Don’t just throw them out! Leave them for your chickens, and let them turn your garbage into rich compost for your lawn.


By raising chickens, we can effectively reduce our dependence on the grocery store. In case of an emergency that renders you unable to buy food in a store, you’ll still have access to reliable, healthy food sources.


5 Unexpected Benefits of Raising ChickensChickens aren’t just valuable practical resources; they also make great pets with big personalities. As your chickens grow, you’ll start to notice dynamic social interactions begin to develop between them. Call them into their coop at night, and they’ll come to the sound of your voice. Sit down under a tree, and wait for one of them to hop up in your lap to say hello. They are also remarkably intelligent, and can even be trained to respond to a variety of commands and suggestions.

Have your own stories to tell about the unique joys of raising chickens? Share your experiences with us in the comments!


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